Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

Explore the far reaches of Skyrim, the mysterious lands of Morrowind, the sprawling metropolis of Daggerfall and beyond. 

  • Unlimited Adventures, No Subscription Required
  • The Fight for Tamriel Begins: Three alliances vie for control of the Empire. As these powers battle for supremacy, darker forces move to destroy the world.
  • Play the Way You Like: Battle, craft, fish, steal, siege, or explore. The choice is yours to make in a persistent Elder Scrolls world.
  • A Multiplayer RPG: Adventure alone, quest with friends, or join an army of hundreds in epic PVP battles.
  • Tell Your Own Story: Discover the secrets of Tamriel as you quest to regain your lost soul and save the world from Oblivion.

List Price: $59.99          Sale Price: $39.99         You Save: $20.00 (33%)

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41*media*tumblr*com/36920aa37cf47b794b0d7d6bce9773a2/tumblr_nhtnniNodb1s2tcfso1_500*jpg Oliver smiles the moment the FaceTime call connects and he's greeted with a loud "Da!" followed by bubbly laughter of his son. His smile only widens when Felicity appears and places a kiss on top of Robbie's head. "Hey, big guy. How are ya?" Oliver asks his son who replies with another happy exclamation of "Da!"

“I miss you, bud,” Oliver says, eliciting another series of happy shouts and giggles from Robbie. 

It’s only been 4 days since he was home, but it feels like an eternity. Oliver swears that Robbie looks like he’s grown about 2 inches since then and he scolds Felicity through the screen, demanding to know just what she was feeding their son while he’s been away.

The two of them catch up for a while, Oliver talking about how nice the weather in Metropolis is and how he’s really excited to get to see Digg while he’s in town. Felicity tells him about how their son won’t let her sleep for more than 5 hours and Oliver sighs at that. Even though Robbie has his own room with a brand new crib, their son prefers to sleep in the big bed with his parents when they’re all home together. It’s nice, when the three of them get to cuddle together in bed; Felicity tucked into Oliver’s side with Robbie laying across his chest. 

He’s always slept easier in Oliver’s arms, his tiny head resting above his father’s heart so it’s no surprise to hear that Robbie is having trouble sleeping now that he’s not home. Felicity tells him not to worry though; sometimes she let’s Robbie stay up and watch Netflix shows with her until he can’t keep his eyes open - those nights he ends up sleeping for a solid 7/8 hours. 

About 40 mins into their call Robbie begins to get restless, whimpering and whining from his spot beside Felicity. A pout forms on his face before his bottom lip starts trembling, soft cries escaping his throat. Oliver watches helplessly as Felicity picks up their son and starts gently rocking him in her arms.

“He’s been up since 7,” Felicity says, “probably just ready for his nap.”

Their son’s cries only get louder after that and he lays his head on Felicity’s shoulder. She rubs her hand over his back, whispering quietly as she tries to sooth him. Oliver hates that he’s so far away, that he’s not able to be there when his son needs him. But even if they’re in different cities and different time zones, Oliver still knows one thing he can do to help.

“Hey, Rob?” he calls out, prompting Felicity to turn Robbie in her arms, sitting him on her lap with his back against her chest. Their son looks at him with watery eyes, sniffling softly and all Oliver wants to do is hold him in his arms.

“What if I sing, huh buddy? Will that make you feel better?” 

Robbie’s eyes widen with excitement and recognition before he’s calling out to Oliver once again.

“Da! Da!”

Oliver gives his son a loving smile, then sends Felicity a wink before the sound of his voice is filtering through the speakers as he sings his own version of the popular Disney song, ‘Part of Your World.’ His voice soft and smooth as it sends Robbie off to sleep. 

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Bruce thought for awhile that Conner was a bad influence on time due to how much trouble they get into. He thought Kara was a bad influence on him too after an 'incident' in Metropolis involving several blocks being destroyed and covered in glitter. Bruce finally realized Tim was the bad influence after Clark took Tim out to a diner for lunch, and 9 hours later came home covered in soot and being followed by Green Lantern. They somehow managed to destroy an entire planet (it was uninhabited).





Afterwards, Bruce has a long talk with Tim which ends in him taking away his computer for the week.
'Supergirl' Casts DC Comics Villain Reactron

CBS’ Supergirl has cast a big DC Comics villain.

The highly anticipated freshman drama has tapped Sons of Anarchy alum Chris Browning to portray Ben Krull — otherwise known as Reactron, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

On the Melissa Benoist starrer, Ben Krull (aka Reactron) is a deadly adversary of Superman’s from Metropolis who wears an armored suit powered by nuclear energy. Never able to defeat his rival, Krull has come to National City to get revenge on the Man of Steel by killing his cousin, Supergirl. 

The character will first appear in episode three and is set as a guest star with a strong potential to recur, sources tell THR.

                                                       THE BATTLE FOR METROPOLIS 

The heroes of Earth-Gamma had no clue that when they stood up to Darkseid, that this horrible day would come. For a few months, Darkseid launched a series of attacks against Earth’s Mightiest. He tested their weakness, and grew amused at their pride. It was in Metropolis that the new god revealed his weapon, the Infinity Gauntlet, and attacked in full force. Heroes from around the Earth converged in the city. To protect the innocent lives of the people, and to try and defeat the overwhelming power of Apokolips. 

