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Synyster Gates has landed and we are ready for you Met Life Stadium! See you tonight.
🎥: Rafa Alcantara

catch  peter  parker  at  benjamin  parker’s  tombstone  for  the  remainder  of  the  day !!  like,  of  course  he  pays  tribute  to  richard  but  he  barely  knows  anything  about  him  aside  from  what’s  been  told  to  him  by  relatives  and  yeah  he  has  come  to  peace  with  the  death  of  his  birth  parents,   he’s  not  malicious  or  bitter  about  their  absence  and  honestly  doesn’t  feel  any  negativity  toward them.  hell,  in  family  business   (  a recommended read if you want to know more concerning peter’s relationship with his birth-parents  &  how  he  regards  them  )   he  even  questions  why  his  potential  sister  may  bottle  up  so  much  resentment  towards  them:

he  later  comes  to  the  realization  that  it’s   because   of  his  stand-in  guardians  may   &   ben   that  he  was  able  to  grow  up  rather  satisfied  and  remotely  happy  regardless  of  his  parents’  involvement.   naturally,  peter  is  inherently  altruistic  and  an accepting  soul ,   so  he  would  never  show  any  disrespect  or  disregard  his  father  completely  but  uncle  ben’s  influence  on  his  life  has  become  the  basis  for  most  of  his  beliefs,  so  peter  feels  it’s  only  natural  to  show  his unwavering   respect   &   love   to  the  man  himself  today.


Synyster Gates has landed and we are ready for you Met Life Stadium!  See you tonight. #WorldWired #MetalAtMetLife#avengedsevenfold #a7x 🎥: @rafacore

Love the Way You Lie | Harry Styles

Love the Way You Lie (Part 2) by Rihanna


This one-shot imagine was written in a different style than I usually write, so I hope it’s not too terrible! Let me know what you think! It took me a while to write this because I was very unsure about cheating Harry but I did it! Enjoy!

Love the Way You Lie | Harry Styles One-Shot Imagine

Requested by anonymous: Hi my love! Can I request a cheating imagine? He cheats on the missus but then begs her to stay when she try’s to leave?

[Harry. Missus.]

September 2015

One Direction had just finished the North American leg of their On the Road Again tour not too long ago and Harry decided to spend a week with his family back in Cheshire, which Y/N didn’t mind since Harry hadn’t been home in months, so she said she would wait until he came to London for the start of the UK leg of the tour since they had six shows in a row at the O2.

She had kept her self busy since he’s been gone, trying her best to throw herself into work. She had missed him terribly and even though there were iPhones, iPads, MacBooks to keep them in touch, in all honesty, it really didn’t help much at all. She craved his touch and missed his smile. She missed the way he would smirk when he said something profoundly brilliant and it made her tingle inside when he would place a kiss on her forehead and wrapped his arms around her body after they wore each other out.

But something was different the past couple of months and she couldn’t put her finger on why. His calls became less frequent, his texts were shorter and even the way he said ‘love’ and ‘baby’ had changed but then again it could just be the distance and she was overthinking every little thing again like she always does. She thought that maybe when he’s back in London things will be okay again and she would see that it was just all in her head.

A few days before the first show at the O2, she decided to call him. She hadn’t actually spoken to him since the day he returned to the UK, wanting to give him time with his family.

“Hello?” Harry’s sleepy voice came through her phone.

“Hi babe, are you coming to London before your first show?” She asked cheerfully as she sipped on her morning coffee.

“Mmm yeah, we need to rehearse the day before so probably then.” He yawned.

Her smile instantly faded, “Oh. You’re not coming any sooner?” 

“I don’t know yet love, we’ll see what happens… miss you though.” She heard him slowly say.

“I miss you too Harry.” She didn’t want to push him, knowing that there was enough on his plate.

“Have a good day at work okay?” She knew that he wanted to go back to sleep so she figured she’d let him.

“Okay thank you, tell your family I said hello!” She tried her best to sound happy even though it wasn’t how she was feeling.

After Harry hung up on Y/N, he checked his messages to see notifications from Gracie Carvalho and slightly smiled.

He met her in San Diego during the beginning of the North American leg and gradually started getting to know her. She was beautiful, funny, and charming. Did he like her? No. Was he attracted to her? Yes. She’s a Victoria Secret angel and there’s no denying that she’s gorgeous.

