metro living

So Shepherd is a psychopath, but she’s also pretty scarily smart. In the preview, we see the SIOC team staring at a monitor, watching a missile trajectory. And we see Shepherd in an ambulance loaded with nuclear weapons. The thing about missiles is… they’re fast but not instantaneous. The second a missile launches, the military is tracking it on radar and, if they can’t determine who launched it or what it’s purpose was, immediately scrambling planes to shoot it down. So it may or may not reach its target and may or may not have the effect that you desire. And in the meantime, ground forces are mobilizing to safeguard all the people Shepherd wants to get.

So the missile is primarily a distraction. Get everyone looking up at the sky while she drives up in ambulance– one vehicle that no one will ever question– right into the heart of D.C. And when all of the government is assembled to “deal with” this threat… that’s when she takes them all out. Anyone who isn’t killed in the immediate blast will die of radiation poisoning. Everyone, that is, except for the COGS, tucked safely away in their little bunker, waiting for their turn to rise up and lead the show.

It’s simple and brilliant. And also really really terrifying.


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