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Before the Harry Styles Hunger Games begin, I just want to say how unbelievably happy I am for him. That he was able to do a distribution deal, which gave him the freedom to choose these small venues, and a limited tour. 

I understand that this means not as many of us will get to see him live, but I’m having a hard time being too upset when I think of how excited he must be. He loved connecting with fans, and I’m so thrilled that he is getting to do such a personal tour. 

With that said, good luck everyone…let the games begin.

father’s day for nursey has been the same as long as he can remember. it’s a little different now that his sister’s out in seattle, but they still facetime her so it sort of feels like she’s there. he wakes up at 7:30, because he could set his clock by his dad waking up at 8:00 on the dot every day. he’s still not too awesome at making breakfast, but he knows how to work the coffee pot and he hasn’t burned the pancakes in years. his dad acts as surprised and delighted as he always does, as if they haven’t been doing this for at least 16 years. after breakfast they get ready to go to his dad’s favorite place in the world, the met. nursey loves walking around the museum with his dad, loves listening to how enthusiastic his dad gets when he gestures wildly at the art and tells nursey about the artist’s backstory and asks nursey how he feels when he looks at the piece, loves the way his dad knows the place better than almost anyone. after the met, they catch a late lunch at his dad’s favorite diner, and then walk the few blocks back home. they spend the rest of the day watching his dad’s favorite movies and maybe a baseball game if the mets are playing, and then they order in from his dad’s favorite thai food place. at the end of the day, he gives his dad the gift he and his sister went in on together: mets tickets, a leather-bound journal, and a trip to tour a microbrewery. his dad hugs him tight and says, “best father’s day ever,” just like he does every year.

Marry me? | Tom Holland

Request: Hey there!! I love your imagines! I was wondering if you could do one where Tom proposes to you in a really elaborate but sweet way? I’m in the mood for some fluff 😊😊

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Tom swore he read every article on how to propose. Every single thing he saw gave him ideas on how to propose, but he always deemed them too mundane for his angel. He went through every idea in his mind but nothing seemed good enough. He was slowly going insane and he so desperately wanted to tell you about it to calm him down but he obviously could not. “Hey, so I’m going mental trying to propose to you, have any suggestions?” Definitely not.

He knew you hated when he spent too much on you. Your humble personality always felt guilty spending his money but really, Tom never minded as long as he got to see your bright smile afterwards. He had to find the perfect middle ground, or at least to a point he deemed necessary. He knew you deserved only the best, and he was determined to give it to you, only he had no clue what it was.

He even went so far as to ask everyone you were close to, your friends, your family, your co-workers. He always ended up with half-baked ideas that he would forget by the time he started a new plan. How long had he been planning this proposal again? He sighed as he continued on his search for the perfect proposal all while you waited in the dark.

It took some time and loads of work but Tom had finally crafted the perfect proposal. Or at least, he tried. “Dude, what if she doesn’t like it? Is there still time to move it? Oh god, she’s going to say no,” he let out his frustration to Harrison who replied with, “Shut up Tom. She’s going to say yes. She loves you mate, big proposal or not. Plus you already booked those tickets.”

You would be lying if you said you were not a bit worried of Tom’s frantic state. You would notice him late at night pacing and muttering to himself and him having conversations with Haz that you could not hear. “It’s guy stuff, dicks and things.” You rolled your eyes at them but let it slip because you trusted them wholeheartedly. Plus, you would not forget the night you brought it up to Tom and he replied by pulling you closer and kissing your forehead. “It will make sense in a while. Just not now, but when it does, you’ll laugh the hardest you have ever.”

It was after a long day of work, your boss literally gave you three days worth of things to do and accomplish within the day. You lugged your tired body home and fell flat against the sofa. “No honey I’m home?” You heard your boyfriend tease. You groaned a reply into the throw pillow and he laughed before he stood you up. “Come on, I’ve run us a bath.”

After unwinding and spending too much time in the warmth of the bath, you and Tom got out and put on your comfiest pjs. Tom knew you loved his sweaters so he gave you his favorite one to wear for the night. He prepared your favorite food, with the help of your mum and his mum, and set it out like a picnic on your bed.

“Okay, what’s up? Why are you so romantic tonight?” You asked as you ate the last of your meal. He sent you the same smile he used when he asked you to be his girlfriend and laughed at your waiting face, “when you love someone like I do, you do everything you can to try and show them you love them.” “You’re such a cheeseball.” “Only for you,” he singsonged before leaning up to kiss you, which you gladly accepted.

“So, I’ve been thinking.” “That’s never good.” “Shut up. So Ive been thinking that we need a vacation.” “Tom, you know-” “Too late!” He dropped an envelope on your lap and ran out of the room. You knew getting up to fetch him would be no use so you opened the envelope and were met with two tickets to London and a letter. 

Dearest Y/N,

Hey love, I know how much you love your excuses but I promise I have taken care of everything already. Yes, everything. I had Harrison check. Here are two tickets to my hometown, a place that means a lot to me and to us. There’s a whole world of memories I wish to share with you, I figured what better place to start than London? (aside from our own home of course)

p.s. you can;t say no because i already bought tickets :)) love youuu

“So what do you say?” He said as he peeked his head back in your room. “Well you’ve left me no choice Holland.” You laughed as he started doing his “happy dance” he looked like a flailing chicken. He then attacked you on the bed, careful not to crush the tickets. “London, here we come.”

