mew has a face

frisk collects band-aids
they are the kinda person who has all the customized band-aids
in this collection you will find:
-common bad-aids
-mew mew kissy cutie band-aids
-royal guard band-aids (has the face of all the royal guards stamped on them)
-mtt brand band-aids
-band-aids with asgore’s face bc hes important
-a single band aid with papyrus’ face, made by none other than himself

Gotta Cas Them All - Castiel Imagine

@geekee – You could do one where Sam/Dean/Reader are addicted to Pokemon Go, Cas doesn’t get it but helps the reader. 

AN: This came about following a conversation between myself and @geekee​ I don’t personally play Pokemon Go and I know that Pokemon I’ve mentioned below might not be available yet but I wanted to write this and hope you enjoy it!

Word Count: 1,026 - Quite fluffy!

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‘Yes…I caught it! In your face y/n!’ You roll your eyes at Dean’s outburst, and see Sam shove his phone in the back pocket of his jeans.

For weeks now, like the rest of the country (and world it seemed) you had been using all the data on your phone to catch Pokémon. Annoyingly both Sam and Dean were ahead of you but whilst Sam didn’t gloat every time he caught one or evolved one, Dean did and it was beginning to make you feel snippy. The familiar wooshing sound makes you all turn in the motel room and you see Cas stood there, the usual slightly confused expression on his face.

You feel your cheeks flush, you know it was wrong but you’d harboured a crush on the angel for a long time now and it wasn’t getting any easier to talk to him or be in the same room as him.

‘Hey Cas!’ Sam says, a friendly smile on his face. The angel nods his head, his brows furrowing at Dean who is whooping once more as he collects the coins from a nearby Pokémon gym.

‘I might take a walk…I don’t have far to go until my 10k egg hatches.’ Although you’re annoyed at Dean’s constant gloating you can’t help but smile affectionately at Cas.

‘An egg? I don’t understand, you’re a human not an oviparous species.’ Sam smiles and Dean frowns and holds his phone up.

‘No dude, my Pokémon egg.’

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‘Poky what? I do not understand what you’re saying.’ Cas just looks more confused and Dean shakes his head and walks towards the door.

‘Nevermind…See you later losers!’ He clicks the door shut and leaves the three of you stood there, Sam walks towards the door. You confided with Sam that you had a crush on Cas, he gives you a knowing look.

‘I should probably keep an eye on him; we don’t want him walking out into traffic.’ You nod your head and chew your lower lip, feeling awkward that it’s now just you and your crush. You sit down on the edge of the bed and sigh, suddenly weary, looking at your phone.

Cas approaches y/n and tilts his head to the side, she looks troubled and he doesn’t like it. He finds her interesting, and her face is very well proportioned.

‘You’re sad?’ You lift your eyes up from your phone and look into the angels blue eyes and shrug your shoulder.

‘I’m not sad, just a little tired of Dean being such a smart arse.’ Cas steps forward, his eyebrow pulled into a frown.

‘Is this because of the hokey mom?’ In spite of yourself you can’t help but laugh shaking your head as you stand up, closing the distance between yourself and Cas.

‘Pokémon. Not hokey mom, close though.’ You smile at him and feel warmth spread through your body, your cheeks turning pink as he smiles back at you, your stomach filling with butterflies.

‘Is there anything I can do to help?’ You sigh and shake your head.

‘Not really. I mean at this point the only thing that would wipe the smile off his face is if I got a super unique Pokémon, but I’d have to go to Europe or..’ Before you can say anything else Cas walks towards you and wraps his arm around your waist, he brings his other hand up and clicks his fingers. As the motel room vanishes around you and you hear the sound of his wings, your only thought is to quieten the sound of your beating heart.

The cold night air hits you and you shiver as you see the door to the motel room again, Cas still with his arm around your waist. Your feet feel unsteady, the feel of Cas’ body pressed against yours making you dizzy. You turn your face to look at him and smile.

‘Thanks Cas. I really appreciate it, Dean’s going to flip out.’ He smiles at you his hand still around your waist.

‘Is the Mew a good pokey?’ You chuckle and move so you’re facing Cas front on, tilting your head.

‘It’s probably one of the rarest Pokémon.’ The smile he gives you is so perfect it should blind you, you lick your lips and feel emboldened, you lean forward and plant a kiss on his cheek, closing your eyes to savour the moment. You pull away after a second, Cas looking at you intently.

‘What was that?’

‘A thank you kiss for being so sweet…And helping me kick Dean’s butt at Pokémon.’ Cas pulls you towards him, his hands on your arms and presses his lips against yours. His mouth is soft and warm and you feel the breath escape from your body, after a few moments he pulls away.

‘What was that for?’

Cas shrugs his shoulder and looks into your eyes ‘A kiss to help me catch you.’ You smile and look at your feet awkwardly and hear the woosh of his wings, when you open his eyes he’s gone. You feel like you’re floating as you push open the motel door. Dean holds his phone up almost instantly.

‘Guess what came out of my 10k egg?’ You look at Sam and smile, he smiles back questioningly 

‘A Mew?’ Dean laughs.

‘Good one, no one has a mew!’ You push your phone in his face.

‘I do!’ Dean’s eyes widen and his mouth drops open, Sam stands up and walks across the room.

‘What? How?’ Sam looks at the smile on your face and knows, even in his moment of disbelief and  jealousy he can’t help but smile.

‘Cas!’ You nod your head. Dean turning on his heel and raising his voice.

‘Goddammit Cas, that’s not cool man…I know you can hear me. Stupid angel!’  You settle onto the chair and bring your hand to your mouth smiling, the feel of Castiel’s kiss still burning on your lips as Dean mumbles about Cas having a crush on you and how it’s only fair that he helps all of you get rare Pokémon. Contentment works its way through you at the realization that the awkward angel reciprocates your feelings.

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Altair trying to get Malik into bed by dragging him by his feet off the couch, but Malik won't let go of the couch or their cat so Altair is afraid of hurting the cat and Malik is just watching him struggle with an amused tiredness?

The cat abandons this debacle because his humans are either going to snuggle and snooze or the aggressor is going to attempt to sex his dominant partner again.  Either way Mew-Mew-Kitten-Face has seen how this plays out and he’d much rather climb to the top of his deluxe pent-house style cat house and watch the inevitable in style and comfort.