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These are just rough translations. Again, as with all of my translations, please take it with a grain of salt. ^^;

Question 1: Aspects/points you have in common with your role

Kenta: For me, it’s the height. It’s the number one POINT. The manga talks about the importance of height in volleyball. All the players are tall and in volleyball you are definitely strong if you have tall players. Although small, he overcomes tall walls with determination. I can empathize with that. That’s a big point.

Honestly, when we line up, I always have to look up, every time whenever we talk. I’m easily the shortest after all. It’s a DOUBLE PUNCH. Being normally short and surrounded by tall guys.

Tatsunari: What are you going to do when a girl is tall?

Kenta: Wait! I’ll deal with that when the time comes.

Tatsunari: Probably, the most significant (similarity) is people tell me I have “mean eyes” (”metsuki ga warui” kenta don’t laugh at tatsu’s pain XD). I always get asked if I’m angry and I answer “no I’m not angry”. In that way “mean eyes” is one of our similarity. And then, our height is the same isn’t it? Approximately. I’m 180 cm and Kageyama is 180.6 cm tall. I’m about the same height. Similar height. And also, I hate losing. Definitely. I play sports too and I HATE losing. 

Question 2: Aspects/points that you have observed the other has in common with his role

Kenta: Amazingly perfectly suited (for the role)! That’s immensely important. A “can-do-anything genius player”, truly, he is very athletic. He can do all sports. I feel the same way as Shouyou (towards Kageyama), like “this guy can do anything”.

Tatsunari: Please stop.

Kenta: That’s very much why he is cool isn’t he?

Tatsunari: The praising is a little…

Kenta: Praising (elevating) should be continued, it’s the pattern from here on.

Tatsunari: I’ll start ogling now.

Kenta (and interviewer): *laughs*

Tatsunari: For me, the most significant similarity is, how do I put it, shining bright eyes. The sparkling eyes of Suga Kenta is really similar (to Hinata) isn’t it? During our photoshoot, Kenta’s eyes were really shining brightly. While reading the manga, I thought he has the same eyes as Hinata Shouyou. For me the amazing similarity they have is their eyes. 

Kenta: Ooohhh that really makes me happy. Let’s keep praising each other.

Tatsunari: I was just ogling.

Question 3: Each other’s secret

Kenta: Do you have one? It seems like you have one.

Tatsunari: No no, I don’t, I don’t. It’s a secret isn’t it? That’s why I don’t know and it wouldn’t be a secret if I did.

Kenta: A secret huh…

Tatsunari: Right now, I don’t, for the time being. I don’t know if Kenta is keeping one…

Kenta: No, no I don’t have one. I’m the same, I don’t keep any.

Tatsunari: I don’t know if Kenta is keeping a secret.

Kenta: Of each other right?

Tatsunari: OPEN

Kenta: It’s an OPEN relationship.

Tatsunari: Relatively. As opposed to talking behind our backs.

Question 4: The pair’s relationship

Kenta: In our previous work (Naruto Live Spectacle), we were enemies. There was a little BATTLE SCENE. To properly construct our only scene together, we needed to maintain an awareness/understanding of the fight. In order to solidify it we had discussions for each and every performance. I’m happy that we were able to do that additional scene.

Tatsunari: Kenta is playful, isn’t he? He is small but he has a big presence. He’s in his twenties but he is still playful. He has a memorable cute side even though he’s a senpai. (Kenta has been in the industry for years)

Kenta: Stop that please. He’s older by a year.

Tatsunari: He has a playful side.

Kenta: A playful episode?!

Tatsunari: When we were having our pictures taken… (i’m sorry i can’t make out the rest T^T)

Kenta: I was fooling around.

Kenta: For me, I was a bit scared of him at first.

Tatsunari: It’s the eyes isn’t it?

Kenta: Yes yes. Exactly what he said before. This person is really scary is what I thought but he’s actually very funny. 

Tatsunari: The noisiest one in the family.

Kenta: The noisiest one in the family. That’s how the staff jokingly calls him. Also, he’s popular. I saw him on TV when I was watching.

Tatsunari: You’re lying!

Kenta: His loud voice is high pitched.

Tatsunari: What?

Kenta: “Yappetso!” 

Tatsunari: Ah yes yes.

Kenta: My little sister who was busy doing her hair asked “Where did that voice come from?” and I said “From Tatsunari”.

Tatsunari: That’s embarrassing!

Kenta: It was really surprising.


Kenta: To everyone watching this SHORT CLIP, this is Suga Kenta.

Tatsunari: This is Kimura Tatsunari. In this production, “the view at the top is something can’t be see on your own” is what we want to say and weave together with the audience. Without fail. Please come to the theater.

If you see any mistakes, please feel free to correct me! I really want to understand this interview properly too! ^o^