mew... three.....

supercorp: Kara saves a little kitten ;)

Lena has nothing against cats.  She has even considered owning one on occasion if it weren’t for her busy schedule as CEO.  But there has been a meowing going on outside her apartment for the past three hours and despite her searching she can’t find the creature.  Which is the only reason she’s late.  

“Lena?  Is everything okay?  I thought we were meeting for lunch?” asks Kara as she walks up the walkway.  Finding Lena Luthor shaking the bushes isn’t something she thought she’d see.  

“There is a kitten here…..somewhere.  It’s been mewing for three hours and it’s driving me mad” explains Lena.  “Help me find the creature.”  So Kara does.  Except after fifteen minutes she resorts to cheating and uses her x-ray vision to scan for it.  She finds it stuck six feet in the air in a tree.  Which would be simple if she were Supergirl.  As Kara, it involves having Lena awkwardly lift her around the legs so that she can get a grip on the small frightened kitten.  How it managed to get up there in the first place is beyond them.  As Lena lets her down Kara’s front brushes against Lena’s chest until they come face to face, Kara holding the small ball of fur.  Kara is hoping the small creature will distract from how red her face suddenly is or how she’s noticed how lovely Lena smells. 

“Oh, it’s adorable!” squeals Kara softly.  

“When it’s not mewling, yes.  Poor thing must have been terrified” remarks Lena as she rubs between the kitten’s ears.  

“What are you going to name her?” asks Kara.  Lena looks up shocked for a moment.  

“Name her?  I can’t possibly keep her.”  

“But she’s so cute!”  

“Then you take her.”  

“Oooh I would but I can’t with all the hours reporting and everything…”   

“And the life of a CEO is supposedly less stressful and involves fewer hours?”  

“Oh…right.  Oh!  I know!  Maybe Alex needs one!”  Lena gives a laugh at Kara’s unending enthusiasm and follows as Kara cradles the kitten in one arm and holds Lena’s hand in the other.   

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I have to test these guys on the GTS first.
You’ll need 5 male Trubbish if ya want all of them. Mewtwo, Mew, and the three Regis.
All are not Shiny.