“Tom, seriously, all I want is to shower then sleep.” He shushed you as he continued to walk you into his house. He insisted on blindfolding you which confused you as you had been to his house multiple times already. “Tom, I swear if I fall on my face, I’m taking you down with me.” He laughed but continued further into his house with a finger to his lips. He slowly let go and you reached out to him. “Tom?”

When you were met with silence, you untied the blindfold and let it fall. In front of you was the love of your life down on one knee with a smile as bright as the sun itself, it was a smile he only reserved for you. Your eyes widened and your heart rate quickened, he’s proposing, he’s proposing, he’s- he grabs your hand and suddenly you’re back on Earth staring into his eyes.

“Y/N, love, there is so much I want to say but not enough time nor words to say them. I truly believe I am the luckiest man alive, or rather who ever lived. And there’s one reason, one person, one amazing human being, that made that happen. She is the light of my life. I honestly don’t know how I lived without her because she’s the first and last thing on my mind every single day. When I feel like giving up, or like the world is against me, just knowing that she’ll be there when I get home gets me through. When I feel sad or down, seeing her smile would instantly brighten my mood. Suddenly with her, the future wasn’t so scary anymore. My future became our future and I cannot imagine it any other way. They say love is a funny thing and that it’s all some social construct, but how can you explain the feeling of being so content and enamoured with one person that it physically hurts when you’re apart? She is my air, my lifeline, my endgame. She’s my best friend, my rock, my universe, and someday hopefully my wife. It’s you. It’s always been you. There will never be another you. There’s nothing in this world or any world I would rather do than grow old with you, Y/N. I love you when you’re all dressed up showing off your perfect body. I love you when you’re dressed like this in sweats and flight hair. I love you when you wake up and when you fall asleep and everything in between. I love you so much that this little speech does not even begin to scratch the surface of everything I have yet to say. But I’m cutting it short because I know that there will be another time. 

Will you marry me?”


Hope you liked it! I’m sorry it’s not so elaborate (I got carried away and figured my original plan was too long to be one imagine) but I really enjoyed writing this!
 I probably will do a part two about everything Tom had planned for them soon ;)

Beauty and the Mets Fan [*smut]

A/N: Okay, now keep in mind this is only my secondish smut. I had a dream about this the other night, minus the smut part. I just thought it could use some spice.

“I can’t believe you got us Mets tickets!” I squealed as me and my best friend looked for our seats. “Only the best for my best friend!” She beamed. Our seat where between the edge of the screen and the dugout on the first base side. We were about four rows up, and two seats away from the end seats. The best seats you could possibly get in my opinion. We found them, slid into our seat and got comfortable. The music was loud and seem to come from every direction. There were so many people filling the stands, and I knew the game was about to start.

“Hey, Dyl! Our seats are right here.” A tall boy with black hair yelled. He was wearing a black tank top, and camouflage shorts. When he turn his head, I saw he had a slightly obscured jawline. Although he was very good looking he wasn’t my type.

“He’s cute.” My best friend half whispered half sang in my ear. I smiled

“Well you have about nine innings to ask for his number.” I whispered back. We both giggled.

“Good job, bud.” A boy wearing a Mets hat said. He was carrying two beers and slid into one of the two remaining seat first, handing the dark haired boy a beer. The commentator started with opening ceremonies. His voice boomed through the stadium. The smell of hotdogs and beer filling the air. They started announcing some of the star players, and almost as if it were planned, the guy next to me in the mets hat and I both screamed our heads off. We looked at each other and laugh.

“You a David Wright fan too?” I asked him almost yelling over the announcer.

“Hell yeah!” He shouted back. He turned towards me a little more and extended his hand to me.

“Dylan!” I finally got a good look at him. His skin was even, despite the various beauty marks on his face. His smile was genuine and warm. But it was his eyes that I was taken by. They weren’t hazel or brown even but mixture of the two. Amber almost.

“And this is my buddy Tyler.” His voice brought me back, and I smiled. His friend lean forward and lazily waved at me.

“I’m Y/N. This is my best friend Caroline.” I said jabbing my thumb in her direction. She copied Tyler, leaning forward and waving.

“You guys big Mets fans?” Tyler yelled, Although he wasn’t looking at me when he asked. Caroline shook her head,

“Not really. Well I mean I don’t really watch baseball.”

“Get out!” Dylan said jokingly. “There’s only mets fans in the section.” I laughed nudging my friend who seemed upset by the comment.

“Well I’ll have to leave too then.” Tyler said earning a smile from Caroline.

“Woah T.Pose! Give the girl a chance.” Dylan said putting a hand on his shoulder.

“What about you?” Dylan ask me with a smirk on his face.

“Die hard Mets fan.“ I said proudly.

“Yeah, she practically cried when I told we were coming today.” Caroline teased.

“I think we found your perfect girl, Dyl.” Tyler said. I blushed and laughed awkwardly.

The game was starting and Dylan and I watched intently. Tyler and Caroline, on the other hand, wouldn’t shut up. So half way though the 7th inning Dylan and Caroline switch seats. Dylan and I’s conversation was strictly baseball, and honestly I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It came down to the wire in the game. It was the 9th inning and the Mets were bating. Bases were loaded and it was down to three balls and two strikes. Mets were down two, so they needed to hit the ball and far. Wright was at the plate, and he was uncharacteristically off his game. The crowd was chanting a medley of boos and cheers. “Come on David! You got this!” I stood and yelled. Dylan followed suit. “Let’s goooo!” He shouted. The pitcher threw the ball, and out of excitement I grabbed Dylan’s arm. Wright sung and hit the ball, I watched it as it flew way above the pitcher, over second base, and into the stands.

