Commune with the Coven of Wonders

tactfulCataclsym [TC]

TC: Hello, my wicked sisters!

ashiteruAkira [AA]
amativeCarnivora [AC]

AC: Hey Kurloz! (^・ω・^ )
TC: Hello :o)
AA: Hell0
AA: You used the “:o)” face
AA: Why are y0u s0 cheerful

TC: Because, my dear witch, I was given another vision!!!
AC: REALLY?!?!?!
AA: Lucky…
AC: What did you see??
TC: I saw a great city of gold. It was immaculate, like the paradise planet we await! Words do not describe it!
AA: i had a dream about a puple city, actually
AA: meulin you were there too, it was weird

AC: …
AC: I dreamt of a purrrple city too… and you were there

TC: …
AA: W0ah
AA: I d0nt think we were dreaming

AC: It could be a part of the game
AC: I mean, so many crazy things are already in it, a dream city would totally make sense!

TC: But then… why did I see the Muse?
TC: O _ O

AA: 0 _ 0
AC: (=•́ . •̀=)
TC: By the Messiahs, sisters, we have been given a splendorous quest on this day. Oh yes indeed, we will take these most righteous blessings and go forth into our dreamworlds and find what it is the Messiahs wish for us to peep at :o)
TC: Peace out, heavenly homies! :oD

AA: See ya
AC: Bye guys!

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alpha/beta troll based asks, reblog if you want some
  • Karkat: Do you have any major insecurities based on your looks or genetics?
  • Kankri: Were you ever friends with someone who was really judgmental or hypocritical?
  • Terezi: Have you ever felt inferior to someone?
  • Latula: Do you put on a mask so people will like you?
  • Aradia: Have you ever felt like something is hopeless?
  • Damara: Have you ever been cheated on?
  • Tavros: Do you currently have low self-esteem?
  • Rufioh: Do you feel uncomfortable when people show you romantic gestures of affection?
  • Kanaya: Do you feel obligated to help people?
  • Porrim: Are you seen as the mother figure of your group of friends?
  • Nepeta: What are your OTPs?
  • Meulin: Do you ship the person you reblogged this from with anyone? :p
  • Equius: Do you have any guilty pleasures?
  • Horuss: Are your friends usually creeped out by you?
  • Sollux: Do you switch from mad to calm easily?
  • Mituna: Do you apologize a lot when you feel you've done something wrong?
  • Feferi: Are you a cheerful person?
  • Meenah: Do you speak formally or do you use slang?
  • Eridan: Do you demand respect when you're talking to someone?
  • Cronus: Are you a flirty/friendly person?
  • Gamzee: Are you easy going?
  • Kurloz: Are you faithful to your beliefs?
  • Vriska: Do you want people to notice you/your good deeds?
  • Aranea: Do you feel underappreciated by your group of friends?

Aeons ago an anon asked for some shippy art featuring Meulin with someone other than Kurloz, and you know, as dope as Meuloz is, Meulin should definitely get around some more if ya ask me! So how about her sharing some dank catnip with Damara B)
I think this is called “shotgunning”