NHL players coming out to Georgia “Will affirm all sexual identities” Martin (part 3)

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Luiza Silva-Martin loved her wife very much. That being said, she was ready to pull her hair out with Georgia being home all of the time.  It wouldn’t be a problem if George wasn’t fussing so much about baby prep. She had repainted the nursery 3 separate times, each time a slightly different shade of green,  and had 2 different cribs set up because “What if he doesn’t like one of them, Lu?” What had once been the hall closet was now filled with more diapers than an entire aisle at Babies R Us.  While Lu loved having George around, she wanted to go more than ten minutes without hearing the words “I read on the parenting blog…” George was halfway through a rant about the importance of keeping your newborn on a schedule when Lu just couldn’t take it anymore.

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Eu posso dizer que imagino como seria minha vida se fosse voce que estivesse presente do meu lado 24 horas por dia, e olha é a coisa mais gostosa do mundo ficar te imaginando de todos os jeitos possiveis. Imagino como seria minha vida se voce morasse comigo: eu teria que brigar todos os dias porque voce sempre deixa as cuecas espalhadas, ou as roupas espalhadas. Teriamos que sair aos tapas pra saber quem vai lavar a cozinha e no final das contas deixar tudo do jeito que ta e nos beijarmos. Acho que se a gente morasse juntos, seria a coisa mais perfeita que poderia me acontecer. Imagino sempre, voce abrindo aquela porta da casa e eu sair igual uma louca em sua direçao e te arrancar o abraço e o beijo mais gostoso que existe nesse mundo, e daí a gente poderia ir prepara qualquer porcaria pra gente comer juntos fazendo aquela bagunça, ou fazendo qualquer coisa nojenta só pra voce me chamar de nojenta, e por fim a gente poderia tomar banho juntos e por fim iriamos transar, sim transar, porque não teria coisa melhor pra fazer depois de um dia intenso. Nós poderiamos brigar desde que no final você sempre me puxasse pra me abraçar e no final trocarmos frases do tipo “Te amo!” e “não vivo sem voce”. Eu, sem sombras de duvidas tenho certeza que agora e sempre você é o homem da minha vida, pode soar poderoso demais essas palavras, mas eu nunca vou me esquecer de voce, eu sempre vou estar do seu lado, como namorada, amiga, esposa, amante, o que voce quiser que eu seja. Eu nunca vou te abandonar porque ninguem nunca nessa vida me amou tanto, me amou tao de verdade do modo que voce me ama! Eu sou a pessoa mais feliz que existe só de saber que você é meu e vai ser pra sempre meu. Eu sei que eu não sou a melhor namorada do mundo, mas eu me esforço sempre pra te fazer o cara mais feliz desse mundo! Eu te amo principe, e a minha vida toda eu quero passar com você. Quero ser o seu brother, a sua parceira, a sua melhor amiga, a sua namorada desajeitada e futuramente a mulher dos seu filhos! Eu espero o tempo que for se no final voce estiver do meu lado na hora da cerimonia dizendo “Eu aceito!" 

Ariadne Lima.

Feliz dia do amigo!

Chapter 24
Wonsan’s event - Dear best friend…

: Shinnie.
Para: Meu amiguinho que tomou leite demais e passou de mim!

“ Sei que gosta muito de plantas, mas não queria ter que arrancar nenhuma delas da terra para te dar. Uma vez me disse que preferia vê-las no chão. Por isso, procurei feito um doidinho até achar bichos de pelúcia de plantas! Tem um jogo chamado Plantas vs Zumbis que tenho certeza que iria gostar de jogar algum dia. Vamos marcar? O meu preferido é o chuchu mal humorado! Vamos escolher um para você também… Será que irá caber todos na sua estante? Aigo… Nem pensei nisso… Vamos colocar no chão mesmo! Assim podemos fazer um campo de batalha de pelúcia! Plant squad!!!”

Espero que goste. Do seu amigo meio gato,


Me v. Them


Neymar’s POV

So, my manager just called me saying that we needed to meet this morning. Honestly this isn’t the right time for this because me and Y/N were going to try on her dresses for the Balloon D’or. So i’m finally here, because he says its so important. Great, I thought while walking into his office.

“So, let’s just get straight down the business. You and Y/N are not going to the show together.” He spat.