“Mets win.” The announcer sang. Dylan and I jumped up and down screaming. I pulled him into a hug, which he returned. He smelled good. Like really good. We pulled apart slowly, staring at each other.

The excitement of the game started to die down, and people were leaving the stadiums. Caroline and I started gathering our things.

“Hey, we’re going to get some drinks. You guys want to come?” Tyler asked. Him and Dylan were on the staircase that ascends to the exit. I looked at Caroline, we smiled at each other and nodded.

We walked from the stadium to a pub about 8 blocks away. It was an old timey pub, like you’d see in old British movies. Dylan open the door for all of us.

“We’ll get some beers, if you guys want to grab a booth.” Dylan suggested once we were inside. I nodded and Caroline and I found an open booth next to a window. The booths were round so they’d all have to squeeze in together. The boys returned beers in hand.

“Here you go, beautiful.” Tyler said handing Caroline a beer and sitting next to her. Dylan rolled his eyes before sitting down next to me with our beers.

Three beers and four shots later, we were all pretty drunk. Tyler and Caroline where making out on the jukebox, leaving Dylan and I alone.

“So, I made her a YouTube video asking her to prom.” We both roared with laughter.

“You did not!”

“I did.” He said amused.

“What did she say?”

“She laughed in my face. But I got to make out with Julia Pond that night so who’s laughing now.”

“Was she popular?” I asked drinking my beer.

“No, she was my lab partner.” We both laughed again. I placed my hand high on his thigh and bit my lip. He shifted in his seat. I looked over at Caroline to make sure she was alright. I almost wished I hadn’t.

“Ugh, they may as well just fuck on the damn thing.” I said grimacing.

“Where’s the craziest place you’ve had sex?” He asked scooting closer to me. I could almost feel his body heat. But I didn’t have a good answer. “The floor?” I admitted.

Dylan laughed. “Was that a question?”

“What about you?” I shot back playfully.

“You wouldn’t believe if I told you.” He said a little cocky. I gave him a doubtful look.

He leaned over and whispered in my ear. The action sending a shiver down my spine. “On a roller coaster.”

My eyes widened. “You’re lying.”

“Told you you wouldn’t believe me.”

“How is that even possible?”

He just shrugged. I scoffed at him drinking the last bit of my beer.

“I’m going to get more. Want some?” He raised his glass and winked at me, indicating he still had some left. He knew he was teasing me and I needed to even the playing field. So I leaned over and caressed his earlobe with my tongue.

“Be right back.” I purred. His grip on his cup tightened so hard his fingers turned white. I grabbed my glass and scooted out of the booth. At the bar, I raised my hand to signal the bartender. Someone grabbed my arm and pulled it down. I glanced over and saw Dylan holding my arm. He had a gorgeous smile on his face, and a lust in his eyes.

“Come with me?” He slid his hand from my arm to my hand interlocking our fingers. I nodded and he led the way to the bathrooms. He pulled open the door to the one person bathroom. He pushed me into the wall, a grasp escaping me. Dylan pressed his lips against mine and made his way to my ass squeezing it firmly. His bulge grinding against my pulsating sex. I thought about our friends still in pub for a second, but I knew they were probably as busy as we were. He went for my neck peppering it with kisses. I moaned pulling at his hair with my fingers. I could feel him sucking along my neck and jawline creating hickeys. I rolled my hips on to his and he groaned into my neck. Goosebumps formed on my skin at the sound. I moved my hands down to his jeans unbuttoning them. I put my hand down his pants, grabbing his dick. He moaned and pulled me into a heated kiss as I pumped his erection a few times.

“Fuck.” He growled in my mouth, and stuck my tongue in his mouth. I could feel his hand unbuttoning my jean shorts and my core tingled. He hooked his fingers around the side of my shorts and panties and pulled them both down in one go. His fingers found my slit and then to my clit rubbing the bunch of nerves in a figure 8 motion. I was a moaning mess at his touch, my legs shaking. With his other hand he pulled my hand away from him, but continued rubbing with the other.

“Turn around.” He rasped breaking our kiss. I turned and faced the wall, his right hand still on my sex and with his left I heard pushed his pants down. I heard his erection slap against his stomach. He stroked it a few times, before stopping and pulling my hands up on the wall. Holding them up with one hand. He ground his stiff member between my legs.

“Fuck, you’re already wet.” He groaned in my ear.

“Please?” I begged, wanting him inside me. “Fuck me.” I pushed out my butt against his hips, earning a low growl from him.

“As you wish, princess.” He lined up, and slowly inserted himself inside of me. We both spewed profanities at the sensation. He grabbed my hip with his free hand and began moving.

“F-faster.” I stuttered. Instead, he slowed down moving in and out of me.

“What was that princess?” He teased. I tried pushing against him to speed up the friction. He grabbed my waist sternly.

“I’m sorry, princess. I didn’t hear you. What did you want?” He asked again.

“Dylan, please? Faster.” I whined.

“Of course, princess.” He pushed himself into me hard and than fast. Quickening his speed as he pounded into me. The sound of skin on skin and moans echoed in the bathroom. He was hitting my g-spot and I knew my orgasm was near.

“I'm…I’m gon-” I tried to say.

“Come princess.” He interpreted. At the words, I clenched around him, my legs shaking, and moaning uncomfortably finally reaching my orgasm.

