Big tank cleaning today! I had a lot of algae on the back wall that was getting so heavy it was falling off, so I removed most of it. My giant anubias just keeps getting larger. Also included a view of some of the things I keep under my tank. I have multiples of everything from when I lived at school so I didn’t have to haul them back and forth; since I had tanks both in my apartment and at home. Some of the things pictured are:

  • Prime, arguably the best waterconditioner
  • Medications (prazipro, metro tablets and powder, metromeds, trisulfa)
  • Foods! I also feed gelfoods which I keep in my freezer
  • Ferts for my plants.
  • Liquid test kit, a must have for any serious fish keeper
  • A scale, to document weights and weigh out food or medication
  • Epsom salt

Some things that aren’t pictured are various other medications, aquarium salt, nets, algae sponges, and a mortar and pestle (so I can crush up food and meds). All of the things I keep under the tank are things a good aquarist should always have, especially the medications and salts. Keeping these things on hand makes treating an ill fish more faster and easier; rather than waiting for medication to be shipped or panicking and buying whatever the employee at the LFS tells you. Being prepared is the first step to avoiding issues!