It’s been almost a month since I started running 6 miles a day plus, I am on my day 10 of the workout regimen that I do everyday. So far, I’m doing good, but I don’t know how much weight that I’ve lost since I started ‘cause I promised to myself never to look on the scale not until I finished the 90 day challenge that I’m doin’. I am starting to see cuts on my arms and my shoulder is lookin’ good; I am 4 sizes down with my pants and I’m looking forward to achieve my goal which is to get to that ideal body weight of 145 lbs. I am used to eating more fresh fruits and vegetables now plus I eliminate all those empty calorie-foods, fast-foods, and most importantly, I cut down my sugar intake and I season my food with just a little bit of spices. I am happy to say that I have changed a lot. Way to go for me but I am so dedicated and persistent with achieving my goals before I enter the military. It’s true that no pain, no gain when it comes to anything that we want to achieve 'cause there’s no shortcuts nor an easy way to get to that thing. We just have to give our 100% effort and dedication and we’ll get that thing that we really deserve.