Nintendo: We’re finally giving Metroid fans what they wanted! Metroid Prime 4! A Metroid 2 remake!

F-Zero Fans: Okay, but isn’t there another bounty hunter you should be looking at? One that hasn’t been in a game that isn’t a fighter for nearly 14 years? One with a bird motif and races a lot and is human? A captain?


My E3 2017 Highlights and thoughts

As you may know Pixelboy initially revolved around video games, so let’s talk about the games shown at E3 2017!

Star Wars: Battlefront II

Like the first one Battlefront II looks amazing, but I’m still skeptical about the content of the game. If you know the original Battlefront games, you know what I mean. Give me huge space battles, lots of creative maps and planets and a solid story mode. Damn you literally have a whole universe you can build on!

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (Switch)

It’s known for a while that Nintendo Switch gets his own version of TES: Skyrim and I’m kind of “meh” about it. It was a good game but it is nearly 6 years old and the only noticeable addition for Switch is amiibo compatibility. Surprise, Zelda themed weapons and clothes for the price of an amiibo? So, 15$ DLC for skins? O.o

If you didn’t play Skyrim until now, maybe it’s worth it for Switch, but if there aren’t any new additions or mod support, I recommend the PC version.

Assassins Creed: Origins

The series is kinda dead for me since AC3, but this looks like a setting I’d like to explore. Egypt offers a lot of cool mystical stuff, tombs and beautiful landscapes. If done correctly, this could be one of the best games of the franchise.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

I… I don’t know…
To be honest, I thought Rabbids were dead for quite some time. I loved the party games for Wii back then, ok… I still love them, but I’ve never thought they would mix them with Mario and friends.

Based on the teaser image we got a few days ago, I thought this would be something like Super Smash Bros., oh boy was I wrong. This game is a mix of exploration and tactics game, like Disgaea, Final Fantasy Tactics and so on. 

The first minutes of gameplay looked intriguing. The characters and their animations look lively and fit perfectly together. Rabbid silliness meets Mario charm. You can also find this in the environment.

I’ll definitely keep an eye on that one! :3

Skull & Bones


Finally Ubisoft made something with Assassins Creed: Black Flag.

First thing they’ve done right: Removing the Assassins Creed label from the game.

Second: Expanding on sailing.

Also it looks like that this game uses a more realistic attempt on sailing mechanics, but I hope it’s not just sailing but also some raiding on land.

Give me more Ubisoft!

Beyond Good and Evil 2

All we got was a cinematic trailer, but I’m glad they’re reviving the franchise. So yeah, I’m hyped but there isn’t really much to say about it.^^

Shadow of the Colossus PS4

Phew, what a relieve. I always thought that I have to buy a PS3 or get the original for PS2 somewhere.

For anyone who didn’t play it, DO IT NOW (or in future)!

Super Mario Odyssey


Gameplay: Solid 3D Mario style, like good ol’ days. I’m looking at you Super Mario 64!

Looks and feel: Nintendo is trying hard with mixing different themes lately. Rabbids + Mario, Breath of the Wild has “technology” and now Odyssey with its mix of realistic designed and cartooney worlds. Why the heck does it fit so well?

I saw some guys tests on Mario with Unreal Engine 4 (funny Nintendo also used it for Odyssey) and seeing Mario running around in this apartment felt kinda odd. But now, photo-realistic Jungle, T-Rex, no problem at all?

I’m confused and hyped. I want more… I want it soooo bad! (TT^TT)

Metroid 2: Return of Samus Remake (3DS)

Yeah now it’s clear they used Federation Force as “bait”. I mean they could have waited for this remake to revive the franchise, but they wanted to give Metroid Prime some attention, so the used old gameplay in a spin-off with a teaser ending.

Back to topic: Metroid 2 was my first game of the series and it was hard. No map, similar looking hallways and lots of backtracking, but I beat it! (Ò_Ó)

So, see this classic in new shining armor is fantastic! They seemed to use some action elements from Other M, like the counter attack and some cool new special moves, but they also reworked some enemy, especially the Metroids.

Back on Gameboy all the Metroids did was flying and shooting, all of them and you had to hit their weak-point. Now they all have different attacks and movements and boy, that makes me want to beat them all over again.

The planet itself got also much love. As I said, there was no chance you could build such an environment on Gameboy back then, so everything looked kinda the same, but know, for the first time, we can imagine how SR388 looked like. I think the 3D feature makes the animated background even more lively than it is now.

Honorable mentions:

Rocket League (Switch): About time and f#uck yeah, cross-play features!

Breath of the Wild DLC: Part 1 looked good, new challenges are always good! >:3

Yoshi: I’m not sure why they stick to the wooley style, cause it takes away some characterisitcs from the original Yoshi, but the game itself looked good and kinda reminded me on the 2.5D style of Yoshi’s Story

Kirby: I hope this game features local multiplayer. I enjoyed the last installments, but I hated that every player needed a cartridge.

