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Excuse me? “Make friends?” I am not about to waste five of my energy on this gray-eyebrowed D-list nasty-ass fugly slut who is trying to ride my coattails to stardom. She can’t even change her outfit. That light coming down from Club Lif is probably a Miami Metro PD helicopter picking this bitch up for being a stinky piece of trash. Dexter Morgan has this no-good dick gobbler in his sights. DAMN.

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so I read your tags on lumen's gif, and i addmit she wasn't a fav for me but what were your thought on hannah mckay

(**********WARNING, SPOILERS**********)
I really don’t like Hannah McKay because…

-The way Hannah is written, the writers force you to like her/pity her.

-Hannah keeps saying she kills to survive and she doesn’t like to kill. First of all, survive what? She killed a bunch of unnecessary people. You’re either a psychopath or you’re not; you can’t choose when you want to be normal or when you have an urge to kill.

-Hannah’s actions have no consequences. For example, when
she kills the author of her book. She was the last one to talk to him, and he mysteriously has a heart attack not that far from the apartment. Miami Metro can be oblivious, but not that oblivious.

-Dexter is “madly in love” with her. With Rita you could tell by the way Dexter talked to her and acted around her that they were in love. With Hannah you don’t see a lot of that nonverbal chemistry (besides sex). It seems like Dexter has to keep reminding the audience and himself that he is in love with Hannah.

-Hannah McKay is the reason Deb dies.
Hannah is the reason Deb calls Elway to investigate, and why Marshall lets Saxon out of the chair.

This is why Hannah McKay irks me.



“DONT” prod by Eyedress filmed and Directed by Ghetto Hollywood

shoutout to Hirare Ikeda and Maria Urquijo and Lucas and Jesse and Tikini and Mi and Isaac and Risa and TREAM and Amane all my Tokyo famo <3