The situation in Haiti what is to come

Hey y'all I’m safe so is my family
I know that entire towns down south have disappeared , some down are flooded other were destroyed by waves ,the ocean.

Women , and children , the old the sick and the disabled
How to help

Do your research.. google . DO NOT DONATE TO RED CROSS AND other INGO WHO ROBBED US DURING THE EARTHQUAKE this include white evangelical churches

Donate to people who prioritize women and girls ..and why ?because they keep haitian family fed

Donate to free hospital like partners in health , project Medishare , Bernard Meuse and Albert Schweitzer hospital

Donate to grassroot Haitian orgs be it women’s org ! Shelters , farmers association. If you are Haitian you know of haitian orgs ask them about women in leadership positions in their orgs…women must be in leadership positions you will have problems

Do not donate religious orgs that demonize Haitians , our culture , religious orgs..that will demand people convert for food

Ask if the organization buy local ……we do not need our markets flooded by foreign food aid imports … it destroys our economy …….

I will update the list soon ..


A bitter cold snap has descended on the Middle East; in Lebanon, they call the storm Zeina. And in a muddy cluster of tents and huts close to the city of Saida, refugees from neighboring Syria say she showed no mercy.

“The wind, the wind, God almighty, it was a storm,” says one Syrian woman, Gamra al-Khalil. A tree fell on her corrugated-metal shack, crushing half of it, just missing her family.

“It’s this year that’s the worst,” Khalil says. “We’re dying of cold.”

Syrian Refugees Suffer Double Threat Of Severe Winter, Less Aid

Photo credit: Alison Meuse/NPR