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O Romeo, Romeo...

So this is my contribution to Marichat May, now no one can tell me I never did anything for it xD I hope you enjoy :) 

“Ugh, this is so stupid, Tikki,” Marinette complained, crinkling the pages of the Literature book she was holding in her hands. “There’s no way I can make this convincing.”

“Not with that attitude,” Tikki giggled. “Relax, Marinette, you’ll be a great Juliette! Don’t push yourself too hard. Besides, you’ll have the book right in front of you in class; you don’t have to memorize anything.”

“I know,” Marinette sighed dejectedly. “But I have to practice this, at least. What if Adrien plays Romeo? I want him to be captivated by my Juliette, and that can’t happen if I just read straight from the book.”

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imo A La Mode should’ve gotten a damn animation like geez

2 then 3 - finally 4:50 - i relented - a restless night she - maybe me - but i was dreaming - of a photograph and poetry - she mewed softly - music playing in my head - life soundtrack to this operetta life - a little comedia del arte with the drama - oh yeh and i gotta do some laundry - 1st coffee