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When someone walks in on me while I’m in bed with my ikemen

A list, I guess that mc from voltage annoys me

• she cries all the time
• she closes her eyes when she’s in danger (like bitch pls can u not)
• she relies on her love interest every time she’s in a dangerous situation or when the bitch is bout to be killed like…u know what? just die hoe u deserve it *sigh* I had enough of yo ass
• mc is clueless half of the time like uhm wake up
• she’s naive
• she overreacts to the littlest things like when her love interest is shirtless like bro I get it but overreacting like that is just gonna make him think you’re weird as'f
• air headed
• can’t acknowledge when someone has feelings for her
• doesn’t stand up to herself like the love interest has to talk for her like..are. you. freaking. kidding. ME.
• this isn’t like mc fault but more like voltage..but PUT HER SOME EYES PLEASE? I mean u did put her some eyes on some recent games but still
• last but not least some mc’s got a weak character sorry not sorry

- Anyways lately I guess the mc’s been improving? Idk😂 what do you think? like the only mc’s I like are from kiss of revenge, eitml (kinda) , metro pd close to you , irresistible mistakes, after school affairs, & our two bedroom story 😁

  • Me: no I'm not going to buy that route.
  • Voltage: but you'll love it.
  • Me: no. I don't have money for it.
  • Voltage: *shows me pic of bae all battered and bruised/ pointing a gun at someone/crying*
  • Voltage: guess you'll have to buy the route and find out.
  • Me: .....
  • Me: ........
  • Me: ........
  • Me: Damn it

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707 x Yoosung—Happy Birthday (bayanziadhasan request)

707 x Yoosung x Male Mc

707 x Jumin x Male Mc Smut

Male! MC x Unknown “We have to cuddle to preserve body heat” (anon request)

Male! MC x Jumin–Zack is a stripper Smut (anon request)

Male! Mc x ZEN “May all your marshmallows burn (joghs request)

All Male Mc’s “I swear if you play that song one more time” (sherlockshat request)

Male! MC x V “I can’t believe you made me where this sweater (anon request)

Male! MC x Jumin “That is the ugliest sweater…” (anon request)

Fan Send In’s

His Assistant Continuation Smut scene (just-waiting-for-a-better-ride)

Male! MC x Jumin Han\ Kitten: Part 1 | Part 2 (smut) | Part 3 (very smut)  (just-waiting-for-a-better-ride)


[My Devious Pet] { @just-waiting-for-a-better-ride }

Part 1
Part 2

Male MC: Mystic Messenger

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[Male Mc Name: Zack Rein]

Jumin Han x Male MC

His assistant: Male MC Fluff with Rated M words

Happy Birthday Jumin! Male Mc M-ish

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I’m Sorry That I Love You

I’m Sorry That I Love You: 2

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I’m Sorry That I Love You: Final

I Will Always Love You: Introduction [Sequel]

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Memento Mori (Yoosung Route)

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How I picture MaleC with the men of Mysme

A series of Unfortunate Events;

Yoosung-We’re Lost

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[First Day]

First day 7am-8am

First day 10:04 Seven loves cats

First day 12 pm + Jaehee call

First day 13-15:00

First day 16:00 + Yoosung Call

First Day 1800 Yoosung’s Hope  

First Day 18:58 Concern’s of Two Men +Jumin Call

First Day 19:40 Discussion about the party  

[Second Day]

Second Day Casual Route 3:03 am  

Second Day Casual Route 7:00am    

Second Day Casual Route 8:00 am

Second Day Casual Route ZEN tickets + 13:00

Second Day Casual Route ZEN call+ 20:00 +Yoosung Call

Second Day Casual Route 21:35 + ZEN meets Male MC

Second Day Casual Route Visual Novel Mode ZEN, Jaehee, Yoosung

[Third Day]

Third Day Casual Route: 3:04 am

Third Day Casual Route 7:30 am + ZEN call

Third Day Casual Route 707 call + 15:30

Third Day Casual Route Yoosung call + Yoosung and Male MC Play LOLOL + 19:32

[Fourth Day]

Fourth Day Casual Route Zack get’s sentimental ??:?? (my thanks to my readers)

Fourth Day Casual Route Loneliness and the effect it has ??:??

Fourth Day Casual Route 3:24

Fourth Day Casual Route 9:05

Fourth Day Casual Route Blame

Fourth Day Casual Route Zack meets Unknown + 15:00

Fourth Day Casual Route Seven Call + 19:18

Fourth Day Casual Route 21:18 + Yoosung Call

Fourth Day Casual Route 22:00

Fourth Day Casual Route Male MC plays LOLOL + 23:15

[ZEN Route]

Fifth Day Casual Route Handsome Me 6:59 am

Fifth Day Casual Route The Value of Beauty 8:49 am

Fifth Day Casual Route I Got A New Role 12:21 pm



December 24 12 am chat

December 24 6 am chat

December 24 9 am chat

December 24 11 am chat 

Male MC: Star Crossed Myth

★☆Posts are on Monday★☆

[Male MC name: Noel Hollander]

Prologue 1: Part 1 of 2

Prologue 1: Part 2 of 2

★★★★Department of Punishments★★★★

  • Scorpio

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7



Male MC: Kissed by the Baddest Bidder

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[Male MC name: Cain Drachen]

Prologue: Part 1 of 3

Prologue: Part 2 of 3

Prologue: Part 3 of 3

Choice A. Eisuke
Choice B. Soryu
Choice C. Baba
Choice D. Ota
Choice E. Mamoru

[Season 1]

  • Eisuke ♔

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6 pt 1

  • Soryu ♕

Episode 1

  • Baba ♖

Episode 1

  • Ota ♗

Episode 1

  • Mamoru ♘

Episode 1

Metro P.D: Close to You

Posts on Thursday

[Male MC Name: Abel Drachen]

Prologue Part 1 of 2

Prologue Part 2 of 2

Hiroshi Kirisawa

How I feel about the Voltage Fandom...

I am Stitch


Voltage Inc.- Holding Onto You 

“I’m falling apart, I’m barely breathing.
With a broken heart, that’s still beating.
In the pain, there is healing.
In your name, I find meaning.
So I’m holding on, holding onto you.”

Holding Onto You - Lifehouse

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