metroid shirt


Neeeeew shirt design! I’m really excited about this one. I’ve started a series of Monster Hunter glyphs based off of different Metroid creatures and bosses, starting off with none other than the infamous leader of the space pirates himself, Ridley! I’m going to be making more of these for sure, (a metroid of course coming soon, and I have my sights on Kraid since he’s my favorite). 

If you guys have any suggestions to what you’d like to see in this style, leave a suggestion in my ask box, or when you reblog it. I’d love to see some feedback on what to do next.

Also if you want this on a t shirt, poster, throw cushion, sticker, etc. check out my Redbubble since I just added it there! More things like this coming soon!


does anybody know what this is from???

i found this shirt @ goodwill and its got a bunch of little scenes w/ samus and a metroid just hangin out and being friends and its adorable but theres no text and i have no idea where it came from. the shirt was made by american apparel which i think means it could have been custom ordered by any independent webcomic or artist or whatever? plz share this around i need to solve this mystery

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Star sign: Leo / Rooster

Height: 5'10 

Time rn: 12:14 AM

Last thing u googled: uhhh … walkthrough for Frog Fractions.

Last book u read: If audiobooks count, The Ahsoka Tano novel.

Favorite music artists: Queens of The Stone Age, Crystal Castles (loud depressed sigh), Fad Gadget, DEVO, Oingo Boingo, Iron Maiden, Neil Cicierga, B-52′s, Whitewoods, Daft Punk, Skinny Puppy, Alice In Chains, Judas Priest, Pink Floyd 

Last tv show watched: The Walking Dead, yeah I’m giving it another chance and after shitty Season 2, I’m really enjoying it.

What are u wearing right now: Metroid shirt, Jeans, socks, a hairband, microscopic germs

When did u create this blog: I don’t remember. 4 years ago or more, and I only know this by literally going through a shit ton of pages.

What kind of stuff do you post: artwork (concept art, toy packaging, covers, comics, etc) , film shit, video game shit, bad jokes, people’s interesting opinions or theories on shit I like

Do u have any other blogs: art blog, a dead RP blog.

Do u have Instagram: For artwork, yes. Smell it here.

Do u have Snapchat: It’s personal, you’d have to ask me for it.

Do u get asks regularly: Sporadically, usually 1 or 2 after a prompt. 

How did u choose your url: I had an old blogspot where I wrote about my opinions and I called it “(C:) artist, writer something something.” A friend made a joke about it and said “You’re not a computer!” and I said “Yeah, but I do live on my C drive” and that phrase stuck in my head.

Gender: Robot / Smelly penis boy

Favorite color: Red

Average hours of sleep: If I can sleep in 7-8 hours or a little more.

Lucky number: 13, believe it or not.

Favorite characters: Kevin Flynn, Rey, Leia Organa, K-2SO, Chirrut Imwe, IG-88, Kanan Jarrus, Sabine Wren, Hera Syndulla, Seventh Sister, Kylo Ren, Robocop, Judge Dredd, Eleanor Lamb, Green Lantern, Starscream, Blackarachnia Cobra Commander, Godzilla, Pinhead, Guybrush Threepwood, Malenz, Shodan, yadayada

How many blankets do u sleep with: One, with a cat in my crotch (usually).

Dream job: visual development / concept artist - but mainly independent freelance artist who just makes a living off of it (commissions, comics work, etc)

Random fact about yourself: I have long hair and I shit bees.

I tag: Feel free not to if this isn’t your jam, but you my friend so.

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