“You’re so sexy.” He muttered. “Get on your knees.” He released my hands from the wall and pulled out. I spun around and sunk to my knees. I hollowed my checks around him, taking almost all of his length. I could feel him in the back of my throat. He put my hair up in a makeshift ponytail, and he moved me along his member looking at me the entire time. He moved me up and down faster and faster until finally he exploded inside my mouth. He rode out his orgasm in my mouth grunting and growling. I swallowed all of him, and he smiled. I pulled him out of my mouth. Our heavy breathing the only sound filling the room. I stood my legs still a little weak, and pulled up my shorts.

“I’m not going to lie,” he said copying my action. “That’s probably the best sex I’ve ever had.”

I laughed. “You probably say that to all the pretty girls you pick up at Mets games.” He walked closer to me putting his hands on my face.

“You’re not pretty, you’re gorgeous.” He kissed my lips softly. “And there may be plenty of pretty Mets fans. But none as gorgeous as you.” I laughed pushing him away softly.

“Okay cheese ball, walk me to my car?” I asked. He grinned and nodded.

Minutes after taking that top photo, we were approached by the sweetest roadie in the world (sorry 42 ily)! Thank you so much for making this night the most memorable moment of my life, and for making my childhood dream come true. I’m still in disbelief. THANK YOU COLDPLAY FOR TAKING CARE OF US FANS SO MUCH. I LOVE YOU.

BELIEVE IN LOVE. xoxooxoxox

My Fanfiction Masterpost

(These are ONLY x Male! Reader fanfictions at the moment. If you would like some x Female! Readers I would be happy to do some for you upon request~)

Rap Monster 

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Save Me (Jimin x Drug Addict Male Reader)
Part 1, Part 2Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
The high was your only sanctuary from the hardships of the world. But everything comes with a price. The price for your infatuation with opiates and psychedelics was $8,000 dollars, and you had a single week to come up with the money. Then you met your golden ticket. Your savior. His name was Jimin. (Contains mature content including substance abuse, gore, and sex)

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Layover - (Hoseok x Anxious Male Reader)
Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3, MAYBE PART 4 ? 
You don’t know how, but you’ve found yourself falling in love with a stranger while waiting for your flight. There’s only one problem… you don’t speak Korean, and he doesn’t speak English. (Only fluff!)

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Holiday Party  Stiles Stilinski

a/n: didn’t have the time yesterday to write y’all a xmas imagine so i thought i would today.  i spent the whole day sick in bed just working and rendering this so here you go.  a fluffy xmas imagine with stiles :)

“y/n!” Malia called from the kitchen.

“Yeah?” You yelled back, mouth stuffed full of cookies.  Stiles handed you another one and you swatted his arm with a death glare.  He chuckled.

“Are you gonna come help me bring out gifts or not?”  She scolded.  You groaned and rolled your eyes behind your head.

“Can’t Lydia do it?” You yelled.

“Can’t you see that I’m painting my nails Christmas colors?” She said sassily.

Despite yourself, you had to laugh.  This is pretty much exactly what you expected to come out of a pack holiday celebration.  Malia wasn’t really sure what to do, seeing that she hadn’t celebrated Christmas in eight years.  Lydia needed to make sure that she was displaying the proper amount of holiday spirit, clad in a striped sweater and santa hat.  Scott was trying to see if any amount of eggnog could get him remotely drunk.  It was impossible.  Kira was re decorating the McCall’s tree for the third time that night.  And Stiles, you looked to your best friend, sweet, charming amazing Stiles, was his usual sarcastic and handsome self.

“Hey!” You jumped, seeing Malia snapping her fingers in your face.  

“Wh-what?” you stumbled.  

“Could you maybe help me? Please?” She asked, more sweetly this time, and gave you puppy dog eyes.  You sighed defeatedly, but nodded, and let her pull you off of the sofa you were sharing with Stiles.  You walked back, ruffling Stiles’ hair as you left.  He let out a string of complaints but you heard him laughing when you got to the kitchen.  You sat at the kitchen table, grabbing handfuls of wrapped boxes and gift bags.

“We went a little out of control this year shopping didn’t we?” You said as you saw Malia stacking presents in her arms, towering over her head.  

“Nope” She said through a struggling voice.  You giggled softly, and took some out of her hands.  “Thanks” Malia said.

“So” You said.  “What do you want for Christmas?” Malia smiled at you genuinely.

“I have it.  For eight whole years all I wanted was to spend Christmas with my family, and now I finally get to” Tears welled in your eyes when she told you that.

“When we set these presents down I’m hugging you so hard.  And you aren’t aloud to push me away” Malia laughed gently.

“And what do you want? Stiles?” Your head snapped up to her, eyes drying immediately.

“What?” You asked meekly.  Malia snorted slightly, and you stood nervously waiting.

“Please y/n.  Don’t even try to hide it.  You’re obsessed”

“I wouldn’t say obse-”

“Why did you break up with Andrew then, huh?”

“Because he was a jackass and slept with another girl” You said with slightly narrowed eyes, not in annoyance, but in confusion.

“You knew he was unfaithful long before you broke it off” You wrung your hands together.

“Okay… so maybe I kinda sorta have a crush on Stiles” You mumbled, and Malia squealed.  The sound caught you so off guard, that you jolted and dropped a few gifts.