He loved Y/N, of course he loved her, she was everything to him but it had been almost six months since he had been able to touch her and Gracie… well Gracie was there and she was willing.

A year and half, that’s how long Harry and Y/N had been together. He had known Y/N for a total of two years and when he first met her, he knew she was special right away. He needed to get to know her, he was drawn to her and for six month he chased her and they fell in love. Y/N and him were great together; they had so much in common and she balanced him out, kept him grounded. He had never felt that way about anyone before and he had never been happier until a few months ago.

Y/N wasn’t happy when management pushed the five of them into a fourth tour with 80 shows. She was concerned for their health and wanted them to rest but of course, work is work. This is the life they signed up for when they became One Direction.

When Harry went to L.A. in the beginning of the year, Y/N was very upset. They fought a few times while he was away and he hated it. Harry wanted her to come with him but of course she had her own job and she couldn’t just abandon her friends and family to follow him around on tour, which he completely understood, so they tried to make it work.

He hated that she always said no when he offered to fly her out to where ever he was. He was getting really frustrated from all her rejections but then when she surprised him in Dubai, he was absolutely thrilled. He had missed her more than anything. But that happiness soon ended when they fought about the fact that he was going to L.A. for their two month break instead of going back to London.

For the first week and a half of his break, they argued almost every day. He knew that all she wanted was for him to come home but he explained to her that L.A. was also his home and it was where he wanted to stay. It took her a while to finally accept it, but eventually she sort of did and things went back to normal. 

But Harry needed the intimacy, he missed it, he missed her. He tried to convince her to fly out to L.A. even just for a weekend but she refused. She kept saying ‘no’ and that she would see him when he came back to London, which was her way of getting him to come home and caused them to constantly bicker and argue. He was getting lonely and even though he had friends in L.A., he needed something more. His hand was no longer enough and when Gracie came along offering a ‘no strings attached’ situation, he couldn’t help but cave in. 

The first time it happened was in San Diego. Harry had met her at a club and by the end of the night he was wasted and Gracie was very forward; his hormones took over and he gave in to her advances. She was the one that hit on him then invited him to her room, kissed him, undressed him and he didn’t resist. The next morning, Harry felt like shit, completely guilt-ridden, so he sent Y/N two dozen red roses and called her to tell her how much he had loved and missed her.

The second time it happened was a few weeks ago in New York, after the Buffalo show at the very beginning of September. Since she lived in New York, Harry arranged for Gracie and her friend to have VIP passes to the show and she was so impressed with their performance that she texted him an address to a hotel with a room number. He doesn’t know why he went, but he did. Of course he felt like a complete ass about it afterwards but Gracie was very sexy and once again, his hormones clouded his judgement.

Fuck, he was a shit boyfriend.

Harry knew that he should go to London a few days prior to their first show and spend time with Y/N but he needed more time to get himself together so that the guilt wouldn’t be evident. 

On Wednesday, before their first concert at the O2, the five guys met at the stadium along with the band and their voice coach for sound check and rehearsed for a few hours, running through the setlist. Afterwards Harry went out with Niall for dinner and a few drinks.

“You going to see Y/N tonight?” Niall asked after they finished eating.

“Yeah, I think I’m going to surprise her at her flat.” Harry nodded.

“How long has it been since you’ve actually seen her mate?” Niall finished off his glass.

“Not since April when she surprised me for our one year, so six months?” Harry hummed.

“Damn, how do you all do it? That would drive me insane.” Niall referred to the rest of us guys with girlfriends and shook his head.

Harry’s breath slightly hitched as he thought about the nights he spent with Gracie, “It’s a lot of work.” 

Around 10pm, after Niall and Harry finished, Harry headed over to Y/N’s flat and let himself in. He remembered when she gave him the key to her place, it was on their one year anniversary. She said since she never knew when he was going to be home, she decided to give him a key so that he can pop by whenever he was in London, he ended up giving him her key as well because he trusted her and loved her.

Harry shuffled across the wooden floors of her dark living room, “Babe?” 

He didn’t hear her respond so he made his way to her bedroom door. He saw that it was slightly cracked open and light was coming out of it along with ‘Ready to Run’ playing softly through her speakers. It was her favorite song on their new album, she told him once after a fight that wherever he was was where she belonged.

