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Chibi Samus Smash Bros 64 art! 😊💖 I’ve told this story before, but this was the game where I first saw Samus! And she was the coolest thing I had ever seen. She was so different from the other characters and I thought her charge beam was the the most amazing thing ever. 💗

This was the first time I ever saw what Samus looked like beneath her Power Suit.😊💗 I had become attached to her from Smash 64 and knew about the series, but had been too young to even know what a video game was when Super Metroid was out. (I was like 4 and snes games weren’t sold in stores anymore by the time I was allowed to play games.) So I had to wait until I was 12 years old, when Fusion and Prime came out to finally be able to own and play Metroid games.💗 (I have all the games now as an adult) And so I was very happy to finally know what Sammy looked like after having loved/idolized her after reading her little bio in Smash 64 when I was 9.😊💗 Metroid Fusion is my all time favorite game ever.💕


Hollow Knight~

This indie game metroidvania ended up being what is probably my favorite indie game of 2017. 

This game has tight controls, fluid combat, amazing visuals and just a ridiculously insane, mind numbing amount of diverse enemies, bosses, mini bosses, and platforming challenges that make it one of the best of its genre I’ve seen in the past decade. The atmosphere, lore, and physics all feel great and combine to make this ominous, dark, exciting adventure which rarely feels boring or repetitive. 

This game is driven by its sense of progression- from the beginning, where you can simply hop and slash, to the end, where you can do all sorts of jump or dash maneuvers while casting spells and hacking and slashing anything in your path. The game isn’t overly difficult in the main story, and upon further inspection and exploration I came to realize that the real difficulties lie where they belong- in the optional sections of the game. You wanna get the best ending? Prepare to face the most harrowing platforming challenge since Super Mario Sunshine, dude. You wanna get all the best weapons and charms? Prepare to fight tons of optional bosses -I think there’s 33 bosses total- to become the true warrior of the Hollownest. 


Everything I already mentioned goes in here, also the soundtrack is great, the somber tone is never too strong to the point where it ruins your satisfaction with the game- it’s just the right balance.


can be frustratingly challenging at times, but I never felt it was so frustrating that I had to rage quit or stop playing that section of the game. Dedication really pays off, and boy does it feel rewarding to be good at this game. Similar to last year’s Hyper Light Drifter, this game is challenging and hard to master, but extremely rewarding for when you do get to that point.

(to give you an idea of scale)


This is another masterpiece! Indie games are really on a roll, and this (surprisingly cheap at 15$ on steam) game is no exception. Pick it up if you enjoy any other Metroidvania type games, such as Metroid, Castlevania, Cave Story, or Ori and the Blind Forest.

Hollow Knight : 5/5

Samus chose Eevee!
Ok so anyone who knows me, knows that Samus and Pokemon are like my favorite things in the universe. And ever since I was a kid like even back in Smash Bros 64 (where there was no snap shot function) I would sit with my mother’s camera and take pictures of Samus with Pokemon that spawned from the pokeball item.😆 and I have never stopped doing this. 💖 I especially love this one because Sylveon, Eevee and all the eeveelutions are some of my very favorite Pokemon. and we do know as fact Samus seems to have a soft spot for cute animals. I always figured Samus sees so many beastly monsters on her missions, she must feel relieved when she comes across a cute fuzzy creature that does not want to turn her into a snack.

Human Series Master Post

I recently completed the final story in my Metroid fan fiction series, the “Human Series,” and promised I would type up a big master post on it with descriptions of each of the stories and their order. I feel like I should give a bit of information about the series first.

 The Human Series is something I started writing at the end of 2015, and I honestly never thought I would end up with a whole quadrilogy, let alone finish the first story. It just started out as feelings I wanted to write down, particularly after Other M. I had really liked the idea of Samus and Adam having a platonic relationship and Samus suffering from PTSD, but I had a lot of issues with the way the game presented these themes. So I decided to take a shot at it myself.

 I wrote the first three chapters of “Human” over the winter holidays when I was in New York visiting my parents. Then I set it on the shelf for a month or so, figuring I probably wouldn’t get back to it. I’m not sure exactly why I went back and wrote the rest, but I did, and I’m happy with that decision.

 All of the games in the series are canon in this AU except for Other M and Federation Force. Each of the four stories in the series has its own plot, but they all take place in the same AU on the same timeline. The first three happen one right after the other and there is a five-year gap before the fourth one begins.


Book 1

Link to story on

Link to story on Archive of Our Own

 This story begins six months after the events of Super Metroid. The Space Pirate War is over. The galaxy is more or less at peace. While this is what Samus has dedicated her life to fighting for, things aren’t going so well for her. Thirty years since the raid on K-2L, Samus finds herself without a purpose now that the Metroids and Space Pirates are gone.