“Will you shut your damn mouth!?” You hissed.  Malia bit her lip and danced slightly.  You’d never seen such actions done by her.   “Alright alright alright, come on.  Let’s just go” You said, walking back out to the living room.  Malia stopped you in the doorway, pointing up.  You looked up to see mistletoe.  You rolled your eyes, but leaned over and pecked Malia’s cheek anyways.  Then walked into the room.  Scott looked over, and set down another finished glass of eggnog, then came over to help you.

“Wow, we all only got each other one thing right?” He chuckled, and you giggled at him as he set presents down by the tree.  Stiles quickly came over, between you and Scott, then proceeded to take presents from your arms.  You smiled at him thankfully, and he grinned back at you.

“Come on, come sit with me” He told you, pulling your wrist back.  You sat with him on the floor in front of the couch.  But the way he’d pulled you with him brought you closer than you’d previously been sitting.  Not that you were going to start complaining or anything.  Kira and Lydia passed around the labeled presents, and as promised between you all, you each got one gift from each other.

“Stiles open my first!” Kira exclaimed, pointing to the box that had darth vader with santa hats on it.  He laughed, and opened it up.  You tried to peek over to see it, but he slammed it shut quickly, grinning happily around the room.

“What is it?” Scott asked.  

Stiles whipped out a plastic light saber toy.  Making you laugh as he enthusiastically looked over at you, and bonked you on the top of your head.  You swatted his arm, and he didn’t hit you again.

You all took turns exchanging gifts and laughing and smiling, thanking each other in a light hearted mood.

Kira had gotten you a super cute skirt and long sleeved top to go with it.  Scott gave you a new CD for your favorite band.  Lydia gave you an assortment of nail polishes, lipsticks, and eyeliners.

Malia gave you bras and underwear.

Two sets of matching lace ones in fact.  One black, and one baby blue.  

You pulled out the tissue of her gift bag, Stiles looking over your shoulder, but as soon as you registered what it was, you blushed deeply and shoved the paper back over top.  You looked to Stiles to see him with a flushed face as well.  He saw.

“Do you like them?” Malia asked eagerly.

“Um, ye-yeah” You stuttered.  “They’re nice” Malia smiled happily knowing that you liked them.  She didn’t pick up on how maybe she should’ve given them to you separately.  Or perhaps not at all.  

Everyone else opened their presents, and then it was just like before.  Kira was back at it messing with the tree, Lydia was discussing fashion trends what with Malia, and Scott was chugging eggnog straight from the bottle now, ‘because it’s Christmas eve and it has to work somehow, that’s why!’.

But that’s when it clicked for you.  Not the eggnog, but the day.  It was Christmas Eve… and everyone had exchanged presents.  But not everyone had with you.

You looked over at Stiles, who was watching with wide eyes as Scott swallowed gulp after gulp of the white cream.  He caught your stare and turned to glance at you.  He looked at you quizzically.

“You alright?” He asked.  You wanted to ask him why he hadn’t given you a gift, you’d given him one, an expensive one, two Mets tickets next month in San Diego.  But it would be rude.

“Yeah, yeah I’m good” You said quietly, and looked back down to your hands.  He looked at you confusedly, but before he could say anything, you got up and walked into the kitchen.  Malia looked over to you, catching your eye, silently asking if she should come with you.  But you shook your head.  You walked in, opening up the fridge, and pulling out orange juice.  It’s all you could have when you were stressed.  

Did Stiles not give you a gift because he didn’t like you? Your heart just broke.  You swallowed a long drink of juice.  Your eyes watered slightly.  You cared about him so much, and he didn’t give you a gift.  No, it wasn’t important, but you gave him something that you could do together.  It was pretty clear that you were the closest in the pack and-

“y/n” You wiped your eyes with the back of your sleeves when you heard Stiles’ voice.  “Hey- hey why’re you crying?” He rushed over and sat next to you, then put a hand on your back.  “Look, if you’re embarrassed about the whole… uh… panties thing… don’t be” He told you.  “Really, it shouldn’t bother you, and for what it’s worth uhm, they were uhm, cute” You shook your head dismissively.  

“No, don’t worry about it” You said.  “Did you like the tickets?” You sniffed.

“Yeah of course!” He said with a smile.  “I’m really excited” You nod, and take a drink of juice.  “y/n, will you tell me what’s wrong?”

“Nothing I’m just ti-”

“If you tell me you’re tired y/n, i will slap you” Stiles cut you off.  “You’re drinking OJ.  You only do that when you’re upset about something” You stood, putting the glass in the sink.  Then walked towards the doorway.  “y/n” Stiles followed you, grabbing your wrist gently, and stopping you.


“No stop please” You pulled your arm from his grasp carefully.  “y/n, what’s this abou-”

“You like me right? We’re friends?” Stiles’ brows drew together for a moment, then his eyes went wide.

“Oh my god did Scott talk to you? I-I mean I knew my gift was kinda much but I really thought-”

“Wait” You said softly, cutting him off quietly, but he stopped anyways.  “What gift?” Stiles licked his lips, and reached a hand into his pocket.  He pulled out a little wrapped box.  Your eyes met his, and you took it with a small smile.  “Can I open it?” He nods, running a hand through his hair.  You excitedly rip open the paper, revealing a small velvet box.  “Stiles, before I open this box, how much did it cost you?”

“N-not much-”

“Liar” You stated.  “How much?”

“How much did the tickets cost?” He shot back, and you pursed your lips.  “Just open the damn box please” You giggle and flip it open, revealing a gold chained necklace with your birthstone in it.  Your lips parted, your jaw falling slightly.


“Do you like it?”

