Metroid storyline continues?

I was replaying super just now and I noticed something on during the cutscene where you see the baby hatch and inprint on Samus. There’s three other eggs there, all hatched. I know they probably are just other metroids that were killed during return of Samus, but… how cool would it be if those three metroids found their way off of SR3888 and wound up scattered across the galaxy? And since post-fusion Samus is part metroid, she was the only one that could be sent to either capture or befriend them? (I really don’t want to kill metroids anymore, since we know they were under Mother Brain’s and the Space Pirate’s control when they were evil. I mean I suppose they were also evil in return of Samus, but I think they probably were just defending themselves from genocide.) Anyways. I want more metroids. I want a metroid as a pet. I want the baby to come back.

I made a binder cover for the start of my new college semester. I think it’s cute :) It has my three favorite animes and my four favorite game series :3