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And here is your reward...

So uh hey, remember when I had posted this?

Yeah, turns out you really, REALLY loved this pic. I mean holy smokes, who would have thought one kinky little find on Facebook would have gotten 10,000 likes and reblogs? Ok to be fair look at who is in this picture…

Anyway I said I would have Pranky do something to mark the occasion if it did reach 10,000 notes and, true to my word, here you go:

Originally it was going to be Pit that was going to be kissed by the two, but I decided Samus should be the center of attention.(With Bayonetta giving a thumbs up to the fans.) Thank you all for apparently indulging that cheeky side of yours.

…but yes I still ship Samus x Pit

5 Ways Nintendo Could have Made the Audience Love Federation Force

5. Actually talk about it.
This should not have been just a trailer, this should have had a discussion so the devs could explain themselves. Why did they feel Metroid was the best franchise to slap onto their game?

4. Put emphasis on it being a spin-off.
Emphasize that the game will show the Metroid Universe beyond just what Samus sees. The Metroid Lore is beloved, but we don’t get to see very much of it.

3. Show us how it links into Metroid.
Right now, the game feels greatly disconnected from the franchise, merely taking the name for the name’s sake. While gameplay should be the focus, telling us why this game needs to be a Metroid game would really help. For all we know, this game shows the discovery of the Metroids, a story we’d all love to see.

2. Make us love the game for itelf.
Show a trailer for a wholely unique game. Make people love it for the gameplay. Then, right near the end, show a familiar face from the series (such as a Metroid). Instead of having everyone loathing that the game isn’t Metroid, they’re excited to see it be a part of Metroid.

1. Just call it Federation Force.
This helps disconnect it from Metoid. One big problem with the game is that it feels like we’re being lied to. This shouldn’t be a Metroid game, this should be a series that takes place in the Metroid universe.

Cleaning up old pc files and found all my old Star Wars fanart. And it reminded me of my early rp days and I think it was the first time I was ever introduce to Metroid too.

Short story, basically Samus Aran, being the bounty hunter that she is, hired by Darth Vader to babysit his two young children Luke and Leia because he’s always so busy.

Nothing serious and it was all shenanigans, with Boba Fett making an appearance every now and again.