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St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri, March 1, 1883  

A new word has been coined. It is d-u-d-e or d-o-o-d. The spelling does not seem to be distinctly settled yet, but custom will soon regulate it.

A dude cannot be old; he must be young, and to be properly termed a dude he should be one of a certain class who affect the Metropolitan theaters. The dude is from 19 to 28 years of age, wears trousers of extreme tightness, is hollow-chester, effeminate in his ways, apes the English and distinguishes himself among his fellowmen as a lover of actresses.

They are offensive, because they blow cigarette smoke in the ladies’ faces and monopolize the bar between the acts.



Digital sets are ones in which the design of the space is meant to support  additional digital effects including (but not limited to):

Live cameras, Projections, Monitors, Video Mapping, Holographic Imagery, Robotics, Sensors, Altered Control and Response Systems

Digital sets can  take us to new fields of view, depths and perspectives that other design styles cannot.  Often digital effects are used to give the feeling of a “live” environment, give the actor a stronger sense of control of their space or can even be used to create digital actors entirely.  Both The Ring Cycle used and The Magic Flute utilized digital actors voiced or sung just offstage, while a computer interpreted and mimicked their actions onstage thru projections.  Digital sets can then combined with box, unit, atmospheric (projection on fog is amazing), installation, site-specifc and collaged sets.

“The Ring Cycle” - Carl Fillion

“The Curious Incident of the Dog In The Nighttime” -  Bunny Christie

“The Magic Flute” - Esther Bialas

“Sunday in The Park With George” -  David Farley

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What can you say about the Architecture of the Philippines? 🙂

Not much, but reading about it was like reading the history of architecture of my own country, Puerto RIco. There is a rich pre-colonial architecture that responded to the climate and resources available followed by Spanish colonial and American colonial eras. After WWII architecture is an eclectic mix of traditional mixed with contemporary architecture with strong influences from global firms that come in to design a project partnered with a local firm.

Tumblrverse, anyone willing to teach me a bit about this topic?

Manila Metropolitan Theater

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5SOS Weekly Update: 5SOS In Mexico

October 6, 2014: Travel Day

Finally the guys have made their way to Mexico for the first time! 

After they arrived in Mexico City, the guys and crew had dinner together

October 7, 2014: Mexico City (Promo Day)

Today was a busy day for the guys as they had a lot of interviews to do

5 Seconds of Summer Interview with TKM

Ashton’s Twitter Shoutout

Ashton Trying to Speak Spanish

5sos on Telehit

They even managed to squeeze in a private acoustic performance

Good Girls


She Looks So Perfect

September 8, 2014: Mexico City - Metropolitan Theater

It’s finally the day that many 5sos fam members in Mexico have been waiting for! It’s finally time to play their first show in Mexico! Check out some of the pics from soundcheck today

Before you knew it, they were rocking the stage!

Long Way Home

American Idiot


October 9, 2014: Mexico City- Metropolitan Theater

Check out some of the backstage photos from tonight

Last night onstage and it was a great one!

Beside You

American Idiot

October 10, 2014: Off To Australia

News from this week:

- Even more merchandise has been added to the store!

- More upcoming performances have been announced!

  • December 5: 102.7 Kiis Fm Jingle Ball (LA)
  • December 6: B96 Jingle Bash (Chicago)
  • December 12: Z100 Jingle Ball (New York)
  • December 14: Kiss 108 Jingle Ball (Boston)

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