Aeons ago an anon asked for some shippy art featuring Meulin with someone other than Kurloz, and you know, as dope as Meuloz is, Meulin should definitely get around some more if ya ask me! So how about her sharing some dank catnip with Damara B)
I think this is called “shotgunning”

the signs as alternate selves
  • Aries:unfortunate slave to an evil overlord, occasionally forgets how to breathe
  • Taurus:gets wings somehow, everyone thinks it's pretty rad
  • Gemini:the world's most powerful and longlived psychic
  • Cancer:leads a rebellion against Betty Crocker, then dies
  • Leo:finds true love and confuses archaeologists everywhere with confusing cave art
  • Virgo:majors in how to raise children while on the run from imperial forces, dies tragically
  • Libra:underestimates their rival and gets hanged in the most anime shit ever, also has a dragon
  • Scorpio:hates dragons, hangs people, sails the high seas, inspires ruthless young pirates for decades to come
  • Sagittarius:cries because of this one time he almost killed his best friend, hides in a cave for the rest of his life
  • Capricorn:joins a cult, also they're really tall. like, just, really fucking tall, it's 90% of their personality
  • Aquarius:sad man cries because no one wants to kiss him. doesn't realise it's because he's a desperate and unpleasant person
  • Pisces:Betty Crocker runs an empire