Nadine wants us to be a #LadyLuster

Hey guys!

Finally, I’m updating with someone who’s not from Girls’ Generation! I’m going back to the homeland for this one. 

Anyone who’s anyone knows who Nadine Lustre is. She’s a rising actress, one half of a super popular #ReeltoReal love team, singer, iconic style star and now … businesswoman?

The girl kicks off her business career with her first fragrance, Luster by Nadine Lustre. The girl must be going places, because everyone knows, if you’re uber popular and famous, you get a fragrance line. And, if it’s good, it will become iconic (AKA Britney Spears’ Fantasy collection!).

Anyways, check her very artsy and fashionable and sexy photoshoot she did for the fragrance (with the help photographer BJ Pasucal, make-up artist Jelly Eugenio, stylist Eldz Mejia, and artist Soleil Ignacio) to bring her project to life.

love love love the pink satin slinky dress and faux fur coat!

reminiscent of Paris lingerie ads 

rockin’ the barely there look (but bejeweled to show she fancy)

pin-up doll look is sexy and calling back to European perfume/fashion ads - matching with her generally chic and sexy aesthetic

Check out the video below!

Also go behind the scenes of the photoshoot!


“Will they stand the test of time? Will they defy the odds – the clamour of the public, the Instagram generation, the comparisons, the competition, the rumours, and almost every other thing that will try to keep them apart?”

Perhaps the answer to these, like the answer to the question we’ve kept asking, lies in the way he holds her. The way he massages her foot when she removes her feet to give her tired feet a break. The way he takes her hand when she’s cold. There is much to see from a simple glance from Kathryn to Daniel, from Daniel to Kathryn. - Metro Magazine (February 2015)