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Even though Crystal couldn’t make it yesterday, I still picked up two more autographs to add to my collection at Bitecon. But I have to say, the piece of art I’m most proud of seeing signed, IS THIS STICKER OF STILES PISSING ON SCOTT’S SANDCASTLE XD

but how about a plot that’s like “I met you back in high school and you were really nerdy but you liked music so we bonded over our favorite band and then you decided to make a band of your own. Three years later we broke up and you’re super famous and there’s always rumors about you hooking up with different girls and I just watch from my house and cry. Now you’re back in town for a concert and I got front row tickets, we met backstage and I realize that you’re still the nerdy kid I met all those years back so please kiss me again” 

So last night I met Sharon and she was the sweetest person I have ever met. She signed my ticket and gave me a hug and shook my hand. Then she talked to me so much the security guard started pushing her back towards where the other queens were taking pictures and Sharon brought me right along with her and kind of held my hand and kept talking until the security guard got really crabby and separated us, but yeah. Now I love Sharon even more. Infinity/10 would see her again.


7 August 2011 - That time Louis went to Magaluf with Stan spontaneously and Harry then had 2 extra tickets to the Man U v. Man City game at Wembley Stadium. (Harry ended up going with Chris Leonard and giving the remaining ticket to their Addison Lee driver.) 

Nate Maloley
That’s my baby

You were woken up from a late night call. You look at the caller ID and it said Nate’s name. You immediately get up and answer it. Since he was a couple hours ahead, he would call you early in the morning. You say hello and hear a unfamiliar voice. That unfamiliar voice was Chad. You have only met him once and that was for a brief moment. You can hear Derek and Dillon in the background. Couple minutes or so later you finally end that call. Chad was calling because he had got you a plane ticket to met them at their Los Angeles show. You said you’d think about it. The show was a week from now, so you had plenty of time to think about it. But Chad did say he needed to know ASAP. You were pretty stoked to finally see your boyfriend Nate, and it would be even better to surprise him at his last show. You call Derek to let Chad know that you will surprise Nate.

*2 Days before the show*

You arrive at the airport ready to fly and see you Nate, but the hard part is going to hide from him for 2 whole days. You board the plane, people settle in you you guys take off. You suddenly get butterflies in your stomach, you were extremely excited to see Nate but also nervous.
Once you arrived in LA you had a bodyguard and a personal driver take you to your hotel. Luckily nobody recognised you, leaving the airport. You settle in your hotel room. You call Nate to see how he is doing.
“Hey cutie, what you doing?” You say really happily. “Just chillin with the boys at the hotel, wishin you were here” you could tell he was high. “Aw babe I wish I was there too” you say pulling the phone away from hot mouth and laughing a bit. “Can’t wait to see you! Miss your food” he says. You hear the guys repeatedly say that they say hi. You giggle at the fact that Nate is ignoring them. “Tell the boys I say hi” you say interrupting Nate. “She says hi guys” you hear him say from far away. All the boys say there “hellos” at the same time. “Okay babe, I better go, have a lunch date with my bestie” you say to him. “Ok baby see you soon bye” you hang up and get a knock on your door.
You check through the peep hole and see that it is Delany. You open the day and give her a big hug. You and Delany are practically bffs. “Omg I’ve missed you so much!” She says letting go of the hug. You welcome her I your room. “I’ve missed you too!” You grab your purse and phone and you both head to the door. You guys go to this little restaurant and catch up.

*day of the concert*

“Hey babe you’re probably doing sound check just wanted to call you and tell you good luck! See you soon!!” You say leaving a voicemail. You then continue to get ready for the concert. Couple hours later someone knocks on your door. You check who it is and it’s the same bodyguard who was with you yesterday. You guys walk down to the lobby. You get in the car and start to drive to the venue.
When you arrived you went through the back. You took some pictures with some fans. “Y/N!” “Y/N picture please?” “Y/N”. You walk inside the venue and see that Nate was doing Meet and greets. You smile and head backstage. You get greeted by Dillon, Nury and KDL. “I didn’t know you were coming!” KDL says as he hugs you. “Oh yea it’s actually a surprise for Nate” you say smiling. You hear music start playing on stage which means it was one of the opening acts. You knew that skate was around here somewhere but you wanted to surprise him during one his songs.
It was pretty hard hiding from Nate while he was walking around backstage. But you somehow managed to avoid him. When it was Nate’s turn to go on stage you stood to the right of the stage. You sneak on stage and stood next to Dillon. Nate turns around and does a double take. You smile and wave at him. “y/n?” He says on the microphone. “Come here!!” He added. You run towards him. You hug and kiss him, the falls all say aw and chant your name. “I missed you” he whispered. You break from the hug and wave at the fans. Nate continues to do this thing. After Nate was done he stood there and looked at the crowd. The crowd screams his Nate. “We love you” “you’re amazing” “thank you Nate” “skate, skate, skate” he smiles at how much support he has.
After the show you guys head over to your hotel room. Nate did have a couple drinks in him but not enough to make him drunk. “Come on baby, let’s go with the boys” he say kind of slurring his words. “No we are going to say here, and maybe enjoy each other’s company?” You say winking at him. “Oh yeah, that’s my baby that I missed” he says kissing your neck


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Warped Tour 2014 in Pomona was my first concert. Ever! It was a birthday present from my aunt because my birthday was the day before. I stayed updated on my favorite bands there. And when I got there, I ran and got a ticket to met Fronz! He was so nice and had Capri Suns gathered in the corner. I also met the rest of Attila at a signing. They were also cool and I was able to get a picture with them because I asked politely. They put on an amazing performance and I moshed for the first time ever during their set. I can’t wait to see them again this year at Warped!


