mew has a face

frisk collects band-aids
they are the kinda person who has all the customized band-aids
in this collection you will find:
-common bad-aids
-mew mew kissy cutie band-aids
-royal guard band-aids (has the face of all the royal guards stamped on them)
-mtt brand band-aids
-band-aids with asgore’s face bc hes important
-a single band aid with papyrus’ face, made by none other than himself

#Pokemon20 has been giving me feelings all morning so I had to draw some love.

Mew was my best buddy when I was a wee kid. It was the Pokemon I pretended was always with me, it’s the Pokemon I’ve had in every game and I’ve got a little toy of Mew sitting on my desk right now. I’ve still got my Mew from my new games and from Red/Blue and I can’t wait to get a third one when they start the new events <3