I couldn’t believe it, “WHAT? YOU CAN’T DO THIS! WHAT THE HELL, DUDE?”

“Look, I know you two really wanted to go, it’s why I called you here before you started wasting money. It’s just whats best for your career and public appearance that you be seen as a single man right now.” 

I didn’t understand what was going on.. “Fuck my appearance! How is this helping my career by straining my relationship? You know how fucking bad she wants to go! She can’t stop talking about it, it’ll break her heart!” I tried to explain.

“Look, Neymar, you have all the time in the world to be in love, and in a healthy relationship, but tell yourself, how long with this career last? And with that, I have to go, look, she’s a professional singer, if anyone knows things about public appearances, she will, I promise.” And then he left. And with that, my whole world turned around. I knew I had to do some serious thinking, but I didn’t want to tell her just yet. 


You were so excited about the award show, it was all you were thinking about! and most importantly, you were going with the love of your life, all your insecurities went away, and you just wanted to smile!

“I’m home, neném!” You heard a familiar voice shout. You quickly ran to him to plant a soft, yet sweet kiss on your love. 

“Whooah, why so excited?” He smirked.

“I’m just sooo excited for these awards! I’ve always wanted to go to one, but most importantly, this is our first time outing as a couple, this is EXTREMELY important!” You cheered, but he wasn’t so excited, as you could see it in your face.

“Querido, what’s the matter? You were just so exited!” You concerned.

“Y-y- know maybe, we should not even go, let’s just stay home and chill, plus I just want a night alone with meu chuchu.” He kissed your lip, him trying to conceal, but you knew it was something different.

“Honestly, Neymar, no. We’ve been dating for 5 months and usually i’m public with someone on the first date! It’s time to come out. Why don’t you? I know you’re lying, tell me?” You yanked his arm.

“Heeeeeyyy.” He jerked away. “But, Y/N….it’s just…” He started.

“It’s just what? I’ll listen, I promise.” 

“It’s just…. I talked to my manager, and us coming out as a couple, or me coming out as a taken man defiantly won’t help my career or public image. You know about that stuff, right, baby?” He leaned in to kiss you.

You turned away. “I mean, yeah …… I understand, I do, it’s fine. I’ll just stay home and do nothing, it’s alright, needed another off day anyway. 

“Fofinha, are you okay?” He touched your shoulder.

You moved, that in a way rejected his touch. Then it all came out and the fussing began. “Neymar, you’ve honestly sat here, and watched and deceived me had me fucking happy over this SHIT! and you knew the whole fucking time. How could you?!?!” You started.

“But I-” You cut him off.

“You didn’t fight for us, Neymar, is what you didn’t do.” The tears started falling down..

“Baby don’t cry.” Neymar tried to touch you.

“MOVE! Take me to the FUCKING awards show and you’ll see the biggest FUCKING SMILE!” You yelled. 

“It’s just not good for my career, Y/N i’m sorry! This is for our future.” He tried to explain.

“No… Neymar, this is for your future. All you care about is fucking pleasing the public, yet you can’t please the person that has been by your side, darkened for all this time!”


“SHUT UP! You can understand everyone’s else reasoning, except MINE! Well, fuck you. You can go find some Spanish whore who would enjoy to be your little dark flame, because i’m done.” You ran into the room and start packing up your stuff.

“Y/N stop! Don’t you get i’m doing this for you? I’m doing this for us, our future, and all you care about it how you feel, you’re so fucking selfish.” Neymar yelled.

You slapped him! “I’M SELFISH? ME? Wow, i’ve been holding in my feelings all this goddamn time, but the minute I show an inch of FEELINGS, because i’m a human, if you didn’t know, and these are my fucking feelings. And you’re not stopping me anymore.” You grabbed your suitcase and rolled towards the door.

“Y/N, you’re overrating. I love you, please stop.” His eyes started to water, making your heart ache. “Please.”

You turned around, trying to hold back the tears, “No, you’re underrating, because it’s me, against them, and you just showed that you care more about your fucking career then love, well you live that life, because i’m not.” And with that, you walked out the door. 


idk if this is a one shot or if i’m going to do like a part 2 or something, this is really randomly occurred in my head tho, so.. tell me what you think! :)