Mike Piazza’s Mets Moments

Mike Piazza had many unforgettable, heart pounding and emotional moments as a Met. Here are some of the Hall of Fame catcher’s greatest moments in a Mets uniform. 

6/1/98: Mike Piazza hits his 1st home run as a New York Met. 

9/16/98: Mike Piazza crushes a 3-run home with 2 outs in the 9th off of Billy Wagner to put the Mets ahead.

6/30/00: Mike Piazza caps off a 10-run 8th inning with a go-ahead 3-run home run vs. Atlanta. 

7/13/01: Mike Piazza crushes his 300th career home run.

9/21/01: Mike Piazza lifts up the city of New York with a go-ahead 2-run home run vs. Atlanta in the 1st sporting event held in New York after September 11th.

5/4/04: Mike Piazza becomes the all-time home run leader as a catcher with his 352nd.


I was Peridot at MCM Manchester today!

This is set 1/3 of my photos! 

[Set 2] - [Set 3] 

If you’re in any of these, shoot me a message and I’ll tag you!!

Peridot @mokkaquillart​ • Smol Peridot @tonightimhighasaprivatejet​ • Amethyst @imondeckyeahimupnext​ • Pearl @avengeloki​ • Cotton Candy Garnet @kvrta

anonymous asked:

In your How I Met Your Mother sorting, you put Lily as Gryffindor and Robin as Slytherin. Why did you not reverse it? Lily is extremely manipulative, stopping at nothing to get her way, very controlling, and ambitious, all Slytherin traits. Robin, on the other hand, takes a lot of risks, such as moving from Canada to become a news anchor, and has been shown to be very brave throughout the series, making her very Gryffindor like. Can you explain why you put them each there?

Lily is ambitious, sure, but she also has a fiery and expressive personality. 

And Robin… Robin’s ambition and workaholism is her entire driving force as a character. Everything you mentioned as her bravery is very much instead her ambition. There is no question.


alicedoesntsharefood  asked:

Top 5 moments since you've been in the fandom? Is this easier? ;)

Well, hardly, but okay, haha.

1. Project No Control. I think that was one of the best times I have had in this fandom. Everyone was happy and everyone was doing something positive and MAN, it WORKED. We accomplished so much with that and the guys talked about it during the rest of OTRA and it just felt amazing.

2. AIMH reaching 1 million. It was the first fandom meltdown I experienced since I’ve started my blog and it was so much fun! I sent messages to everyone and I even made my first post. I had three followers.

3. OTRA Singapore!  It was the first concert where Louis was positively BEAMING and everyone was SO HAPPY. It’s when I learned that a happy Louis equals a happy everyone. And that is what sunshine does.

4. Every time Ellie drops a video. My favorite recently was the ‘Primadonna Girl’ one. And also this ‘Wedding Day AU’. 

5. And well basically, I am in this fandom because lots of things bring me joy, I can’t pick just five. Every time the bears tweeted, every time they made us feel like they cared, every time Harry waved a rainbow flag, every time Louis smiled, every normal thing they did during promo like talking to each other and looking at each other. Literally all of those moments are important to me and make me happy. 

  • *au where maya and farkle have always been friends but she introduces him to their mutual friend riley in a very loud club* *they're basically mouthing these things because neither can hear*
  • Farkle:Hey, do you want to go somewhere to talk?
  • Riley:Totally! *pulls him onto the dance floor*
  • Farkle:So how do you know Maya?
  • Riley:Sagittarius!
  • Farkle:Is that near Westchester?
  • Riley:I would love one! Just a beer! Makes a drinking motion.
  • Farkle:*after getting her the beer* You really like this place?
  • Riley:*nods emphatically*
  • Farkle:You have no idea what I'm saying, do you?
  • Riley:*nods and smiles*
  • Farkle:I'm from outer space!
  • Farkle:I got thrown out of sea world for humping a dolphin!
  • Farkle:*as the music cuts out* I'm wetting my pants!
  • *music starts back up**everybody stares at him**Riley giggles*
  • Farkle:*regrets everything*