He pushed opened the door to see her sleeping peacefully with her dark pink leather bound journal opened and pen in her hand. God, he missed her, he really did and the knot in his stomach twisted from the guilt he felt inside. He gently pulled the journal out from under her arm and pen out of her hand and set them on her bedside table and slowly climbed in bed next to her.

“Harry?” Her eyes shot open when she felt his arms around her waist.

“Hi love, I’ve missed you.” He placed a kiss on her forehead.

“You’re here.” Harry heard her voice crack and knew she was tearing up.

“I’m here.” Harry pulled her close to him.

They both fell asleep entangled in each other’s arms.

The next morning Harry woke to an empty bed but smelled the aroma of bacon throughout her flat.

Harry thanked her for breakfast and kissed her tenderly before he had to take off and meet up with his manager before the show. He left her VIP passes for the concert, telling her how happy he was to finally see her again and she felt the same. 

That night Y/N was sitting with other familiar faces of their first show at the O2 and she cheered her heart out. She had missed the boys so much and had been very excited to see them. She was able to catch up with them backstage before they went on and laughed pretty much the entire time. She adored all five of them and they adored her. She had grown pretty close to the other four boys and she knew that she would be devastated if they were no longer in her life.

After the show, Harry wanted to go to a club with Niall, which really wasn’t Y/N’s scene but of course she went because she wanted to spend as much time with him as she could before he had to leave for another two months. While they were there, Harry seemed distant, he would sneak a kiss here and there but it was as if she didn’t have his attention like she use too. A couple hours after being at the club she had asked Harry to take her home, wanting to spend alone time with him. All she wanted was for him to take her home and ravish her, make her feel loved and wanted.

Harry was a bit upset at Y/N’s behavior, not understanding why she didn’t want to party with him, he knew Gracie would. When they both got back to her flat, she tried to touch him, kiss him but he didn’t feel up for the intimacy she longed for. Instead, he kissed her tenderly and pulled her into his arms.

“I’m very tired tonight love, it’s been a long day, I’m so sorry. I’ll make it up to you tomorrow night.” Harry said sleepily.

She found it very odd that he turned her advances down, he has never done that before, not once. She couldn’t sleep that night for the life of her. She lied awake consumed in her thoughts, wondering if she had done anything wrong in the past few months. She could feel that something was different and it definitely wasn’t all in her head. Harry was distancing himself and she felt her heart ache. Was he seeing someone else? A pit in her stomach was beginning to form and she prayed that it wouldn’t get deeper.

The second night of the show, Gracie decided to surprise Harry. She had a modeling gig in London that week and she wanted to see him. Harry was lucky that Y/N was working late and couldn’t make it to the second show so when Gracie invited Harry to her hotel room, he was elated.

After Y/N had got off work, in which she was a Medical Assistant at St. Thomas’ Hospital, paparazzi bombarded her outside the hospital asking her if she knew Harry was with a model named Gracie Carvalho that evening. Of course she had no idea, she had just worked a 10 hour shift and was too busy with patients to answer any calls or messages. She continued walking to her car, keeping her head down, not saying a word. 

When Y/N finally got home, her friends had sent her links of articles of Harry being seen out with this gorgeous model and the pit in her stomach grew. She gave him a call but he didn’t answer her and she slightly panicked. What if he was cheating on her? 

She quickly took a shower and as soon as she stepped out, her phone started ringing and she quickly accepted it and put him on speaker.


“Hi babe, sorry I didn’t answer earlier, the club was so loud, I didn’t hear my phone ring.”

“That’s alright Harry.” She stood in the middle of her bathroom, soaked with a towel wrapped around her body and her hair was dripping wet. She needed to speak to him and at the moment she didn’t care that water was getting all over her floor.

“How was work today?” He asked.

“Harry, paparazzi attacked me after work asking if I knew about you and some woman named Gracie?”

“I’m so sorry that happened babe, I’m so sorry.” Harry apologized.

“Who is she?” 

She wasn’t going to beat around the bush.

“Gracie? She’s just a friend that I met in California, she’s in London for work and wanted to catch up, nothing to worry about love.”

But she didn’t trust the way he sounded, it was as if he was hiding something from the way he hesitated to answer and she felt a lump in her throat form. They talked for a few more minutes before he told her that he needed to sleep since he had another show tomorrow. 

