What I loved about our last flight back to Manila was the time we traveled, it was morning :) ..cause the last flights i’ve been in was either at night or 3 in the morning to 5 which isnt that sunny yet, right? so I appreciated God’s creation more this time. It is so beautiful up there. I was so amazed and am still amazed with God’s power. :) I loved how clouds look up in the sky! it’s like cotton balls floating in the air.. and the houses and the land is like my cityville! hahahah! 
Next time we travel by air again, i’d so want it to be morning and I’d be the person sitting right next to the window. haha though i was a little bummed when we found out we’d be sitting at the 5th to the last seats in the plane; oh well..

God is omnipotent and almighty. :) praises be to Him.