Fanart, for a blog? Well yes! This is the owner of The Dapper Gentleman blog on Tumblr. I’ve been following his men’s fashion blog for the past several months and am consistently impressed by what he finds around the web. And while he’s always sharing his favorites across the internet, you never get a good look at the man himself.

Well here you go, cutie. Some art from a delighted artist. Keep up the class and tumble away!


I used to work with refugee/immigrant students grades 6-9 during summer school as a bilingual student mentor and after school visual & performing arts instructor. One art activity we did was create clothes from newspaper, cardboard, food wrappers, et cetera, and then put on a fashion show during the End of Summer Celebration.

As you can see, the students couldn’t resist using me a model for some superhero costumes. A job I was all too willing to oblige.