 She ends up traveling to Earth to take an odd mission from a mysterious widow. Sensing that both Samus and her employer might have ulterior motives, Adam Malkovich accompanies her, but even he could not have predicted where this would lead them.

 “Human” is primarily a drama story about Samus rediscovering her place in the galaxy now that she has fulfilled her purpose in life. There is a subplot involving mystery, action, and of course, shooting things with missiles. “Human” sets the stage, introduces the characters, and builds the AU in which the rest of the series takes place.


Book 2

Link to story on fan

Link to Story on Archive of Our Own

 “Spawn” is the story immediately following “Human,” and it begins during the scene where “Human” left off. I can’t really say too much about the plot of this story without giving away spoilers. If “Human” was about Samus trying to come to terms with the galaxy after the war, “Spawn” is about Samus trying to move on and begin living her own life outside of being a bounty hunter.

 It’s the shortest story in the series, but it’s pretty special to me. It’s got drama, humor, and a budding romance.

 But there’s also another element to the story. While Samus is making a life for herself, a new evil is out in the galaxy, and at the end of the story, Samus will be faced with an impossible choice.


Book 3

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Link to Story on AO3

 This story is a full-out Metroid/Aliens cross over fic. Although it would be really great to have seen the first two Alien movies before reading this, I made sure prior familiarity with that series was not required.

 This story is a straight up action/sci-fi/horror story, and yes, lots of things blow up.

 Ellen Ripley and an a fleet of Colonial Marines are stranded in the destroyed Earth Colony on LV-426. Disaster strikes when a Federation Army team led by General Adam Malkovich sent to rescue them, but explodes before reaching the surface. Adam survives, only to awaken within the wreckage with one other survivor. The two of them will have to team up with Ripley’s group if they wish to survive nightfall, when the monstrous “Xenomorphs” are their most active.

 Samus is contracted to hunt the Xenomorphs and rescue survivors, but something more sinister lurks below the surface. And it will force her to confront her own alien origins.

“Zero Host”

Book 4

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Link to Story on AO3

 This is the only story in the series that takes place after Metroid Fusion. It is set five years after the end of “Xenophobia” and brings the conclusion to Samus’s story.

 Tensions have been growing between factions of the Galactic Federation for years. The election of a new Chairman and the repeal of the Bioweapons Ban has thrown the system into chaos and paved the way for experiments as dangerous and unethical as any completed by the Space Pirates years before.

 When Samus sets out to accompany a group scientists to SR-388, Samus Aran never imagines the mission would end in her going rogue and blowing up the planet and BSL station. Now a wanted fugitive, Samus must fight new enemies within the Federation itself. She’ll discover the insidious depths of their bioweapon projects, including the mysterious “Zero Host” weapon experiment.

Additional Information:

The four stories listed above make up the main bodies of work in the Human Series, but they are not all of it. Over time, I will release other stories within the same AU. Strangely enough, I already have a holiday special up from 2016 called “For the Rest of Us.” Humorous writing though it is, I actually consider it canon to the series. 

 Last summer, @plintoon also did some amazing art of scenes from the series, and I wanted to share that in this post as well. Here are the links:

 So this is it. This is the Human Series I’ve dedicated the past two years to writing. I hope you enjoy it. I always appreciate reviews and comments. If you have any questions, feel free to message or inbox me on here. I’m always happy to answer.

Enjoy! And see you next mission!

11/14/17 UPDATE: here’s a link to what will hopefully become an anthology of short stories in this AU.
Xeno Suit Samus

A few weeks ago, I offered to make a friend of mine a custom Samus Aran figure based on a suit Aran wears in “Xenophobia,” a wicked cool Metroid/Aliens crossover story she wrote. I used a spare Gravity Suit Samus figure I had as the base for the Xeno Suit. I’m happy to say it’s finally finished and my Lady couldn’t be happier with it!

I used Tamiya lacquer sprays for the metallic red and black and Tamiya acrylics for the silver, gunmetal (arm cannon) and lime green. Painted details by hand. Then laid down a gloss clear coat for protection.

And here is your reward...

So uh hey, remember when I had posted this?

Yeah, turns out you really, REALLY loved this pic. I mean holy smokes, who would have thought one kinky little find on Facebook would have gotten 10,000 likes and reblogs? Ok to be fair look at who is in this picture…

Anyway I said I would have Pranky do something to mark the occasion if it did reach 10,000 notes and, true to my word, here you go:

Originally it was going to be Pit that was going to be kissed by the two, but I decided Samus should be the center of attention.(With Bayonetta giving a thumbs up to the fans.) Thank you all for apparently indulging that cheeky side of yours.