“Like it? I love it oh my god it’s beautiful” You gasped.

“Here, I’ll put it on” He said, taking it from the box.  You turned around, and he clasped it behind your neck.  You turned back and looked down, inspecting the jewelry.  

“It’s beautiful, I love it” You said sincerely.  Stiles smiled warmly at you.

“It looks beautiful on you” You heard him take a deep breath.  “W-well it looks less beautiful because you’re more beautiful, I mean that’s just some metal and a rock but you’re you and-”  You wrapped your arms around his neck and hugged him tightly.

“Thank you so much” You mumbled into his shoulder.  Stiles laughed airily, and wrapped his arms around you waist just as snugly.

“Yeah… yeah no problem” His hands rubbed your back before you pulled away from him.  You smiled up at him happily, and he returned it.

“You know, I actually thought that you didn’t like me anymore” You laugh nervously.  “I thought that you didn’t get me a gift because you didn’t wanna be friends.  And that’s so dumb I mean who cares about presents in Christmas spirit of giving right?” Stiles looked at you with a dumbfounded expression.

“There are so many things that you just said, that are so wrong” He laughed slightly, shaking his head.  “First of all, there’s nothing you could do to make me not wanna be your friend” You blushed, looking down.  “And second, why wouldn’t I get you a gift? I just didn’t want you to open it in front of everyone”

“Why not?” You asked with a shake of your head and drawn brows.

“Well… I dunno” Stiles mumbled.  “I just wanted it to be sorta separate” You cocked your head to the side and gave a short smile.

“Why?” Stiles fumbled, tongue coming over his bottom lip.

“Because it’s more special that way” Stiles muttered to his feet,  but you didn’t quite catch what he said.  You leaned forwards, indicating you couldn’t hear.  “y/n…” Stiles looked up, trying to think of something to say when something caught his eye.

“What?” You asked, looking up to where his eyes just were.  They landed on two green leaves, tied to the door frame by a red ribbon.  “Oh” You said, then let out a little chuckle.  “Funny, I literally just had to kiss Malia on the cheek earlier, I forgot” You said, looking back to him.  Your smile fell a little as you studied his features, and silence engulfed both of you.

But it was one swift movement, his hands finding your waist and yours laying in his shoulders as your lips met in a soft, but sparking kiss.  Somehow, without any words needing to be said, you both knew it was more than the mistletoe that brought you to do it.  When you parted, you looked at each other, eyes twinkling, lips in smiles.  You leaned up on the tips of your toes, your nose bumping his and making you both laugh softly.

“So… can I take you on a date sometime?” Stiles asked you softly, arms wrapping around your waist.  You pretended to contemplate the question.

“Yeah, yeah I could definitely do that” You said softly, and pulled his lips to yours again.

You both ignored the cat whistles and yells from the rest of your pack members.

merry christmas again :)
xoxo ~ Jordie

American Idiot (dialogue) sentence starters

from the broadway musical. some have been adapted slightly to work better for rp purposes. change pronouns as required!
trigger warnings: drug mentions

  • “I jerked off into oblivion last night.”
  • “Today I forgot to shower… again.”
  • “Oh well, it doesn’t matter.”
  • “Blah fucking blah.”
  • “My stepdad… that motherfucker.”
  • “I think I’m beginning to notice a pattern here.”
  • “Oh shit, is this my life?”
  • “More beer! 7-Eleven, right now.”
  • “Let’s start a war, shall we?”
  • “Are we gonna waste our lives, or are we gonna get the fuck out of here?”
  • “Take one last look at this shithole.”
  • “These are our tickets out of here.”
  • “You saved my fucking life.”
  • “Actually, I stole the money from my mom’s dresser.”
  • “That’s what I’ve been saying.”
  • “There’s a resistance occurring, you bastard.”
  • “Everything is so fucking black and white.”
  • “The good guys ain’t wearing red, white, or blue.”
  • “It sucks that you are not here.”
  • “All you ever do is sleep.”
  • “This place is big enough for all the fuck ups.”
  • “I got plans, baby.”
  • “The end of the world is over.”
  • “What the fuck?”
  • “Nobody seems to agree on anything these days.”
  • “Is life imitating me or is rage imitating life?”
  • “I feel like a knife in the heart.”
  • “It is splitting my head open.”
  • “No friends, no girls — I need both.”
  • “I shot drugs for the first time today.”
  • “Now we’re getting somewhere. Nowhere.”
  • “We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!”
  • “Oh baby, baby, it’s fuck time!”
  • “What? Who said that?”
  • “Oh my god, I forgot to take a shower again.”
  • “You were right — I did make a friend at camp.”
  • “My heart is like a bomb.”
  • “She knows I’m full of shit, but she thinks I’m cute. Or is it the opposite?”
  • “I’m taking you to a show tonight. The band will probably suck…but I’ll be with you.”
  • “It burned your dreams into the ground.”
  • “Remember to learn to forget.”
  • “I’m not stoned, I’m just fucked up.”
  • “I never liked you anyway.”
  • “Don’t wait up!”
  • “I knew you’d be proud.”
  • “Time to wake up.”
  • “I sold my guitar to get a bus ticket home.”
  • “Met the girl of my dreams, but I’m dead to her now.”
  • “I’m coming home in victory.”
  • “First stop, convenience store.”
  • “I got lies to tell.”
  • “Glory never felt so good.”
  • “You were just too stupid to notice.”
  • “That’s why I love you.”
  • “Take a fucking shower!”
  • “And that was that.”
  • “Is this the end or the beginning?”
  • “She was right: I am an idiot.”

anonymous asked:

for the stydia prompts could you do #21 pls?

