mew kitties

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I was staying at my aunt’s house the other night and she takes care of the local stray cats and adopted one whens she was a kitten and she lives with her now. She like leaves food and toys out for them and made a little shelter box. Her inside one has a bed with a heating pad underneath. It’s like real life Neko Atsume.

  • Cecil: *reading newspaper*
  • Cecil: *looks up*
  • Cecil: *sees roach across the room*
  • Cecil: *screeches and jumps in onto chair*
  • Cecil: !!!!!!
  • Carlos: *runs into room* ????
  • Carlos: *sees roach*
  • Carlos: .....
  • Carlos: *slowly drags chair and sobbing Cecil out of the room, eyeing roach*
  • Carlos: *picks up Khoshekh, drops in door way, slams door shut*
  • .....
  • *muffled unholy screeching*
  • *door burns around edges*
  • ....
  • Carlos: *opens door*
  • Carlos: who's a good kitty
  • Khoshekh: mew ?
  • Cecil: *still clinging to Carlos*
  • Carlos: there, there
  • Carlos: *drags chair back into room*
  • *sits in chair cuddling Cecil*