mew kitties

to other autistic people, do specific songs ever become your special interests for awhile? there’s weeks where one single song will become a special interest for me, and i’ll listen to it over and over and analyze the entire thing all the way down to the way the artist sings it or how the instruments sound, and interpret the exact meaning of the song. is anyone else like that?

honestly im sick of people staring at me like im weird because i rock as a stim. im sick of being called a “crazy person” or that i look “p/s/y/c/h/o” . im sick of being told that i make OTHER PEOPLE feel sick, bothered or dizzy. im sick of people walking in and asking why i do that. im sick of people saying its annoying, distracting, or that the sounds whatever im rocking on (like a squeaky rocking chair) bothers them. why cant other stims be normalized? why is it that only cutesy stims get to be normalized, like slime and now fidget spinners? like why do other stims get ignored? you cannot just say “oh, these stims are ok but these are…weird” no its not like that. its all or nothing. you accept us for all of our stims or you do not accept us at all.

i wan b soft n stuffed with fluff , with puffy bear stuffies in a cream colored nursery, honey flavored lip balm, winnie the pooh on tv, a breeze blowing through the window , th sun warm on my skin, with a field of flowers just behind the house, a warm house with pancakes cooking on a skillet in the shape of mickey mouse with a soft syrup drizzle, a soft yellow paci, and a pure heart ʕ≧ᴥ≦ʔ