Fanime Main Characters!

I got as many as I could find, and hopefully they’re all actually the main characters, cause I haven’t actually watched all of these shows yet.

Anyway, this is a pretty long list, so get ready to scroll.

Also they’re all in alphabetical order from left to right, top to bottom. All except for the last few in the first picture, which I had to go back and rearrange on account of having conveniently forgotten four characters.

20 Galaxies
Adventurs of Sakura, teh
Ai’s Love Letters
Akuji Tavarious
Alien Fighter
Angelicate Avenue
Animal Drama
Aqua Mew Mew (Tokyo New Mew)
AvaliaKasa’s Parody (unnamed)
Blonde Sunrise
Blood Raining Night
Bloody Mary MDD
Boys Only Club
Bubble Mew Mew

Care Bear Stars
Conscience Rebel
Cherry High
Cream Puffs
Crystal Powers
De-Luscious Eye Candy
Destiny ~ Fate
Desu Magical Neko Girls
Diamond Mew Mew
Divergant Magical Yuko
~Doki Doki~ Purin Love
Dream Fairy
Eirian no Ai
Elemental Goddess (Deleted)
Eternal Negima
Eurovision Warriors
Fairy Foxes
Fairy Pie
Flower Princess
Future Agents
Gem Girls
Ghost Club
Gothic Fuzzles
Guardian Angel
Guilderland Mew Mew
Heart Merit
Hearts Upon Hell
Hero’s Shadow, the
–Hopeless Accursed, the* (Baby Spirit Illusions) ((Oops, this one ended up in pic 5))
–Herstilanean Chanter, the** ((So did this one. Curses, I named the files wrong.))
I Heart Psyco
Illusions Dreams
–I.M. Project, the*** ((ffffffffff))
Itsumi-chan’s Springtime of Youth
Kawaii Girl’s Magic
Kawaii Goddess Destiny Adventures
Kawaii Magical Girls
Kawaii Schoolgirl
KiraKira Hikaru Ai
Large Bagel
Lorem Ipsum
Love is in the Air
Lovely Angels: School of the Mahou Shoujo
Magic Heart and the Magical Warriors
Magic Vari
Magical Butterfly Ninja Ki
Magical Fun Time Now
Magical Nyoto Chan
Magical Sisters, the
Magnet Five
Mew Mew Berries'n Cream
Moe Usagi-Chan and Kitsune-Chan
My Jungle Book Your Year
Mystical Yearbook Showdown
Never Yield Again
Nonsense World
Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls
Odd 4
Paradaisu Kokoro
Pretty Cure Microsoft Word
Pretty Pretty Kawaii Mushi Girls~
Project Unknown
Ravenous Rangers
Sakura Ai
Senpai Club
Seoul MewMew
Silk After Gallantry
Somewhere Today
Soothing Love
Tenshi ka Akuma
Terra Lucis
** The Herstilanean Chanter
* The Hopeless Accursed (Baby Spirit Illusions)
*** The I.M. Project
Tokyo Crystal Mew
Tokyo Magic Star
Tokyo Mew Mew Yukai
Tokyo Moay Mew
Tsubasa of Bond
Tsuki Desu
Twinkle Girls
Witchling Help
World in Peril: The Chosen Three
Yin Yang
Youkai Katana REI

Sadly I can’t tag them all, so I went with the ones that I know have a presence on tumblr.