As she dried her body and blow-dried her hair, she thought about the past few months, starting from when Harry begun acting different, which was in July, when he was still in California. Was it her? She pulled up the links her friends sent her again and then googled Gracie Carvalho to find out that she was a Victoria Secret angel and she was beautiful.

Y/N began feeling self-conscious and her insecurities grew as she stared at herself in the mirror. Is she not enough for Harry anymore? She knew she was no where close to being a model but Harry always made her feel beautiful. Even before she met him, she thought she was pretty, but now, seeing that perhaps this Gracie person had caught Harry’s attention, maybe she wasn’t enough for him.

The next evening after the third show in London, Harry and Gracie met each other up at a club and this time Niall was there, which meant that Harry had to be careful with his actions around Gracie. Y/N was closest to Niall out of the four boys.

Harry felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and pulled it out to see that Y/N was calling. He didn’t feel like answering since the music was blasting and he knew she was just going to ask him what he was doing, so he decided to text her saying that he was with Niall and that he would call her back later. Harry was reluctant to leave when Gracie texted asking him if he wanted to get out of the club. He fed Niall some bullshit excuse that he didn’t feel well and left 30 minutes after Gracie did.

After his rendezvous with Gracie, Harry headed back to his flat seeing that there were 5 missed calls from Y/N and 10 messages from her asking where he was and why he wasn’t picking up and that Niall told her he left the club at midnight. Harry felt a bit agitated after seeing her messages and was even more annoyed when he saw her car parked outside the front of his house.

“Harry! It’s 1:30 in the morning! I’ve been trying to call you, where have you been?” She spouted off as soon as he walked in.

“I was with Niall, I told you.” He set his things down on the table and took off his boots.

“The headlines also said Gracie was at that club.” Y/N stood up from the couch she was sitting on.

“I guess she was there? I don’t know.” He lied.

“Don’t lie to me Harry, are you cheating on me with her?” Her question completely caught him off guard.

“Y/N!” Harry made a stride across his living room floor, “Of course not, why do you think that.” He placed his hands on her cheeks.

“Because! You’ve been different lately. You’re distant and you’re short with me… you haven’t even touched me since you’ve been back!” Tears sprung to her eyes as she shouted.

“Y/N, I’ve been exhausted! It’s not that I don’t want too, I’m-”

“Because right after every bloody show, you go out drinking and clubbing! You don’t even come home to me or tell me to come over to you!”

“You know you’re always welcome to come out with me.” He said.

“We’ve barely had any alone time together! I don’t want to go out, I want to stay in with you, watch movies like we use too and stay up all night making love!” She felt tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Well I’m sorry I haven’t done any of that with you! I just have been in the mood to go out and have fun! I didn’t think that was a problem!” He snapped at her.

“It’s a problem when you rather club than spend time with your own girlfriend!”

“Whatever Y/N, I’m way too tired to argue with you right now.” Harry stepped around her and went into his room and changed out of his clothes.

She followed him into his closet, “Harry, are you or are you not sleeping with Gracie?”

“I am NOT, when the hell will you get that out of your thick skull?” He growled with his back to her as he undressed.

“Will you stop accusing me of cheating? Where the hell did you even get that from?” He turned around and after he pulled on a pair of short to sleep in.

“Because you’ve just been different!”

“So cheating is your solution? That’s great Y/N, thanks for having so little faith in me!” He shook his head and walked around her.

Harry’s phone kept vibrating and he knew that it was Gracie that was probably calling him so he made sure to keep his phone screen out of Y/N’s sight.

“I’m going home! You’re obviously hiding something from me!” She huffed as she turned on her heels and walked out of his room. After he heard the front door slam shut, Harry checked his phone to see a message from Gracie saying that she wanted more.

Harry texted Gracie his address and told her to come over. He was angry and he needed a way to relieve his stress and Gracie was always down for anything.

Gracie brought over a bottle of wine and they both took turns drinking out of it as they teased each other. Harry ended up giving in first and took her on his bed. Gracie was too drunk to drive home so she fell asleep next to him on his bed after they finished, which was a first.

The next morning Y/N woke up early, she barely slept the night before because she felt so guilty for accusing him of such things. She knew that she should apologize since she had no proof that he was doing something of the sort. Y/N got ready, stopped by Starbucks and ordered her and Harry coffee and headed over to his place.

