There isn’t another franchise in the universe that means more to me than Metroid does. It has taken me to alien worlds so immersive that it practically feels as if I actually walked through them and it is in large part responsible for fostering my creativity. So thank you Metroid, for all the wonderful memories!

Hopefully there are more to come ha ha.

This was made to be a desktop background as well so in case anybody is interested here’s the download for the full res versions:
[Gameboy Green Variant]
[Black and White Variant]

See more at

So if you weren’t made aware, the multi-year fan-made Metroid 2 Remake came out a few days ago for Metroid’s 30th Anniversary!  You can Download it here.  The creator really poured their soul into it, so enjoy!

We’ll also be streaming it starting at 7:30PM EST!  (That’s not a typo, our schedule has changed and that’s gonna be commonplace for a little while.)  Hope to see you folks there.

I made a binder cover for the start of my new college semester. I think it’s cute :) It has my three favorite animes and my four favorite game series :3


Short Metroid fancomic I made for the VCON 2014 zine.

The zine is a tribute to the Original Gameboy’s 25th anniversary, highlighting the very best of the portable console’s lifetime.

I’ve been a big Metroid fan all my life (though never particularly good at the games) so when I had the chance, I immediately took it to make a piece based on Metroid 2.