mew necklace


Just got my Red and Green Nendo set in the mail today, they’re so cute~!

Gary was here…Ash is a loser~! Just kidding haha, though I did only get the set for Green, I’ve always had a soft spot for the smarmy douche haha, and he’s still my favourite rival. Red will be going to my friend.

They both come with a Pokeball, two faces and a bunch of different arms. Red has his backpack and Green his necklace. Mew’s legs, head and tail are jointed/poseable. I’m really glad they made this set, I love Nendoroids but they haven’t made many characters I’d actually want to own, especially in terms of Pokemon characters. At least now my Sakura has someone to keep her company~♥ (fingers still crossed they make Syaoran one day though)