mew mexico

Edward S. Curtis, Tewa Girl (Squash Blossom hairdo), 1906.


#151-Mew, The New Species Pokemon 

It is said that there is only one Mew on this entire planet, and that it teleports between forests, basically doing whatever it wants. After the limited amount of scientific encounters we have had with this Pokemon, we have acquired a small amount of DNA that has allowed us to conclude that it has parts of DNA of every existing Pokemon, and is most likely the ancestor of all Pokemon. Also through the small amount of physical observations we have with it, it seems it can use every attack there is, making it the most versatile Pokemon. The only places Mew has been sighted is in forests, as it can camouflage easiest in these areas.

Mew, however, is thought to be impossible to catch. Mew is extremely powerful, though docile, so will generally avoid any kind of encounter with people. Mew can use many evasive techniques, including turning invisible, transforming into other objects or Pokemon using transform, and it can also form a bubble-like shield around itself. On top of all this, it is said to only reveal itself to people who are true of heart. It is so evasive, that some scientists have concluded it to be a myth, or just a mirage… However, I, Blue Oak, know it to exist in this world.

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