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Don't Forget- Black Women ARE the Standard

Watching the #MetroFmMusicAwards and hearing what some of the people are saying. Apparently it’s “safe” when a woman is fully clothed. Safe as opposed to “sophisticated,” “elegant,” “classy” or even “beautiful.”

This just further perpetuates the ever-growing stereotype that black women are MEANT to dress down, i.e. dress like hoes with their “too big asses” or “too big boobs,” “too big lips” or “too big everything ” all over the damn place.

The white media slams Serena for being “too masculine,” certain blacks for not being “black enough” because they don’t look like the cartoons from the 1940s, fat swollen red lips and skin the colour of what we don’t know or any other such nonsense.

This MUST stop. And who can stop it? We black females.

We need to stand for and support each other.

Let it not be a case of “together we stand. Divided we fall.”

The stronger we are, the harder they have to prove a point.

We don’t have a point to prove because we ARE the point.

Today we’re excited to announce we’ll be releasing Urbs in Horto, a live LP featuring performances from two of our three insane sold out hometown shows back in December at Metro and Thalia Hall, recorded to tape by our brother Barret at Treehouse Records. It includes songs from across our three records as well as a cover of “Dead Flowers” by The Rolling Stones and “What Up, Dawg” by Today’s Hits aka our man James Swanberg. The double LP comes in a beautiful gatefold package showcasing photos from the gigs by our dudes @danieltopetephoto and Cooper Fox. Listen to “Have You Ever?” from the album below and pre-order the damn thing now in our store here! We’ll also have these records on tour starting in April. 


“  I looked in the mirror and didn’t cry, for once, I thought maybe I had begun to love myself again. And then I realized I just feel numb. I forgot how to love myself long, long time ago. ”