Okay, so… I took this prompt VERY literally 

Thanks for sending this in! I hope you like it! 

#21: Things you said when we were on top of the world 

Send me a prompt! 

Of all the things they had faced, all the supernatural creatures they had battled and hunters they had fought off, Lydia did not think that Stiles’s downfall would be a fear of heights.

“We’re really high up,” he defended, clutching to the concrete half-wall in front of them with white knuckles.

“There’s a very tall metal fence in front of us,” Lydia reminded him, looping her arms around his bicep and patting his arm comfortingly.

“Still,” he said, surveying the New York city skyline below them. Lydia almost laughed at the apprehension in her boyfriend’s eyes.

“You have battled more supernatural creatures than I can count, have literally been taken into another dimension by said supernatural creatures, and heights is the thing you’re most afraid of?”

Stiles turned to face Lydia, squinting at the amused grin on her face. “I think it’s more the possibility of falling to my death than the actual heights that I’m afraid of.”

She shrugged. “Still. Probably something you should have mentioned before we came to the top of the Empire State building.”

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MET Gala tickets are $30,000, fam... I hope someone leaves the kitchen door open for our boy!


i wish the MET Gala was on that island that pyre was on and we could watch celebrities fight over cheese sandwiches

Okay so the news from earlier …

I don’t want to make anyone upset or think I’m privileged in any way, so I’m a little hesitant to post this but I’m also really excited and it’s my blog so I can post what I like and if you have a problem, I ask you leave and not say anything.

So long story short, I met this guy a few years ago through tickets he was giving out for the radio station he worked for. They were free, but we had to go to this bar and get them.

He ended up getting my number and he got me into this summer show with the 1975 and Bastille out of no where, and at the switchfoot show (original tickets I met him for), he let me go up to VIP and meet them.

We went on one date, he’s a little not my type, didn’t let me talk, kept talking about things that made me uncomfortable, etc. nothing sexual at all, just weird.

Anyways he was in town for the 1975 show in December and met matty in universal and took a selfie with him and sent it to me, because he knows how much I adore that band, and matty.

So today I post something about h going on tour, his dates, and I know this guy lives in TN now, so he commented he’s going.

Mind you I haven’t heard from him since December, and he texted me a meme that says “ermegerhd im going to see Harri stiles” and I’m like LMAO ME, and then he said something and I said….

“Wait if you have tickets already I’m going to murder you”

Long story short, he works for the venue h is playing at and has reserved his tickets already and is inviting me to come. Apparently his job gives amazing seats.

I’m so fucking beside myself I don’t know what to do, and I don’t want to get my hopes up and I’m not, but I’m sharing my excitement now that I’ve calmed down, lmao.

That’s all :)

Reviving Memories

Title: Reviving Memories

Athlete: Michael Latta

Word Count: 2,160

Requested?: No

Author’s Note:  I know I said Torment Anew Part III would be next out but my Latts muse just sort of grabbed ahold and wouldn’t let go until I got this one written.  I hope everyone enjoys this one about ½ of the brobeans.

Your name: submit What is this?

“You need to see the picture I just put on Instagram.  #TBT never looked so good.” Throwing your phone back onto your bed you went in search of another box.  “Y/N.  I’m serious.” Was the next text received from Jasmine while you were out of the room.

Taking a seat on the floor you logged into the app.  The notification you had been tagged in the picture making you a little more interested.   Once it loaded, you found a picture you had not seen in years.  You and Jasmine in your freshman year at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee was staring back at you.  Your first Milwaukee Admirals game attended, both of you proudly showing your UWM pride in matching hoodies.   #bestroomiesever  #LetsGoAdmirals were hashtagged to add emphasis.

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Third Times The Charm// Mark Tuan

Originally posted by jackseunie

Pairing: Mark x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Dates never seem to fall in your favor, until now.

Author’s Note: I haven’t written for Mark since I ended my Mark series and that makes me sad vfdsihvjdfi so take a Mark scenario weee

xoxo Sara

You felt the cold wind nip at your nose, undoubtedly turning it a shade of pink as you shoved your mitten-covered hands further into the pockets of your winter coat. You had agreed to meet him out on a date, but you hadn’t realized that the day that he had asked you out to meet him would evidently be the coldest day of the year.

But that’s how your dates with Mark always went; disastrous. You had remembered your first date,  where he had attempted to cook for you and spend the night before preparing meals, which would have all just needed to be reheated, but Mark seemed to forget that he left the tinfoil on one of the bowls of meat he had prepared.

Then, when autumn came, he had wanted to try again with you. There had been a parade you had wanted to go to, the Thansgiving Parade back in the United States, but Marks flight had gotten delayed back very far due to severe storms, which means the storms had literally, and figuratively rained on your parade.

And now, the winter has come, and Christmas seemed to be in the air, along with the soft hint of affection that the Christmas spirit had always seemed to bring along with it. You had spent hours preparing yourself, not to try and look nice, but to try and stay warm. You knew if you had focused on your look too much, Mark would have scolded you for not dressing warn, and the last thing you needed was to see Marks angry pout—Cute nonetheless, but still, an angry pout.

You had met him at an arcade that he had wanted to go to with you, as childish as it sounded. He loved the thought of being able to go on a silly, playful date with his girlfriend, something he never had the chance to do when he was a teenager. He knew you liked that kind of stuff too, so he didn’t want to miss out on his chance to have fun, while simultaneously spend time with you.

