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Pics from last year’s trip.

Finally after years of being friends I got to meet one of my absolutely favorite people I the world @adriennegabriella (awesome hugger btw) and of course another road trip adventure with @ohsorissa

Meet the Usos one morning at GameStop.

And while waiting to get inside AT&T Stadium, I met some awesome fans in cosplay.

Cannot wait to do it again next week ladies.

#PiazzaHOF: The Best GIFs

Mike Piazza’s Hall of Fame career included walk-off bombs to right field. Ho hum:

Epic bat flips. So much swag:

Clutch moments. Aided with a little bit of body language:

World Series homers two thirds of the way up the foul pole. No big deal:

And curtain calls. That’s what happens when you hit the most homers EVER by a catcher:

Congrats Mike! We tip our cap to you on a wonderful career. 

The demolition of Ebbets Field, 1960.  (New York Daily News photo)

Much has been written about the Dodgers’ 1957 departure from Brooklyn, but a look at the ensuing history shows just how traumatic the episode has been.  Not only did the Dodgers leave, but Manhattan lost its Giants to San Francisco–there had to be two teams in California to make the schedule work.  (Prior to this the major leagues existed only as far west as St. Louis.)  The New York baseball void was so profound, that by 1958 a move was afoot by William Shea and friends to establish a new league, the Continental League, with a new New York team.

Ultimately the major leagues expanded, ending the Continental League in the process.  New York got the Mets, a synthesis of the old NYC teams, borrowing colors and emblems from the Dodgers and Giants, and even playing in the Giants’ old home park, the Polo Grounds, for their first two seasons.  William Shea’s efforts were rewarded by the Mets’ new stadium being named after him in 1964.  When Shea Stadium was replaced in 2009, its design was a tribute to Ebbets Field, and an attempt a half century after the fact to address the void still felt by the loss of the Dodgers and their ballpark. 

When minor league baseball came to Brooklyn in 2001 with the Brooklyn Cyclones, the team’s logo included the same “B” that the Dodgers used, and a statue of famed Brooklyn Dodgers Jackie Robinson and Pee We Reese stands outside their Coney Island stadium.

Remembering Robin Williams’ Visits to Shea

Comedian and actor Robin Williams made two visits to Shea Stadium to take in a Mets game while filming in New York over his career. 

His first visit came in July of 1989 with friend and fellow actor/comedian Billy Crystal and was filled with a nice surprise for Williams, who was attending the second baseball game of his life after going to his first a few weeks earlier in San Francisco. Williams and Crystal were invited up to the TV booth with broadcaster Tim McCarver for the Reds-Mets contest and during the bottom of the fourth, Williams was fortunate enough to grab his first foul ball thanks to Kevin Elster. As Williams and Crystal were providing colorful play-by-play and commentary, Elster his a laser up to the booth that sent the folks in it scurrying for cover. In the end it was Williams who came up with coveted souvenir. 

After Elster was retired to end the inning, Williams can be heard jovially thanking Elster for the foul ball as the telecast went to commercial. 

In July of 2007 William made a return to Shea with actor Jon Travolta to root on the Mets and film the movie “Old Dogs.”

Before the game, Williams was invited to join the team for batting practice. Mets staff that were around him on this day in 2007 said he was “his typical self.” Robin was constantly joking around with the players and they really enjoyed being around him. 

Before the game, Williams was invited to join the team for batting practice. Mets staff that were around him on this day in 2007 said he was his typical self — constantly joking around with the players —  and they really enjoyed being around him. 

Williams’ allegiances were with a team by the bay, but it was great to have one of the funniest people on the planet around the Mets organization for a few games.

Taylor! My name is Brittany! I am 23 years old and I am one of your biggest fans since day one. I have a letter on my old blog that I got locked out of which was: livealifethatsbeautiful and you happened to LIKE that letter! I was crying and shaking like CRAZY for hours after that! This is my new blog which is livealifethatsbeautiful13 and I pray everyday that you follow me. I wanted to let you know that I am heartbroken because I cannot afford to see you on tour this year…My husband Zach is in the navy and he is about to go out on a submarine and leave me for a long time. What we want to do together before he leaves is see you in concert and get a picture with you. That would be so perfect and fun for us to do together before he goes away. The closest you’ll be to us is the Gillette stadium or the met life stadium but…Unfortunately, we cannot afford tickets, we’ve searched everywhere but they aren’t affordable for us right now. We just moved to Groton, Connecticut from Charleston, South Carolina. I’m trying to get used to it here, and I know you used to hangout in Mystic which is such a cute town and its 10 min away from my house so my husband and I went to eat at the Drawbridge ice cream shop the other day and it was amazing! You have changed my life so much Taylor and I can’t begin to thank you enough. I pray every single day that you see this letter and you can help me meet you. And I want to end with saying I’m SOOOOO happy for you and Calvin! He’s so handsome and seeing you happy means more to me than life because if anyone deserves the most perfect man, it’s you! I think you finally found your prince Taylor…I feel it. I love you so much and I hope you read this and can somehow arrange for my husband and I to come see you. You’re the BEST! Xoxo taylorswift


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