metropolitan life insurance building

Drawing of 40 Wall Street rising above some rather odd clouds, one of the Art Deco skyscrapers in Lower Manhattan and the Worlds tallest building in 1930 for only 30 or so days. The Iconic Chrysler Building (the white and grey art deco building in the distance) took over the title just about a month later!! (though this was also to lose it’s status in less than a year when the Empire State Building shot into the sky. (just for fun-the little white building next to the yellow/gold pyramid roof on the right is the Metropolitan Life Insurance Building, built in 1909 and the worlds tallest for 3 years) What an exciting Skyline. 

The first section of my frieze showing the history of New Yorks Tallest Buildings. These are the first six showing:

Trinity Church, 1846

New York World Building, 1890

Manhattan Life Insurance Building, 1894

Park Row Building, 1899

Singer Building, 1908

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower, 1909

The illustration continues with my previously uploaded picture, starting with the Woolworth Building.

drawn in Pencil and Pencil Crayon