KageHina Week 2017: Kick-off Fic (NC-17)

Didn’t have as much time to edit this as I could, but I’ll save that for AO3 and let y’all have 4k of ANGSTY HINA FEELS!!!! for the trope first meeting/beginnings.

Warnings/Tags: For implied depression, crying, Hina doesn’t play volleyball anymore, general sad boyos. Aged up, post-canon. Pork buns. Lots of public transport. POSITIVE ENDING THOUGH!!!

The hardest and best decisions are made on train platforms.

Shouyou ducked out from under the restaurant awning and into the rain with a grimace. Only minutes ago he’d spent his last couple bucks for the week, from his carefully stretched budget, on a pile of pork buns. Because, heck, he deserved it after the day he’d had!

Hell, pulling almost 80 hours at his three jobs three weeks in a row, punctuated by an evening getting chewed out by his boss after spilling ramen all over a customer was worth at least a thousand pork buns.

Shouyou dreamed of the day he could afford a thousand pork buns. But, six would have to do for now.

And now they’d be soggy lumps by the time he got home if the slanting, fat raindrops were any indication. Just his luck.

It was okay, though. Soggy buns or not, Shouyou had a blissful day-off tomorrow, where he wouldn’t have to talk to a single person or do a single thing, for a whole day. He used to dread stuff like that, but working three jobs will change you.

He turned up his collar and strode quickly through the rainy streets, weaving around puddles and focusing hard on getting to the nearest metro stop instead of the pretty, colorful reflections of Tokyo’s lights in the soaked sidewalks.

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