Hey, everybody!!! I made a design for this awesome contest thing “What Lives Inside" If you like the way it looks, give it a like and it might show up in the tv series! ;w; 

I made a bit of a mistake and forgot to make a submission until today, and unfortunately the contest ends in just a few days, and some of the better submissions have about 1k likes already. I’ve got around 800 followers though, if you all gave it a thumbs up I might stand a chance! Feel free to look through some of the other designs too of course, and give this post a reblog if you really like it!


According to the most recent CoroCoro, this forme is from Mewtwo becoming “awakened” and replaces the normal Mewtwo on the movie poster.

Interestingly enough, I currently can’t get onto the Japanese movie site. I suspect that it will work soon and include the new forme.

What are your thoughts on this being a forme? I personally think that Nintendo has gone a little too Forme-crazy over the years, but I am curious as to how Mewtwo changes formes (as well as grateful for the fact that this means that Mewtwo probably is important for the XY games). I do appreciate the fact that old Pokemon may play important roles in newer games, and that they are bringing back a fan favourite (plus for Forme, it will probably be easy enough to switch to and from). Your thoughts?