Y/N was surprised that the door was unlocked when she finally arrived at his house. She knew she locked it before she left last night and thought that maybe Harry went out for a morning jog.

She slowly walked into his flat and saw a trail of clothes from the living room leading into the bedroom and the pit in her stomach deepened and she felt her heart pounding faster. She knew the clothes belonged to a female because she had that exact bra that was dangling on one of his lamps. 

The moment she feared for was here, confirming what she had been suspecting the last two days, the reason everything was different between them and she wasn’t ready, she didn’t want to see him with another women but she needed to. She needed the confirmation. His door was slightly ajar and Y/N took a deep breath before she finally allowed herself to push it open.

She took one step in and she saw two figures laying in his bed. Harry was laying closest to the door and he was facing her direction, his eyes closed, his breathing was steady so she knew he was sleeping. The second figure was laying on Y/N’s side of the bed and she thought she was going to be sick. The coffee cups slipped out of her hands at the sight of the female body, as she felt like the wind was being knocked out of her, and when they hit the wooden floors, the cups cause a loud noise, instantly waking up Harry in time to see Y/N running out of his room.

“Oh shit! Y/N!” Harry scrambled around to find his briefs and chased after her. He lept over the giant puddle of coffee and crash into the wall directly in front of his bedroom door, hurting his toe.

“FUCK! Y/N! Y/N! WAIT!” Harry ran out the door, ignoring the pain in his toe, to see Y/N hopping in her car as she sobbed and she drove away before Harry could even reach her.

“FUCK!” Harry could feel his heart racing faster than ever as the guilt was now eating him alive. He had hurt her. She had found out and he knew she would never be able to unsee what she did.

Harry hurried back into his house and told Gracie she needed to leave as he looked for his phone. Gracie didn’t say anything, she quietly got dressed and left.

Harry called Y/N over and over again but she kept screening or ignoring his calls. He texted her to please answer and pick up but she didn’t reply. Harry spent the day beating himself up for hurting Y/N the way he did, he was so wrong. He was a terrible person.

He tried calling her every fifteen minutes all day, up until the fourth show. He was a proper mess that night. What if he loses her? What if she never forgives him? What if she never wants to see him again? What the hell is he going to do? She’s everything to him and he betrayed her. Why did he do such a stupid thing?

Harry was a wreck: forgetting where to go on stage, running into other boys, almost forgetting lyrics. He had to force his smiles and laughter and he felt terrible towards his fans that he wasn’t giving it his all tonight.

All the guys and crew knew something was off about Harry that evening and kept checking up on him to see if he was alright, but all he wanted and needed was to see Y/N.

After the show ended, Harry rushed out of the stadium and asked to be taken to Y/N’s flat. When he got there he rushed up the steps to her front door and knocked urgently. She didn’t answer and he thought that perhaps she was still at work. Harry checked his watch to see that she should be home soon so he sat in his car and waited.

Harry waited and waited until two hours had passed and she still hadn’t come home. He felt bad that his security team had to wait with him, so eventually he gave up and told them to take him home. She probably was sleeping over at a friends’ because she didn’t want to be alone at a time like this.

The following morning, Harry woke up early and drove over to Y/N’s again but it seemed as if she hadn’t been home at all. Harry didn’t want to seem crazy and stop by her work, because that would draw attention to her hospital and he didn’t want to do that to her. Harry tried calling her again but her phone was now off since it sent him straight to voicemail. He was going absolutely mental not knowing where she was.

Harry spent the rest of the day laying in his bed, waiting until he had to go to the stadium for the fifth show at O2. He told himself that he was going to try again and go back to her flat that night and he knew that she would be home then, he knows her. Y/N couldn’t stand to be away from her bed too long, unless she had too, like for a holiday.

Harry knew that if he was going to get through the show by forcing himself to smile and laugh, he needed alcohol. So when no one was looking, Harry might’ve snuck a small bottle of tequila into his dressing room and took a few swigs.

When the show was over, Harry told his security team to take him back to Y/N’s flat again as he finished the rest of the tequila he poured into his water bottle. They were hesitant but they knew that if they didn’t take him, he would go alone and they couldn’t risk that especially when a concert just ended and all the Directioners were on their concert high, many crazy things have happened.

