metropolitan nights

  • Kevin: And now a word from our sponsors. Lauren?
  • Lauren: Thanks, Kev! Can I call you Kev?
  • Kevin: *laughs pleasantly* No, Lauren. By no means.
  • Lauren: Thanks, Kevin.

Monday is a lie someone told you in order to poison you against the idea of starting your work week!

Who told you this lie?

Point them out to us, and we’ll make sure that they don’t tell you any more lies.

Isn’t that nice?

Just honest folks

dealing honestly

with other honest folks!

Just point out the liar

and denounce them!

This has been the community calendar.

But you know,

I don’t like the adjectives “new” or “long-time”.

They suggest there was a past before me!

I am not new;

I am now!

We are all now.

A now that moves forward with a constant speed and direction.

Our present is always becoming the future.

We all have that in common!

We have the future.

And that future is everything.

And it’s ours to share.

Super Date

It’s finished, edited, and ready to be read. Enjoy, guys!

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Supergirl (TV 2015)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kara Danvers/Lena Luthor
Characters: Kara Danvers, Lena Luthor, Maggie Sawyer, Alex Danvers
Additional Tags: lots of flustered kara, First Date, realizing sexuality, Fluff, the fluffiest bitch, lena doesn’t know that supergirl is kara

Lena Luthor finally gets the courage to ask Supergirl out on a date. Kara Danvers is determined to give her the most amazing date of all time.

Rooftop dates and candlelit dinners.

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can i have a montage of various Night Vales with their Cecils and their versions of Community Radio?

Night Vale Metropolitan Radio and a Cecil who focuses on unsolved mysteries and cold cases

Ocean Night Vale Radio and a Cecilia whose girlfriend Carla is a marine biologist that explores the strange things that inhabit the depths of their world

Pine Cliffs Night Vale filled with fae and beings from Celtic folklore

PreNV!Carlos hosting University of What is Is’ campus radio

give me ALL the alternate universes I LOVE ALTERNATE UNIVERSES