she makes me
want to dance
to the music
of her words.

she makes me
want to move
to the wisdom
I have heard

she makes me
want to learn
more than I
deserve to know

she makes me
want to seek
further than I
sought to go

- and that is why I love her

For @amethystdaylai and a (lucky!) girl on valentines day! I hope all goes well :) // A.S


hey, as it’s pride month here’s a quick reminder to unfollow me if you think a-spec people are not inherently lgbt.

i do not…

  • owe it to anyone to explain myself
  • want people trying to change my mind
  • want discoursers interacting with me
  • want people replying to this post telling me their point of view on the subject

if you don’t agree please unfollow! this isn’t up for discussion
that’s all, have a nice day everyone :-)

jjonghugs  asked:

Heyyy I know you may have blocked requests but when they're open again, can you do one with Shinee as drunks?! Thank you!! No I'm not drunk, you are!

hohohoho you got it babe ;)


  • casually pounding shots
  • keeps pouring his members shots and if they refuse, pulls out the hyung card 
  • taemin dared him (with a shit-eating grin) to one-shot the soju bottle
  • stares dead at the members as he downs it allllllllll
  • shakes the bottle over his head for effect (onew: ONE SHOT / shinee: omg we need to carry him home) 
  • tbh he’s fine and will probably be carrying someone else home (taemin hundo p) 
  • goes on eating the dried squid on the table 
  • and also all of the crackers 
  • finding it very difficult to peel this clementine 


  • suggests drinking games even though he’s so bad at them 
  • tbh he just wants to sing the drinking song in the beginning 
  • “마셔라, 마셔라, 마셔라, 술이 들어간다 쭉~ 쭉~ 쭉~” (drink, drink, drink, alcohol goes down well, well, well) 
  • also a terrible drinker and avoid shots 
  • once he didn’t want to a shot and just dumped it while everyone else drank (minho saw and they never stopped giving him shit for it) 
  • keeps talking about space (”it’s just so BIG and like the moon is just *there* in the sky isn’t that so amazing” / ot4: mhmmm) 
  • when they are in the vicinity of their dorm, he immediately struggles out of his clothes (”i hate clothes” / key: omg jonghyun pls you are an idol and we are in the elevator you canNOT be doing this rn there is a cctv in here YOU’RE GOING TO CAUSE A SCANDAL) 
  • pantless jonghyun running down the hall!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • his daegu satoori (accent) is OUT
  • if people are talking over him: “yah. yah. YAH LISTEN TO ME”
  • pressing his glass of ice water to his face bc he is heating up and needs to cool tf down 
  • keeps making i’m so hot jokes tho 
  • what’s in his shot glass is not actually soju  
  • surreptitiously poured water in it beforehand 
  • made eye contact with jonghyun when he did it (*mouths* i will murder you / jong: *nods* wait but me too) 
  • aigoo he wasn’t even going to drink today and now he’s mildly wasted 
  • at the dorm: is still able to brush his teeth, do his entire skincare routine, take out his contacts, put in his retainer 
  • @ himself when he wakes up: incredible 


  • not drunk
  • key: yes you are / minho: i will fight you and your WHOLE family / key: and my point is made for me
  • want to see how many shots he can do in a minute (ot3: absolutely not / taemin: yeah) 
  • giggling a lot 
  • asked the bar owner v cutely to turn on dream girl for them (shinee: you have no shame / minho: SHINEE’S BACK) 
  • two seconds later, standing on their chairs: drEEEAAM GIRL~~~~~~
  • refusing to drink water bc he will win. he will win against alcohol (onew: minho, i’m talking to sober you rn. sober you wants you to drink water. / minho: sober me is a wet blanket) 
  • in the morning: fUCK / onew: *chucks a water bottle at him* i fking told you


  • concentrating really hard on the table to make it stop moving
  • needs to close one eye to see his texts (taemin: im ginbe / kai: what) 
  • things are fine
  • he just needs to drink a lil bit of water
  • spills it all over his shirt while he tries to drink out of the water bottle
  • looks like he’s a participant in a wet t-shirt contest tbh
  • 2 mins later: why is he wet 
  • looks down like aw man 
  • it sobers him up a bit tho 
  • wakes to to multiple messages from his squad group chat like “did you live” 
  • brightens up considerably when he realizes that he has his phone!!!!
  • drunk tae is arguably more responsible than sober tae (key: you mean you have good friends you lil shit you threw your phone across the room last night and i picked it up) 

An outing at the mall with my most played Overwatch girls!!

