metroid zero mission





Last year I decided I would start playing through all the Metroid games and draw pictures for each game. I’m still slowly working my way through them, maybe I’ll be done this year. 

Anyways, I started with Zero Mission. Pretty much the same as the original but made a bit easier with the map. Still holds up pretty well, if not as memorable as later games. 

Look forward to more Metroid pictures soon!

Zero Suit Samus with some Metroids in Norfair

Wanted to do some Metroid stuff for a while, I think this turned out pretty good. Threw the background together real quick and made Samus look a little too young/cute but other then that I’m happy with it.



Admittedly, I did do a bit of off-screen playing, and even some progress, but I do also show you how I got everything, so it’s totally fine, right? I hope so, anyway, because I’m not replaying through the entry section to show you how I got what I did get.