I used to watch Doctor Who religiously every week when I was younger until the weeping angels episode and I was petrified lmao

When I heard that they were introducing a gay woc for the doctors companion I decided to watch an episode and damn I’m so glad I did because I’ve been missing a great show?? All bc my 7y/o ass thought the angels were real lmaooooo

I can’t believe I genuinely thought Series 10 of Doctor Who was improving back to a RTD-level. I love Bill Potts (thank you Pearl Mackie) and I have really loved Twelve this series - he’s more human and so much more likeable - but the last two episodes have made no sense. Not only do I dislike story lines which are based on a lack of communication (’No, I can’t tell her I’m blind. No, I don’t have a reason why’) but there are so many plot holes. Steven Moffat thinks he is cleverer than he is and he is ruining an institution. I cannot wait for him to leave.

The Beauty of Home

Rating: General

Relationship: Nine x Rose

Summary: The Doctor takes Rose somewhere a little different, this time.

Notes: This is my response to the @timepetalsprompts drabble prompt ‘sunrise’. As usual, it’s not exactly a drabble, but let’s pretend it is. It’s set in a quiet moment in between adventures (take your pick as to which). It’s a companion piece to The Good and The Bad, but can also be read as a standalone.

Thanks to @goingtothetardis for helping me pick a location! I might have fallen in love with the pictures she sent of this place. Just stunning, and my meagre words will never do it justice. I’m dedicating this little fic to her because I know she misses home and also because she’s such an amazing friend. <3 Oh, and thanks to her for the photo!

This is unbeta'ed, so please excuse any mistakes.

Hope you all enjoy!

Also on A03.

“Couldn’t this wait until later?” Rose yawned as she stumbled along. “We travel in a time machine- we could have slept in and still arrive now!”

“Oi, stop your moanin!” The Doctor called back over his shoulder as he strode ahead. “And keep up! Trust me, Rose, you don’t want to miss this.”

Rose sighed as she sped up. “I could really murder a cup of tea right about now,” she grumbled, thinking longingly of TARDIS. “Wouldn’t have killed us to stop for tea before we left.”

The Doctor took her hand as she came up beside him. “Stop fussin’ Rose- we’re almost there.”

“A dock?” She asked blearily, blinking in the greying light. “Why are we at a dock? Did some alien land here or something? And where is here, anyway?”

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