The Spine? HAHAHA!!! No! But he was mistaken for him so many times that even though I had met him at the ticket booth earlier in the day, when I stopped by him and mentioned that he really was tall enough to pass for him (the booth was higher up and I though he was smaller) his first response was a practiced and somewhat weary, “I’m not actually him…” before he realized that I already knew that. He even ran across the emcee who started in telling him how he was planning to introduce the band or something like that…

Sometimes doing a great job comes at a price. ;) I do think there are more photos of this guy around, yes? I remember a shot of his back at a concert. The colored spines really are very cool.

Nocking Point Wines Party

So this is my final post about the Birmingham convention and the Nocking Point Wines party. Again no pictures, because I suck at them.

But first a few Convention tidbits I remembered.

About SA’s second coffee lounge. I didn’t attend but a lovely girl I had just met won the raffle ticket and told me this afterwards.

Someone asked SA this (I’m paraphrasing here): Since The CW is so relationship based, was the love story between Oliver and Felicity something that was pushed on Arrow by the network. SA denied vehemently saying The CW had nothing to do with it,  it was something the writers/producers wanted, not an agenda the network pushed on them at all.

During his stage talk, SA did say the face grabbing he does when he kisses Felicity in the first ep of S3 was “his thing, just ask my wife”. Gulp!

 During his stage talk Brandon Routh was asked about Felicity operating the ATOM suit in the last ep. Brandon said according to him Ray was in charge of piloting the suit just like Oliver had done with him in a previous ep. He said it was not scripted but that’s how he understood the scene, it was that or Felicity was indeed a pure genius, which she is, he added.

On to the Nocking Point Wines party at the Old Joint Stock Pub (a fantastic place on its own, truly beautiful).

While we waited in line to enter the pub, SA arrived, exited his car and started to walk along the line to greet us all. Some fans gave him gifts, others asked for a pic, I asked him about buying some wine and if it was flight safe (I was concerned it might explode in my luggage if they didn’t provide a special package for plane). SA had no idea but said it was a valid concern and he would find out. He advised me to ask inside for more help.

In the end, I couldn’t buy some wine since they didn’t have the right to sell in the UK. Despite Drew and his wife best effort to accommodate me.

Once inside I indeed sampled all the wines. I’m French and I was on a mission to find out if they were really producing great stuff! LOL My unexpert (but very French) opinion is that they are indeed selling the good stuff. My favorites were The Sangiovese, the Rosé and the Sauvignon. I talked to Drew most and his wife who was lovely. She tried to let me buy a bottle at the end of the party (there were only 3 left and none of the brands I had enjoyed the most), unfortunately they could only take cash and I had run out of pounds. I didn’t know where was the closest ATM and I was afraid of not being allowed back in anyway. So I passed. But Drew’s wife was extremely lovely in trying to help me.

I didn’t talk to SA’s wife but she seemed just as nice as everyone. She is indeed gorgeous. With Drew’s wife they were taking care of a raffle benefiting the charity Jo’s Journey. They spent hours handling it and selling tee-shirts and stuff.

Remember the dad who had asked SA about how to deal with future suitors for his daughter (who is as old as Mavi)? He was there too and he got to spend some time in the patio with his friends and SA! Stephen just came out to serve them wine and stayed to chat, “like a regular guy”. I wasn’t there for that but the father in question was happy to have a real dude, unassuming and nice and not a star to talk to. SA had said during his talk one of the perks of his job was to make other dads look cool when they came to conventions with their kids. I think he enjoys talking to fathers who share his experience.

The only problem with the NP party was the Q&A was short lived because the sound was terrible. We could barely hear what SA said and he could hardly our questions. They were on a balcony where the Dance Hall Day band (fantastic btw) played the whole night and not on a stage like in Philadelphia.

But the great thing about the pub was that SA stayed most of the night downstairs with us all. He did have a bodyguard with him just in case but not the overbearing kind.

Everyone behaved well. Yes people wanted to take pictures with him and talk to him but noone was too grabby to my knowledge. And the place was packed and hard to navigate. My fear of crowds was put to the test!

SA passed by me at one point and asked me if I was enjoying myself and if I had enjoyed the wine. And I really did :D

SA really made sure everyone was having a great party.

The most awesome thing was entering the pub and realizing David Ramsey, David Zayas (Gotham), Drew and SA were our waiters for the night! It was surreal.

Finally, SA’s favorite wine is Italian. Brunello. If I recall well.

Voilà, I think it concludes my reports. I wish my memory was better but I think you got the gist of it.

I can only hope the Paris convention will be as good. I will let you know for sure when it is time. :)

MEET & GREET! Submit your meet & greet stories and photos to You are emailed back when they will be posted to the website.

I met Damon this year at warped tour on 7/18/15 at the being of the day it kinda sucked the gates where taking forever to open and then I got a ticket to met AA but I couldn’t because the time overlapped with my favorite bands set then so I was kinda sad so I decided to go see never shout never and had to leave there set so then I went to the youtubers tent and the only one there was the merch girl and Damon and when I saw him my body was shacking and then I bought a shirt and toke a picture with Damon it was probably one of the best concerts I’ve been to hopefully next year I can met you Bryan