always and for all eternity | damon and elena will always choose each other, they will always stay by each other’s side and they will always love each other, “even after this is all over”. they are so brave in their love that they both - each individually, might i add (!) - choose to spend their future with one another and it’s not any future, they commit to an eternal life together. “true love prevails, universe be damned”.


“…Stefan has people in his life, archetypes that represent certain things to him. And when he loses them, he needs to find replacements and projects either the person’s qualities onto them or makes them the complete opposite of that in his head. It’s so fucked up, but fascinating once you think of it.” (read full post by antoniazar)


“That house is no longer home for Elena. Home isn’t made by residing in a place but by people and all the people that made it home no longer are alive so for her it ceases to be home. (…) In the scene in 2x12, Damon tells her to go home and she says “Okay, I will” being hurt that he doesn’t feel he can open up to her and almost walks across him but decides against it and hugs him and then she walks out. This scene could be interpreted as implying that Damon is her home, because home is where the heart is, even if she doesn’t realize this yet. (…) A person becomes your home when they’re always there for you and they accept you and not judge you even when no one else does and it is to them that you gravitate and find yourself needing. (…) When everyone she loved was either judging her or trying to fix her or trying to kill her, she found Damon didn’t look at her any differently and loved her the same. With him, she found acceptance.” (see full post by findmysoulasigohome) – requested by b1beloty


Bonnie Bennett is getting a new mentor, hopefully with better intentions than her last one
‘Spartacus: War of the Damned’ actress Cynthia Addai-Robinson will play Aja, a powerful witch, with a connection to Bonnie’s mother, who comes to Mystic Falls to help Bonnie control her magic. Seeing as Jeremy is (most likely) dead, does this mean that the only other person with the ability to guide Bonnie with her magic, Professor Shane, is also about to croak?
Addai-Robinson will appear in the March 21 episode – 4x17. [x]