Harry felt a speckle of hope she he saw that her lights were on in her flat and nearly jumped out of the moving suburban when they were a few buildings away. Harry sprinted up her steps as he pulled out the key she gave him and opened the door to find Y/N sobbing into her pillow. He felt his heart lurch at the sight of her in pain.

“Get out Harry.” Her voice cracked when he came into view.

“Y/N please! Please forgive me!” Harry rushed to the front of where she was sitting and got down on his knees and took her hands in his.

“Don’t touch me Harry!” She shouted as she pulled herself away from him.

Harry felt his heart break inside seeing her hurt because of him and hearing her say those words to him. He dropped his hands to his side, not wanting to upset her anymore.

“Y/N, please forgive me.” He pleaded.

“You lied to me! You lied to me about her! You made me feel like I was crazy and was wrong for accusing you of such things and I didn’t even want to believe it myself! But fuck! I am such an idiot!” Tears streamed down her face as she yelled at him.

“No, I’m the idiot! You aren’t crazy… Y/N, please! I need you to forgive me!” Harry could feel his face heating up as he fought back tears.

“Forgive you? How am I ever suppose to forgive you Harry! She was in your bed! Do you understand that I will never ever be able to get that image out of my head! You’re the worst!” She stood up from where she was sitting and walked away from him.

Harry pushed himself off the floor and grabbed her arm so that she could face him and she jerked herself away from him.

“I said don’t touch me Harry! Not when you’ve touched another woman with those hands!” She sobbed and tears were surfacing in Harry’s eyes.

“Y/N! I am begging you! Please forgive me! I was wrong, so so wrong! I never should’ve slept with her! I don’t even know why I did it! It was such a stupid mistake! You’re right, I am the worst, but I need you. I love you, I love you so much.” Now tears were streaming down his face.

“No Harry, you’re not allowed to say you love me, because if you loved me, you would’ve never ever betrayed me like that.”

“You’re right, you are so right but I was stupid and weak. But I can promise you with everything I have that I do love you!” Harry’s voice was desperate.

“Harry, you don’t and I can’t do this with you. No, I’m not doing this with you anymore. We’re over.” She managed to say without hesitation.

When Harry heard those words come out of her mouth, he completely lost the ability to breathe. He collapsed onto his knees in front of her and sobbed, “Please Y/N, please don’t leave me. I never ever should’ve hurt you. She’s nothing to me! It never meant anything to me, I promise you, nothing. You mean everything to me.” 

“How many times Harry?” Her question not only surprised him but herself as well.

“What…?” He sniffled and looked up at her.

“How many times did you sleep with her?” She wiped the tears from her cheeks and stared down into his green eyes.

Harry was debating on lying to her or telling the truth, but he had a feeling that if he lied she would know, “Five.”

There was no point in lying to her because for some reason Y/N always knew when he did, she said he had tell but he couldn’t figure out what it was for the life of him.

Harry watched all the color drain out of her face when he finally told the truth and she couldn’t even find the strength to look at him anymore.

“Get out Harry.” She softly said as turned her head to the side and covered her mouth.

“Y/N… please don’t do this to me.” Harry stood back up and put his hands on her arms.

“Don’t do this to you?! What about what you’ve done to me?” She turned her body away from him and wrapped her arms around her self.

“I know! God! I know what I did hurt you but-”

“No Harry, it nearly killed me.” She spat.

“Y/N, I am begging you, please don’t end this.” Harry pleaded again, his hands in his chest.

“Harry. You slept with someone else. You touched someone else. I will never be able to trust you again.”

“Y/N, I would do anything and everything to make it up to you, to earn back your trust, how ever long it takes. I need you Y/N, I fucked up and I know I did, but please… give me another chance.”

It took everything in Y/N to do what she did next but she had to do what was best for her.

She took a step back and shook her head. 

“No Harry, no. I can’t even look at you anymore. You are not the Harry I fell in love with. I know that over time people change and I’ve accepted and learned to love all of you and your changes over the past year, but I never would have ever thought that you could hurt me like this. I just… I just can’t be with you anymore.”

Harry felt his world crumble around him as she finished, his eyes stung and he felt as if he couldn’t breathe anymore. 

“Please go, Harry.” She said sternly.

“Y/N.” He struggled to say in between his sobs.

“Please, go.” This time her voice was soft.

After a few moment Harry finally took a step and put himself in front of Y/N. He gently lifted her chin and looked in her eyes, “I am… so sorry Y/N.” 