‘There’s no way a simple arcade date could go wrong,’ You thought to yourself, observing the cute and simple Christmas decorations that littered the walls and the frames on the doors, ‘There’s absolutely no way.’

You hadn’t realized that you were still observing the decorations, completely capturing your attention, until you bumped into what seemed to be a table. Suddenly, a pair of coat-shielded arms wrapped around you to prevent you from falling, which definitely would of occurred had he not been there to catch you.

“Looks like you’re litterally fa-“

“Zip it,” you interjected, a soft giggle leaving your lips as you stood, eyes roaming up to meet his sweet brown ones. Mark smiled down at you gently, this pointy canines on display as he let out a gentle laugh. “Come on, it was funny.”

“Whatever you say,” you smiled, leaning over to get a tight hug, “Hi Mark.”

“Hi (Y/N),” He sighed, wrapping his arm around your waist momentarily before you pulled away, “Are you ready? I have lots of coins so we can play games, but Jinyoung put me on a budget so I wouldn’t spend all of my money.’

“Momma Jinyoung knows best,” you smiled, unzipping your coat while Mark did the same, “Of course i’m ready to kick your butt in ski-ball.”

“Oh, you think so huh?” Mark said with a sarcastic tone, taking your coat from you as he put them on the hooks, “I think you’re the one who’s going to lose, sweetheart.”

And so the competition began between you two; you spent most of your time there splaying Ski-ball, earning tickets and seeing who could get the highest score, all the while laughing along to all of the stupid jokes Mark made. You would catch him staring at you momentarily, your heart skipping a beat while you mumbled for him to throw the ball, to try and get his attention away from your reddening cheeks.

You had gathered around 600 tickets between the two of you, which had seemed to be a lot, considering that most of the small prices had been around 50 or 60 tickets a piece.

“We can get the prize after one last game, just leave all of the tickets at the table,” Mark said, rubbing the last two coins together before offering one out to you, “There’s no way i’m losing this time.”

“But you’ve lost ten times before this one,” you smirked, taking the coin from him as you made your way over to the Ski-ball machine, “What makes this time any different?”

And soon enough, you had beat Mark at yet another game of Ski-ball, earning a soft pout to form on his lips as you two made your way back to the table.

You gathered your tickets and met Mark at the prize table, your eyes searching the prizes as if you were a kid in a candy store.

“So we’re going to split them evenly?” You asked, taking the cup of tickets, “There’s around six hundred, so three hundred each, right?”

“Actually,” Mark hummed, “There’s a prize i want to get, but it costs all six hundred tickets.”

“Ah, so you’re a bad sharer,” you chuckled, nudging his side with yours.

“It’s a prize we can share,” Mark smiled, taking the cup of tickets and handing it to the lady, “The big bear for six hundred, please.”

“Mark, you sap,” you giggled, watching as the lady took down one of the overly-large teddy bears from off the hook and putting it on the glass counter, “How are we supposed to share it?”

“It’ll be at the dorm, but it’s all yours. You just have to come over to see it.”

“Is this your excuse to get me to come over to the dorm more?” You smiled at him, taking the big bear from off of the glass counter and rolling your eyes.

“Well, I want to see you more, and it seems that whenever I ask you out on a date, something goes wrong. So now you have an excuse to just show up to the dorm.”

“Hey, this date was successful, wasn’t it?” you looked up at him, pouting softly as his hand slid into yours, a smile resting on his face as he leaned down to quickly kiss your cheek.

“I guess third time actually is the charm.”


Twenty One Pilots | Paradiso | Amsterdam | 10/11/14

My favourite show I’ve been to of theirs so far, it was absolutely amazing, and we even got to meet Tyler afterwards - he was so lovely! |-/


AJ’s Commissions ! ! !

recently, i’ve been getting less and less temp work at the florists and i’m strained on cash which is mega stressful. i have intense anxiety and no comfortable method of transportation which makes it incredibly difficult to snag even a part time job. commissions are currently the only way i can make any money, so please commission or signal boost if you can! either way, it means a ton!

if you’re not comfortable having me invoice you, please follow this so there’s no hassle about shipping! these are digital goods, they do not require a shipping address!



  • simple backgrounds: $6
  • NOTE: if you have a color palette in mind that is more complex for me to use, i will charge extra! prices will vary.
  • please be as specific as you can be!

wont do:

  • nsfw
  • mechs
  • animals
  • super complex backgrounds




Thank you ! ! !


so i went to the doctor’s today to talk about getting a referral to the bpd specialists in town and she’s not only agreed to do it (i was worried that she might try referring me back to the mental health team in pocklington, so i made sure she got the point that they would only send me to iapt who won’t take me because of my bpd), but she’s applying for nhs funding at the same time so my parents don’t have to fork out the thousands of pounds it would cost for even the preliminary course of therapy (which runs for twelve months and costs, at the last inquiry, £90/session once i start, which comes after the £125 charge for assessments and medication reviews etc…)

so i might actually be able to afford to get better. having to go private if the nhs can’t support my treatment would mean it would be impossible to afford it, because i don’t get enough in benefits to cover the treatment costs as well as everything else i have to pay for unless i literally never see my boyfriend. which is something i would consider only as a very last resort because honestly i’m so isolated where i am with no friends readily available to me unless i travel into town (which costs money) that i need that time with him whenever we can both manage it.