Little Things
  • Cronus didn’t get into ‘humankin’ things until after meeting the humans in the Dream Bubbles. Was also apparently very much a believer in magic and had a wand.
  • Porrim only made Kankri his sweater in the Dream Bubbles, so he never wore it while he was alive. Also noted that he wore the same chest high pants every day while alive, and likely nothing else.
  • Porrim was very much against getting involved in anything resembling the role that Jades had to play on Beforus. Didn’t gain an interest in it again until some time after their session had failed.
  • Horuss’s natural state is very grumpy and angry. Only started smiling a lot after becoming moirails with Meulin. (A pairing which made no sense to Meenah.)
  • Damara used to be meek and sweet before Rufioh broke up with her, but even though she was distraught by his infidelity, she didn’t turn to rage and malevolence until Meenah involved herself and bullied her relentlessly until she snapped.