Harry’s feet moved across her floor as he made his way to the door. He looked over his shoulder at her one more time before he finally felt as if he had no choice but to walk away for good. He lost her, he had lost her and it was all his fault. Everything was his fault, all because he didn’t realize what an amazing girlfriend he had right in front of him before he had fucked it all up. 

She didn’t deserve this, she deserved someone who was strong and who loved her enough to never even look at another woman. He should’ve been that man, he could’ve been that man but he was weak and she deserved someone better.

As Y/N watched Harry walk out of her flat, she watched her first love walk out of her life. She knew that a part of her will always love him and eventually she would forgive him.  Even though every part of her wanted to say his name and have him hold her in his arms, her head knew better. She knew she deserved better than that… even if he is Harry Styles.

<3 M

Just a little spill

Author: really-meg

Pairing: Reader X Dylan

Warning: Swearing, alcohol

Word Count: 1,308

Synopsis:  You’re at a mets game when someone spills beer on you and you don’t realize it Dylan O’Brien. He offers to buy you a new jersey to replace yours and you realize he’s dylan obrien until later on.

A/N: So I got the idea from someone I know who this happened to them except all the hot famous hot guy with crazy fans but still it was really fun writing this, I’m not a huge fan of watching baseball so I hope everything makes sense since I was writing from experience of playing softball for years. I’m also so bad at writing blurbs about my writings because I want to say what happens but I also want to have some things you have to read to find out but hopefully I’ll get better. Also would you guys rather me write in first person or second person?

They were down one, last inning, bases loaded, two strikes. Your knee bounced in anticipation as Wright got into his place at home. If he struck out the game would be over and they would lose to the Dodgers. You absently starting biting your nails before Kershaw wound up flying the ball at Wright. You watched him swing the bat before hitting it causing it to fly all the way through the outfield into the stands. You jumped up screaming at the top of your lungs just like every other mets fan in the stadium. Your favorite team had won its first game of the season and you couldn’t’ve been happier to experience it in person. Suddenly you felt something cold splash over you and you gasped as your hair stuck to you face dripping down soaking your shirt with beer.

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I was bicycling along Sunset Blvd today, going from my apartment in Los Feliz to UCB Sunset when I suddenly missed New York City so deeply I had to pull over and stop for a moment.

I’ve been in LA for a year and a half and I love it. I wasn’t having regrets. It was just a surprise moment when the chemicals in my brain combined and I could suddenly remember very distinctly what it felt like to be walking along the avenue in Manhattan, feeling like the most interesting person in the world just for having the goddamn guts to live there. 

I lived in NYC for (gulp) 17 years and had several lifetimes while I was there. Most of my memories are attached to the UCB theatre, which I was involved with for the final 13 years. But oddly when I’m missing NYC my brain takes me back to the very first two years, when living there was such an exciting novelty that I would sometimes just run down the street as fast as I could, overcome with the reality that I had actually moved to New York.

My first job in NY was for a finance company in midtown. I had to be there by 6:30am, and I would take Microsoft Word documents containing financial predictions for the stock market, and I would have to format them as text documents which would accepted by then-new online financial news services. I was done by 3pm. All for a decent salary and generous benefits package. This job, although boring, made me feel safe enough to come to the city from rural New England and so I was grateful for it.

I’d get out of the subway at 6:15 am at the 50th street stop on the 1/9. The streets were still quiet at this time. You could smell all the coffee being brewed in the bagel carts, and sometimes see the newsstands opening up. I’d buy a coffee from the same guy and walk across 50th street. 

The only people up were either finance people in their suits and big thick coats OR service industry people going to work their shift cleaning/cooking etc. 

I’d see Letterman’s studio to 2 blocks up to my left, and Times Square 7 blocks down to my right. I knew where DC Comics’ and Mad Magazines’ offices were and I’d look up at them, too (they had Superman logos and thing in their windows). I also walked by Rolling Stone’s offices (2nd floor of a building on Sixth Avenue) and you could see guitars and magazine covers on the walls through their windows.

I was so excited just to know how to get around in the city. How the subway worked, where my restaurants were, where to buy clothes, etc. I was for REAL and everyone else in the world were COWARDS.

