Carolina Herrera 212: Cortometraje

Le Metro à Paris.

Un corto que me recomendaron, me parece tan genial.

Es demasiado creativo, distinto y todavía no sé qué emociones despierta, creo que principalmente frustración o decepción; aunque más allá de eso puede ser tambien como un “wake up call”, algo así como para sentarse y preguntarse ¿hacia dónde voy? o ¿qué estoy haciendo?, no sé si tiene sentido.

En realidad, al final lo que creamos de él depende únicamente de el espectador, el corto ni siquiera posee un título.

FAVORITE MUSICAL ACTORS [1/?] Aglaya Shilovskaya

Today I want to tell you about one of the most talented musical actresses in Russia. How many do you know? Those who are in Phantom? Or maybe some from the previous SE musicals?

Aglaya Shilovskaya was never a part on SE machine. She’s one of the leading performers of the Moscow Operetta’s production. No, that doesn’t mean that she’s an operetta singer. But she could be. She could be everything.

In Moscow Operetta theatre, 2 weeks of each month are given to the current musical. Metro, Notre Dame de Paris, Romeo et Juliette, Monte Cristo and now Count Orlov.  Also, for two years now, during one weekend of every month from January to June, they give 5 performances of Monte Cristo. Because it was a hit.

Aglaya joined the cast of Monte Cristo back in 2011, in the leading role of Mercedes. She was 17 years old. 

I repeat, she was 17 years old. At first, people in the fandom met her with suspense, and a lot of them actually hated her for no reason (now those people are swooning over her at the stage door, and Aglaya is too kind to send them away), but at that time she was smart enough to not pay attention and just continued her hard work. Along with playing Mercedes, she studied as a musical actress. Also, she starred in several movies. In the main parts. 

After Monte Cristo was closed in 2012, she joined the cast of “Count Orlov” as Elizabeth. This musical is based on the real events that took place in Russia in XVIII century. Elizabeth pretends to be Peter the Great’s granddaughter to take over the throne. She falls in love with Alexei Orlov, who once used to be Catherine the Great’s right hand. Elizabeth doesn’t realize she’s been tricked and betrayed until Orlov’s people arrest her. But Alexei had fell in love with her too. She can be released from prison if she admits that she’s not royal, and he begs her to do that. But Elizabeth won’t do it. She dies in prison still believing in her name.

Now, Aglaya continues to play both Mercedes and Elizabeth, filming, starring in TV shows and being an awesome human being. She’s extremely talented, beautiful, funny and determined to succeed. 

Aglaya means so much to me. She is my goals. She is my “I-wanna-be-her-when-I-grow-up”. Back in 2011, I became a head of her fan community and now it has more than 1500 followers. I am so proud of her! She’s very kind to me. And although I don’t dare to call myself her friend, I definitely mean something to her.