metropolitan coach lines


605 PERY Subway Looking West 1955022 AKW by Metro Library and Archive
Via Flickr:
From photographer’s notes - “Hard to believe that this great line was abandoned 51 years ago this coming June. It operated under the Pacific Electric Railway from 1905 until 1953. In 1953 it was sold or leased to Metropolitan Coach Lines who took over all of the PERY passenger service. MCL substituted buses on the Bellflower Rail line in 1958. The Hollywood Beverly Hills Line was bused in 1954. Then the same thing happened to the Glendale Burbank line in 1955. The Los Angeles San Pedro line bit the dust on May 25, 1958. The Watts Local Line in 1959. The final end came to the PERY when the Long Beach Line went bus on April 8, 1961. At this point the great PERY was no more. I am hoping that my slides will bring back the memory of a wonderful semi rapid transit line.It had almost two miles of Subway downtown. Miles of open private right of way.and of course street running. It had a very fast running time. I got my drivers license at sixteen (1948) and I can not believe the gradual change for the worse over these many years. Please note the lack of traffic on the streets where I took pictures. They were taken on a Saturday or Sunday but still compare with today when we have traffic 24/7. It really was a pleasure to drive. And for quite a few years you could sail along on our new freeways at 65 miles an hour most of the time.” Alan Weeks (Photos) January 21, 2016