At my job, the finance jerks were jerks, which thrilled me in that they were fulfilling their stereotype. Lots of dumb dirty jokes, lots of impressively tailored suits. They were all crude (men and women) but they were also smart and capable which for me made them easy to work with. It was my first job that more than covered my rent and so I felt like the richest man in the world, even though I was the poorest guy in the building.

I’d sit at my desk and start editing the Word Docs. I had a “squawk box” which meant I could hear the morning meeting of the finance guys going over what they thought the market would do. I remember hearing the meeting the day after a big plane crash from a discount airlines Valu-Jet. The airlines guy was so mad because the company had been poised to really turn a big profit but this “one, OUTLIER of a STUPID accident” had thrown those plans into chaos.

Every time the Dow broke another 1000 points, there would be a champagne toast by the reception desk. 

One of the researchers was a brassy chick from Hoboken who’d tell me about the idiots she’d met in bars the past weekend. Another guy, the youngest researcher in the company, grew up on the Upper East Side, was obssesed with the Foo Fighters and would tell me about his family’s insanely opulent vacations. One of the temps was getting her doctorate in sociology and was dating an editor from The Nation and she invited me to their joint birthday party at which I met Lemony Snickett (whatever his real name is). A woman in my department was from China, and it turns out lived in my apartment building, splitting a room with her older sister. She told me a crazy story about how on her deathbed her Mandarin Chinese mom had given her a list of ethnic preferences from which to choose a husband. First: Mandarin Chinese. Second: NYC Jewish. Third: Cantonese Chinese. In last place was Vietnamese! She once surprised me at my apartment with some Chinese meal where some rice is wrapped up in what looks like corn husks, and I feel like she was flirting with me but I was at least a personality change and a half from being bold enough to do anything about that.

I got out in time to do an open mike at FOUR O CLOCK PM up near Columbia University. I started taking an improv class at Chicago City Limits because a guy on the Real Estate Trust desks had let slip that he took one. I was funnier than HIM, I knew, so that emboldened me.

I subscribed to the New York Times. I dropped off my clothes to be washed and they got delivered to my door.  I fell in love ten times a day with people I’d see on the street for five seconds. I saw Allen Ginsburg do Buddhist chants in Central Park. I saw Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon do a (ridiculous) concert. I went to CBGBs and saw insane bands including Hellvis and Fly Ashtray. I bought the final issue of the initial run of Love and Rockets Comics at St. Marks Bookstore. I attended a taping of a They Might Be Giants live album in my first month there. I walked by Woody Allen directing a scene.  I passed Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson going into the Union Square movie theatre. I visited Jack Kirby’s birthplace, as well as Spider-Man’s. One Saturday morning, I walked the entire length of Broadway from 218th street down to Battery Park. I saw the Red Sox when they came to Yankee Stadium. I met a cool journalist from Columbia who looked as hot as Jodie Foster and had gotten a 4.0 from UC-Berkeley and we dated a few years. I went running in Riverside Park – from Grant’s Tomb all the way down to the statue of Eleanor Roosevelt. I read the Village Voice and the NY Press and I’d scour the comedy listings to see what was good. I got stand-by tickets and saw a taping of SNL (Teri Hatcher hosting, Dave Matthews Band musical guest). I saw Dave Chapelle and Ray Romano do a show at the Comedy Cellar. I was watching a show at Gotham Comedy Club when David Brenner dropped in and did a set. I saw the U-C-fucking-B before they had a theatre.

Everyone wants that comparison: New York vs LA? Which do you like better? I was asked that when I had lived here in Los Angeles for three days! We humans, we do love to rate and list and compare.

The real answer is that it doesn’t matter, that it’s comparing apples and oranges. NYC is ten million people and is probably the oldest Real City in American. LA has four million, perfect weather and was founded ten years ago. They’re on different scales. Your life is more about your internal mindset, and whether or not you have 3 or 4 closest friends to connect with.

I don’t regret leaving NY at all! I’m so happy here it’s crazy. But it still hits me hard now and then, how cool it was.

Valentine’s Day

It was the day that every single person dreaded. It was the day every guy spent last minute buying flowers and chocolates for his significant other. It was the day businesses used more of a marketing tool to earn profit rather than to celebrate love. Up until a few years ago, you were that single girl who hated Valentine’s Day. You would practically drink a whole bottle of wine and whole pizza to yourself wishing you could share that special day with someone. That is, until you met Calum Hood.

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