ALPHA DAVE: yo lil man

DIRK: Sup bro.

ALPHA DAVE: happen to know that cute one over there

DIRK: That’s Jane. My classmate.

ALPHA DAVE: no, the other one

so in my au (WHICH STILL HAS NO NAME) there is only one mall so its a small world and shit oh uh dirk likes frappe ok haha ok

haha idk anymore ill stop now


wow another school au haha

//i am too lazy to finish shading it. someday tho haha

this one is based on my superduperfavorite jdrama hana kimi! basically all trolls are boys except for karkat and she crossdresses as a boy to get into dave’s school and stuff. also terezi falls for karkat and thinks that he’s gay now.

hover for some extra shit


also… this is NOT OURAN NOT OURAN NOT OURAN thank u

au where jake and jane (childhood friends) are transferees to a school that teaches them how to strife (also stuff about their class and aspect) and roxy and dirk are kinda like them punkthugdelinquents  prefects or something blargh and they bully people wee!! jake always tries to protect jane so he’s the one who gets all the beating from the derse duo wuhhh