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i made myself so upset bc nick sitting at home that morning with more empty bottles than full ones, deciding if the day is worth getting up for, blinded by a flash burning through the drawn curtains, then they're shredded by the windows blowing in from the shockwave, and nick, realizing the world has ended for everyone else, too

Yeah, pretty much. In the end the story of Nick Valentine in Fallout 4 was never about pre-war Nick. It was about Synth Nick dealing with a pain that wasn’t even his. Human Nick was just another sad story that ended on October 23.  I swear I Can’t Stop Loving You by Ray Charles will always pop up in my head for songs that play when the world ends. Thank you metropolis.

1860′s Unknown Woman From New York

Even with the Civil War going on, New York City in the 1860s was a stylish metropolis.

Well-off women (and there were many, thanks in part to money pouring in from wartime industry) decked themselves out in “carriage cloaks of moire and amber velvet, to sable or mink furs, and to gowns of organdy, grenadine, and brocade silks in deep and brilliant magenta, gold, or fuchsia,” wrote Edwin G. Burrows and Mike Wallace in Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898. /itm/1860s-CDV-POISED-YOUNG-LADY-DETAILED-DRESS-NEW-YORK-ALBUM-/311708032644


feel that? that’s a whole lotta powerful good-guy mojo building up in this holy place. boiling, trying to find a way to nuke you in the face. all it needs is focus.

WOCtober Teen Superhero Parade Presents: Traci Thirteen a.k.a. Girl 13 a.k.a. Traci 13

Traci inherited magical talent from her father, lesser-known superhero Doctor Thirteen. After her mother died because of magic, her father forbade Traci studying it, but upon moving to Metropolis, she started to tap into mystic powers of the City, becoming an urban mage. Since then she was supporting character in Superman books, a member of Teen Titans and was dating Jaime Reyes.

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There is actually a quite good list already. I cannot access the blog that posted it, but you can find it here.

Since Flashpoint Traci was absent from comics. Recently she’s been mentioned in Superwoman series from DC Rebirth, but have not yet made an appearance. Phil Jimenez confirmed she’s now dating Natasha Irons.




1. any large, busy city. 

2. the chief, and sometimes capital, city of a country, state, or region. 

3. a central or principal place, as of some activity. 

4. the mother city or parent state of a colony, especially of an ancient Greek colony. 

5. the chief see of an ecclesiastical province.

Etymology: from Middle English < Late Latin mētropolis < Greek mētrópolis, “a mother state or city”, equivalent to mētro-, combining form of mḗtēr, “mother" + pólis, “city”.

[Liam Wong]

One of my favorite parts of any Superman show ever is in Lois and Clark: the New Adventures of Superman. 
Basically, Superman violates a really stupid injunction against saving people using his powers, so he is temporarily sent to prison. But when the Metropolis police take mugshots of him, everyone in the room (including the police) uses it as a photo op with Superman like