Metroid Prime 4: 40 seconds of logo, so there’s not much to say. I hope Nintendo releases more infos soon.

PokéMon (Switch): Also just teased… god dammit Nintendo, GIVE US MORE INFORMATION!

So yeah, that’s all I caught about E3 2017.In my opinion, the best E3 in years, with lots of interesting games. 

Thanks for reading!


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ahegao-away  asked:



I feel the same way I always feel about a Sonic the Hedgehog announcement - cautiously optimistic - but it’s GREAT knowing Metroid Prime 4 for Switch and Nintendo’s Metroid 2 Remake Samus Returns for 3DS are in development! Let’s hope they don’t screw them up.

(I apologize if this comes across as raining on anyone’s parade! I really do hope they’re awesome, and if they are, Metroid Prime 4 will definitely move the Switch for me. Talk about a killer app!)



Just kidding, I will gladly drain my wallet for more Metroid games ^w^


Nintendo saves the day

A dramatic title, but damn if it isn’t true. Bethesdaland was awesome, the Microsoft conference was decent, Ubisoft was fun, but then came Sony. I’ve been a PlayStation user since 1997 and they’ve honestly never let me down in 20 years. Last night’s conference, if you can even call it that, was not just a dismal disappointment, but a slap in the face, leaving a lot of people incredibly upset. There were no reveals, no major announcements, and just 55 ½ minutes of trailers for things we all knew were coming.

Enter Nintendo Treehouse. I had heard about some possibilities, some confirmed titles, and had low expectations. Fire Emblem Warriors piqued my interest, the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC got me super excited, and Super Mario Odyssey made me desperate to play, but then came the surprise to end all surprises… at least for this year. And no, I’m not talking about the Pokémon RPG for Switch (though that is still awesome).

Nintendo came through by confirming development and work on Metroid Prime 4, then took it one step further and nearly brought me to tears. Reggie Fils-aime revealed Metroid: Samus Returns for 3DS, giving a release date of September 15, 2017! 26 years after Metroid II was released for Gameboy, we finally get the long awaited, long desired, long demanded remake! And holy crap does it look epic!!!!!

The gameplay was perfect and showed us everything we could need in a Metroid game. New melee attacks, new armor, new weaponry, old yet new terrifying Metroid species! This is the game we deserve! This is the game we need! This is a true 30th anniversary celebration for everyone’s favorite bounty hunter! For this and this alone, Nintendo wins e3!

Nintendo Brings it on Day 1 of E3 2017

Nintendo did not hold back when it came to E3 2017, dropping huge announcements and shocking fans. The big N only used up 25 minutes for their main presentation, but managed to secure a large amount of hype around their lineup for the rest of 2017 and into 2018. Starting things off with a sizzling trailer, showcasing the competitive potential of the Switch, Nintendo snuck in a trailer for Rocket League, the beloved soccer (or football) game, where the players are cars. The new release for this title will feature local wireless play as well as online, cross-platform play, allowing players to take on competitors from non-Nintendo systems.

Nintendo began their presentation by showing some new footage of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the forthcoming entry in the beloved JRPG series from Monolith Software. The graphics and environments were stunning and stylized, featuring a different art style than the previous entries. Most importantly, the game, which is built on the same engine as Xenoblade Chronicles X, seeks to balance the exploration and adventure of its predecessor with the story-driven narrative of the first Xenoblade Chronicles. Fans won’t have to wait too long to get back out on the open plains because Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will release in Holiday 2017 for the Switch.

Next up we got a glimpse at a new entry in the Kirby series which is slated for release on the Switch in 2018. The gameplay was reminiscent of Kirby’s Return to Dreamland, featuring up to four players on screen. This game also allows for lone-wolf players to pad out their party with computer controlled allies and will also let players go alone and unleash the inhaling powers of the adorable pink puff.

Tsunekazu Ishihara from the Pokémon Company also made an announcement, despite that Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were only revealed days ago. Mr. Ishihara revealed that a “new, core RPG” in the Pokémon series has begun development on the Switch. While most fans aren’t entirely sure about what this means, it is widely believed that the title will be the next main series installment of the franchise beyond. This is really exciting and shows that aside from Pokken Tournament DX, Game Freak and the Pokémon Company are dedicated to the platform.

A new announcement came along and shocked the entire gaming universe collectively. Samus Aran will be returning to 3D action games in the not-too-distant future in Metroid Prime 4 for Nintendo Switch. We weren’t shown much more than a teaser screen that said the game was now in development, but it’s a start which is better than nothing at all. Despite that Retro Studios is not involved, Nintendo assures fans that the series is in good hands with the developers working on the title.