The city was lost. The heroes efforts shifted to saving the civilians while the Justice League came at Darkseid with everything they had. Within an hour, Superman was killed. Batman was lost and Wonder Woman was forced to sound a retreat as the their numbers quickly started to dwindle. Darkseid was toying with them. He left Earth, and allowed his enemies to lick their wounds. But, not before he took the life of Wonder Woman. He left a small execution squad in the city, and then departed. 

The remaining heroes cleared what they could. They saved who they could. This was only the first major battle and it looked bleak. The city, what remains of it, still holds a resistance of humans willing to fight alongside the heroes of their world. Out of the ashes of Metropolis rose hope that with John Zatara’s risky idea to bring heroes from other universes, they could stop Darkseid.


  • Clark Kent, Superman
  • Diana Prince, Wonder Woman
  • Guy Gardener, Green Lantern
  • Victor Stone, Cyborg
  • Arthur Curry, Aquaman
  • Bruce Wayne, Batman ( MIA )
  • Barry Allen, The Flash ( MIA )
  • Lucas Trent, Midnighter
  • Dick Grayson, Nightwing
  • Slade Wilson, Green Arrow
  • Zatanna Zatara, Mistress of Magic

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Clark finally knows he's in it for the long run with Bruce when he finds a Batcave underneath his home in Metropolis.

Oh well.

At least he gave you another secret HQ in case of something happening. Plus, when Bruce needs to get a patch up job in Metropolis, you don’t have to rush him anywhere far. Just go home and down the batshute you go! 

I bet it can be considered as ya’ll’s secret dungeon.

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Uhhhh a moment to wig tf out over BvS Clois living together!!! There goes our sanity. Also, flashback to 10x19 of Smallville when our other Clois bbys were moving into their apartment in Metropolis, *swoons then sobs*.


They are LIVING together.

She knows he’s Superman.


And I heard a rumor that she’s covering some really big story during it WHICH I NEED OMG. I love reporter Lois so freaking much. 

I cannot wait for this movie. 

I need it noooow

And ugh when they moved into the apartment together

I need to drown myself in Smallville feels again

I like people.
I’d like some paper people.
They’d be purple paper people,
Maybe pop-up purple paper people-
Proper pop-up purple paper people
‘How do you prop up proper pop-up purple paper people?’ I hear you cry
Well I… I’d probably prop up proper pop-up purple paper people
With a prop up pop-up purple people paperclip,
But a pre-prepare appropriate adhesive as alternative’s a cheeky pack of Blu-Tack just in case the paper slips
Cause I could build a pop up metropolis

But I wouldn’t wanna deal with all those paper people politics.
Paper politicians with their paper thin policies,
Broken promises without appropriate apologies.

There’d be a little paper me, and a little paper you
And we could watch paper TV and it would all be pay-per-view,
We’d see those poppy paper rappers rap about their paper package
Or watch paper people-carriers get stuck in paper traffic
On the A4 …paper.

There’d be a paper Princess Kate
But we’d all stare a paper Pippa,
And we’d all live in fear of killer Jack the paper-ripper.
Because the paper propaganda propagates the peoples prejudices,
Paper’s spreading pictures of the photogenic terrorists.

It’s a little paper me, and a little paper you.
And in a pop-up population people’s problems pop up too
There’d be that pompus paper parliament, who remained out of touch
And who ignored the people’s protests about all the papercuts,
And then the peaceful paper protests would get blown to paper pieces
By the confetti cannons manned by pre-emptive police.

And yes, there’d still be paper money
So there’d still be paper greed,
And the paper piggy-bankers pocketing more than they need,
Purchasing the potpourri to pepper their paper properties.
Others live in poverty and ain’t acknowledged properly
A proper poor economy where so many are proper poor,
But while their needs get ignored the money goes to big wars.
Origami armies unfold plans for paper planes
And we remain imprisoned in our own paper chains
But the greater shame
Is that it always seems to stay the same.
What changes is who’s in power choosing how to lay the blame
And naming names, forgetting these are names of people,
Cause in the end it all comes down to people.

I like people
Because even when the situation’s dire
It is only ever people are able to inspire,
And on paper it’s hard to see how we all cope.
But in the bottom of Pandora’s box there’s still hope
And I still hope because I believe in people,

People like my grandparents, who every single day since I was born
Have taken time out of their morning to pray for me,
That’s 7,892 days straight of someone checking I’m okay and that’s amazing.
People like my aunt, who puts on plays with prisoners.
People who are capable of genuine forgiveness,
People like the persecuted Palestinians,
People who’ll go out of their way to make your life better
And expect nothing in return,
You see, people have potential to be powerful.

Just because the people in power tend to pretend to be victims
We don’t need to succumb to that system.
And a paper population is no different
And in a pop up population people’s problems pop up too,
But even if the whole world fell apart we’d still make it through
Because we’re people.

—  Paper People by Harry Baker (x)

The Department of Caffeinated Creativity just discovered the wonderful artwork by Indonesian artist Ghidaq al-Nizar, who uses both coffee and coffee grounds to create lyrical watercolors on dried leaves and saucers or using his own handprint as a background. He describes his own form of coffee art as #zerowastecoffee because he paints with what remains of his morning coffee and the grounds he used to make it.

To check out many more examples of his enchanting and ultimately thirst-inducing artwork, follow Ghidaq al-Nizar on Instagram and Facebook

[via Bored Panda and My Modern Metropolis]