※ Please click on the photo for a higher resolution! ※

I recently got into Overwatch hell and needed to draw something as a print for Comic Fiesta so behold outing!au feat. my best girls the boys are somewhere else bowling or something


  • receives a call from Soldier/Jack codename Overprotective Dad asking how much money the group has spent every hour
  • also because he’s checking on the kids
  • doesn’t really mind this since Mom needs to report back to Dad anyway
  • always tempted to spoil everybody
  • ‘no Hana we’re not going to Mcdonalds how about sushi instead’

  • likes cute clothes in general
  • needs to have at least one bunny visual on her
  • enjoys dressing up her friends when shopping
  • needs somebody with a handbag to carry her 11 gaming consoles
  • ‘so when can we go to the game store?’


  • will try on the first thing she sees when entering a clothing store
  • because it looked good on the mannequin it must look good on me
  • wants to visit every place in the mall to make memories with friends
  • insatiable appetite, forever hungry


  • is completely normal until she’s told to be in a photo
  • default photo pose is only a peace sign bc she doesn’t know any others
  • secretly likes to browse jewelry to buy for Ana later (not actually a secret)
  • ‘if you’re not going to use/wear it don’t buy it’


  • likes updating the Overwatch fans via social media on what the group is doing
  • pretty much takes all the outing photos
  • prefers to buy food over clothes
  • doesn’t trust fitting rooms with curtains and needs one friend on each side to hold the edges shut

Remember when I made a post talking about why my history teacher from last semester (god I miss him) was awesome? Here’s why my history teacher from way back in seventh grade was awesome.

  • Prank-called his brother in the middle of class with a disguised voice
  • Heard me yell “OH BOB SAGET” because my pencil broke so he took me out into the hallway and asked if I watched Tourette’s Guy too
  • Had the same favorite band and song as me
  • Actually liked me
  • Wanted an interesting quote from me every day
  • Took someone’s phone and answered it when it went off in class (“Steve, it says you have won a free vacation to the Bahamas.”)
  • Threw someone’s backpack at a wall for a video, knocking the clock down (”WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING, BRINGING THIS IN HERE?! DETENTION! GET OUT!”)
  • Threw someone’s phone at the wall for the same video (”I. HATE. PHONES!”)
  • Didn’t get mad and just laughed when I said “Nice tie, Mr. S. Did your wife buy it for you?” (I’m a jerk I know)
  • Let me roast some of my classmates and just sat back while I did it
  • Actually made the class fun
  • He left teaching that year, and I was so disappointed. I wrote a letter to him in eighth grade, but god knows if he saw it.

Just thought I’d share this, for he is the guy who got me so into history in the first place. Miss you, Mr. S.

Texts FINALLY coming tomorrow.

I haven’t had flesh under my nails

For far too long now, I miss the way

Blood tastes in my mouth,

The way it sings in my veins.

Breathing in, out, in, out

Civility necessity, this

Is being human, this is

Survival, biting back

The need to scream, deny the

Rage in beating breast,

The animal in me

Wants so much to waken.

Public Kik Group

Hashtag: #animalcrossingqrdesigns

I’ve started a public group chat on Kik which will be useful if you:

  1. Need any bells or items
  2. Want to visit me
  3. Want to find other people to visit
  4. Would like to be notified about any events on this blog

Feel free to join!


Whilst I try to remove any inappropriate people, I cannot be held accountable for the things said by other members of the chat.

Peridot and Amethyst Watch Camp Pining Hearts
Comic by CrystalWitches
Peridot and Amethyst Watch Camp Pining Hearts

Original Comic by @crystalwitches

Voices by Me

Wanted to do more Peridot stuff in particular since shes my favorite gem. I really love Amedot in general so I thought this comic was perfect. Forgive my cringe worthy kissing noises near the end. I tried to make it sound realistic since they made it sound realistic in the show as well. 

FanFic Friday Week 6

Sorry, not even hunky Cas can protect you from all these feels:

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(03). Gemini- Raging vortex

I get carried away by your dashing mind,
by the smooth tone of your voice as I try
to hold on to the sweet fragment of time
in which our thoughts are intertwined

and all my contradicting dimensions agree
that even though I’m so torn in-between,
every fiber of my being, every side of me
wants to fall in love with the way you think.