mew playing

Years and years ago, back when I only had Pokemon Red, my mom said she could give me any Pokemon I wanted as a starter Pokemon using a Gameshark code. Of course, I instantly asked for Mew. I’d never had one before, never had a single legendary Pokemon at that point, let alone a mythical. And it was so cute, who could resist?

So she grabbed the Gameshark and helped me set it up. All I had to do, she said, was pick out its moveset and then, upon getting my starter, I had to name it Mew.

Well, I picked out the moveset which probably wasn’t that good (I was pretty young at the time, and inexperienced) and started up the game. Since I always went with Charmander, I chose that as the Pokemon to transform into Mew. However, either because we didn’t do it right or because her source wasn’t that reliable, when I chose my starter, all I got was a Charmander named Mew.

I was disappointed, of course. I wanted to try again, but my mom didn’t, so I was stuck with a Charmander named Mew until I inevitably reset. But in the long run, it wasn’t that big a deal. I didn’t really think about it all that much, until this game. It kind of feels like I got my wish nearly two decades later, in a way that I really didn’t want.

Guess you gotta be careful what you wish for, right?


Here is the last batch of the TMM playing cards. We have the last of the spades and 2 Joker cards, featuring Quiche. The last scan is the design on the back of the cards. Overall, it’s a pretty cute card deck and a nice gateway of finding about some endangered animals you haven’t heard of. My only disappointment is that Kei-kun didn’t get a card XDD.

O Romeo, Romeo...

So this is my contribution to Marichat May, now no one can tell me I never did anything for it xD I hope you enjoy :) 

“Ugh, this is so stupid, Tikki,” Marinette complained, crinkling the pages of the Literature book she was holding in her hands. “There’s no way I can make this convincing.”

“Not with that attitude,” Tikki giggled. “Relax, Marinette, you’ll be a great Juliette! Don’t push yourself too hard. Besides, you’ll have the book right in front of you in class; you don’t have to memorize anything.”

“I know,” Marinette sighed dejectedly. “But I have to practice this, at least. What if Adrien plays Romeo? I want him to be captivated by my Juliette, and that can’t happen if I just read straight from the book.”

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imo A La Mode should’ve gotten a damn animation like geez