Who remembers their first online social community? I do.

For me it was this place; MewHEART’s English mirror. An old friend hung out there and directed me to it. I hung out on the BBS and DrawBBS (which was an oekaki board). It was before the days of Anonymous and lulz, so everyone was friends for the most part. The only drama I remember was on the BBS. Everyone could choose from preset icons of the original 250-some pokemon from R/B and G/S. Someoen got angry that they and I were both using Suicune and wanted me to change it. Most people jumped to my defense saying we could both use the same icon. I think I switched to Raichu anyway.

It was far before I took the name “Sono” as my online handle, so I have no idea what I went by back then. But I remember I had a good friend on the DrawBBS who went by “Blu Mew”. They used a shiny mew as their pokesona (though back then I didn’t know what shinys were), and once I drew them a gift art. It turned out more purple than blue, and thus was the birth of “Purple Mew”, who was a staple of my standard team for years (in the form of a regular mew named “Purple”). She’s still one of my alternates.

The Japanese site seems to still be going strong, but the English site is long since completely defunct. The graphics pages are still up, but all of the community pages are long since down. None the less, some of my fondest memories on the internet are from that place.

Can’t imagine I’m crossing through the same circles now, but if any of you hung out at MewHEART in the early 2000’s, let me know. Always nice to reconnect with old friends.