Another surprise announcement came in the form of a new Yoshi title which is in development for Nintendo Switch. This trailer showcased the traditional Yoshi gameplay but with the new ability to move between foreground and background, as well as targeting enemies on the opposite plane with eggs. This game boasts two player co-op play and is being built using Unreal Engine 4. Yoshi (working title) is slated for release in 2018.

Eiji Aonuma brought new details regarding updates to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch and Wii U. Releasing on June 30th, 2017, DLC Pack One (The Master Trials) will bring a lot of quality contents to DLC Pass purchasers. Including a new trial, similar to the trial on Eventide Island, new armor and the Hero’s Path mechanic which shows player’s paths for up to 200 previous hours on the in-game map, and an increased difficulty mode which now has enemies floating in the sky on flimsy, begging-to-be-destroyed platforms; DLC pack one is the perfect reason to return to Hyrule.
Mr. Aonuma also announced that DLC Pack Two, now titled The Champions’ Ballad, will be releasing new story content later this year and will feature the four Champions and Princess Zelda. Additionally, there will be amiibo for the four Champions, Daruk, Mipha, Revali, and Urbosa, released later this year.

Koei-Tecmo brought new footage of their upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors game and showcased battles which featured newly beloved characters such as Ryōma, Xander, and Corrin, as well as fan favorites such as Marth and two original characters which will be integral to the game’s story. Who are we kidding though, the game is all about batting around a horde of enemies like a cat with a ball of yarn, and this game delivers on that front in a big way. While the game’s roster has been growing steadily, it’s easy to imagine the humongous roster that will be included in the full game when it releases later this year on Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS / 2Ds systems.

Yves Guillemot, chairman, and CEO of Ubisoft, stopped by to discuss a bit more about Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, which was already announced during Ubisoft’s press conference. Showing some new footages of the tactical shooter style gameplay, Mario + Rabbids promises to bring the whacky humor of the Rabbids series to the Mushroom Kingdom when the game launches on the Nintendo Switch on August 29th, 2017.

Closing out the showcase, Nintendo brought out their heavy-hitting title for the holidays, Super Mario Odyssey. Mixing up classic elements of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, along with new abilities, locations, and environments, Super Mario Odyssey is the first sandbox style Mario title since the GameCube. This game is really out there and boasts the ability for Mario to throw his new hat companion, Cappy, to inhabit different objects, people, creatures and more in order to solve puzzles and traverse the sprawling kingdoms which will have players exploring for hours. The game releases on October 27th, 2017 and is sure to be a hit, carrying on the legacy started by Super Mario 64 over 20 years ago. Three new amiibo will also release with the game, featuring Mario, Princess Peach, and Bowser in wedding attire. These amiibo will reportedly be sold separately or in a three-pack when they release.

Though the showcase ended, Nintendo wasn’t ready to stop with the news and announcements. Within the first hour of Treehouse Live, as Reggie promised, Nintendo was back at it again with the announcement of Metroid: Samus Returns.  This game is a 3DS remake of the Game Boy hit Metroid II: Return of Samus and will feature new abilities and boasts music from composers who had worked on Super Metroid for the Super Nintendo in 1994. The game won’t launch alone, however, and will feature a two-pack of beautiful amiibo figures later this year. The two-pack comes with Samus posed as she was on the cover of the original release, and a Metroid, who has managed to escape captivity. A special edition of the game is also being made available and will feature the game, a 25 song soundtrack CD and a reversible cover art featuring Samus’ iconic pose.

Finally, Nintendo revealed during its Treehouse Live broadcast that Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions, a 3DS remake of the Game Boy Advance title, will be hitting store shelves on October 6th, 2017. The game features upgraded graphics and an entirely new campaign focusing on the would-be nameless hordes that make up Bowser’s forces. Nintendo also plans to release two amiibo which will be compatible with the title, a Koopa Troopa and a Goomba, though many of the Mario series of figures are sure to work with the game as well.

Nintendo really went all out, showing off some big names and franchises coming to Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS in the coming months. While some may be disappointed that their favorite title didn’t receive a shoutout, the important thing to keep in mind is that this is only the beginning. The games showcased were outrageous, incredible and above everything else, fun. Nintendo fans have quite a lot to look forward to in the near future and beyond with regular software releases coming through the end of 2017 and well into 2018 for both of Nintendo’s beloved systems. Look forward to more announcements in the coming days, as Nintendo is known to drop reveals during their Treehouse Live streams beyond the first day.


I am so Hyped!

shion-tong  asked:

What're some games from this year's E3 would you like to buy?


A lot of them honestly.


Dragonball FighterZ

Code Vein

Monster Hunter World


Wolfenstein 2

Metroid Samus Returns

Mario Odyssey

the list goes on and on. It seems like a lot of people are feelin kinda low on E3 this year for some reason, but I came out extremely happy with a TON of stuff, and I’m looking forward to all of it.