…but yes I still ship Samus x Pit

Why Samus Aran deserves everyone’s respect, and continues to play a pivotal role for women’s roles in video games: 

  • She was the first major female video game character to pioneer the way for others playable female leads such as Lara Croft and Lightning Faron. 
  • Nintendo didn’t reveal Samus’s gender until after the player had finished the game, causing people to value the gameplay and character first before predetermining the games worth by Samus’s gender. 
  • In addition to being the first major playable female in video games, Samus and Metroid were the first games to coin the genre of “Space Exploration”, making games like Halo, Dead Space, and Mass Effect possible.
  • Samus was jettisoned into a completely male dominated industry of heroic males rescuing damsels in distress. Not only did she break the mold, but the original Metroid story placed Samus in far worse and more difficult situations than any male leads had to face at the time. 
  • Even years later, the industry still continues to put female roles and characterizations to the wayside. However, Samus still continues to make a name for herself by rivaling nearly every male lead in video games in skill, smarts, and leadership.
  • Samus continually rescues and saves men throughout the Metroid series who would die without her. The reversal of the damsel in distress role is incredibly apparent in the Metroid series, particularly in Metroid Prime 3, when Samus saves the galaxy and (mostly male) Galactic Federation throughout the entirety of the game. 
  • In the Metroid universe, Samus is the most well respected and renowned person in the galaxy. In one lifetime, she holds more accomplishments and successes than other rival male leads from the genre, such as Master Chief.
  • When she joined a male dominated Federation army, she was constantly scrutinized and ridiculed for being a woman. In response, she completely excelled above everyone else in all aspects, questioned anyone who gave her orders she didn’t agree with, and was never afraid to go against the grain. 
  • When Samus witnessed Adam Malcovich, her superior officer, let his younger brother die though Samus could have saved him, she left the Federation to become a bounty hunter. Not only does she not take any bullshit, but she calls bullshit when she see’s it, no matter who it is. 
  • She is fearless, strong, and dedicated. Even after watching her parents, friends, and allies dying all around her, she never loses focus or ambition. 
  • For 28 years, Samus has paved a consistent path for female leads to solidify their role as prominent video game leads. Even in today’s male dominated video game industry, Samus continues to give them all a run for their money. 
  • Basically Samus is the most kick ass character in video games and has done more in one lifetime than practically every video game character out there. 
5 Ways Nintendo Could have Made the Audience Love Federation Force

5. Actually talk about it.
This should not have been just a trailer, this should have had a discussion so the devs could explain themselves. Why did they feel Metroid was the best franchise to slap onto their game?

4. Put emphasis on it being a spin-off.
Emphasize that the game will show the Metroid Universe beyond just what Samus sees. The Metroid Lore is beloved, but we don’t get to see very much of it.

3. Show us how it links into Metroid.
Right now, the game feels greatly disconnected from the franchise, merely taking the name for the name’s sake. While gameplay should be the focus, telling us why this game needs to be a Metroid game would really help. For all we know, this game shows the discovery of the Metroids, a story we’d all love to see.

2. Make us love the game for itelf.
Show a trailer for a wholely unique game. Make people love it for the gameplay. Then, right near the end, show a familiar face from the series (such as a Metroid). Instead of having everyone loathing that the game isn’t Metroid, they’re excited to see it be a part of Metroid.

1. Just call it Federation Force.
This helps disconnect it from Metoid. One big problem with the game is that it feels like we’re being lied to. This shouldn’t be a Metroid game, this should be a series that takes place in the Metroid universe.


if you’re unfamiliar with Metroid: Other M’s horrible story, Retsupurae did a video commenting over it. It’s like an hour or so long so get comfy first.

No. 7: Metroid Fusion

As everyone, I started playing nintendo games (in the time thay they were awesome), and one of the series that I think have the best stories are Metroid.
I know that somepeople will say why I didn’t choose zero mission, and I’d say that I personaly think that metroid fusion has something that zero mission doesn’t have, and it is confusion, betrayal and fear.

Cleaning up old pc files and found all my old Star Wars fanart. And it reminded me of my early rp days and I think it was the first time I was ever introduce to Metroid too.

Short story, basically Samus Aran, being the bounty hunter that she is, hired by Darth Vader to babysit his two young children Luke and Leia because he’s always so busy.

Nothing serious and it was all shenanigans, with Boba Fett making an appearance every now and again.