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I would like for Roxanne and Megamind to dance together. I would like for them to wear fancy clothes, and I would like for them to dance. Twirls, dips, and lifts should definitely be involved. We know from the movie that Megamind can definitely lift her without trouble. I would like for this to happen, please.

I would like for Minion to have some time off as well, possibly while they are dancing. I would like for him to be eating his favorite snacks, swimming in his own private pool (it’s under the Evil Lair; it’s absolutely huge , and it is awesome), and I would also like for him to listen to his music (the kind Megamind dislikes) and watch some of his favorite shows.

I would like for Metro Man to get a very strong talking to about responsibilities and caring about the welfare of others and how your actions or inaction can affect other people. I would also like for him to learn about setting boundaries, setting limits, and knowing that it’s okay to say no to people. I think that he has it in his head that he has to help everyone all of the time and be on the job and camera-ready and willing to put the welfare of others above his own All The Time… or else he might as well quit and not do anything or help anyone at all. Neither of these attitudes are good or healthy, and I would like for Metro Man to learn some balance.

I would like for Bernard to have a good day. I would like for him to get out of the Evil Lair, and be okay. I would like for him to have just compensation for the whole kidnapping-and-identity-theft thing (something along the lines of money, replacement for housing and property that may have been seized in his absence, etc.), and I would like for him to write a very popular and lucrative book having to do with Megamind, with reference to the whole kidnapping-and-identity-theft thing, because it’s only fair.

I would like for there to be dancing with Megamind and Roxanne. I would also like for them to go bike-riding, and for them to go on picnics together with him wearing his real face, and I would like for other people to be okay with that. I would like for there to be picnics. I would like for them to go to the Fair together, as themselves, and for him to win her many prizes because he has very good aim, and because he can recognize and compensate for how the games are rigged. I would like for them to eat cotton-candy and corn-dogs. I would like for Megamind and Roxanne to go on the rides together, and cling to eachother– not because they are scared but because they like one another.

I would very much like for everyone to just live happily ever after together already. Please? Pretty Please? Just give them a happy ending. That’s all I ask.

So Shepherd is a psychopath, but she’s also pretty scarily smart. In the preview, we see the SIOC team staring at a monitor, watching a missile trajectory. And we see Shepherd in an ambulance loaded with nuclear weapons. The thing about missiles is… they’re fast but not instantaneous. The second a missile launches, the military is tracking it on radar and, if they can’t determine who launched it or what it’s purpose was, immediately scrambling planes to shoot it down. So it may or may not reach its target and may or may not have the effect that you desire. And in the meantime, ground forces are mobilizing to safeguard all the people Shepherd wants to get.

So the missile is primarily a distraction. Get everyone looking up at the sky while she drives up in ambulance– one vehicle that no one will ever question– right into the heart of D.C. And when all of the government is assembled to “deal with” this threat… that’s when she takes them all out. Anyone who isn’t killed in the immediate blast will die of radiation poisoning. Everyone, that is, except for the COGS, tucked safely away in their little bunker, waiting for their turn to rise up and lead the show.

It’s simple and brilliant. And also really really terrifying.


“  I looked in the mirror and didn’t cry, for once, I thought maybe I had begun to love myself again. And then I realized I just feel numb. I forgot how to love myself long, long time ago. ”

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Idk if this has been done before but... Pevensies as college/university students please?

hope u like anon!! i rlly enjoyed this one! modern aus are my jam xx

College / Uni students modern AU


  • We all know peter studies medicine c’mon
  • Studies until midnight because he just wants to help people already
  • Friends have to drag him out to parties so he’ll have fun
  • Susan dragged him to a few
  • Is the literal definition of uni hippie
  • Man buns, vintage coffee shops and immaculate notes are his things
  • Becomes a hypochondriac accidentally because he learns so much about diseases and injuries
  • Whenever he sees Ed he has a new bruise and it always freaks Pete bc he’s like eD WHAT DID U DO NOW
  • “I got into a fight with some bikers” is what ed’s response is ofc
  • (lucy bet him to the chocolate and he fell over in defeat)
  • Pete’s the uni student that always has dark circles under his eyes
  • Listens to a LOT of james Arthur, taylor swift, bon iver, and
  • He. Loves. Hamilton. Wicked. Les Mis. On repeat.
  • He always gets high destinction on his thesuses because he’s just so dedicated
  • He gets a placement in a hospital and all his fam are rlly proud
  • Then ed breaks his arm
  • And Peter has to fix it.


  • Okie but susan is literally elle woods
  • She’s legally blonde af
  • She’s the girl who walks into the lecture theatre of law with immaculately polished shoes and amazing fashion sense.
  • She’s gorgeous and she’s fierce
  • And she knows what tf she’s  doing and she shocks everyone when she gets high distinction on everything bc she’s so effin good at what she does
  • She has rings under her eyes a lot
  • Her notes are clean and simple and she knows exactly where to look because she’s memorised them
  • dEPENDS on her morning coffee
  • but she always works hard and studies and gets shit done
  • studies in the coffee shops
  • when she goes to parties (w peter a lot of the time) she PARTIES
  • She rlly lets her hair out bc she knows she’s effin earned it.
  • Listens to a lot of classical music
  • (and the legally blonde soundtrack)


  • Also studies law
  • Likes the feeling of making things right in the world after feeling guilty for so long 
  • He feels a little bit inferior compared to his sibling Elle Woods herself
  • But he tries
  • And he gets the marks
  • And he drinks a lot of coffee
  • But he actually loves tea more
  • Its very relaxing
  • And he and lucy often have tea together in his dorm
  • His notes are always a bit messy but boy he knows what he’s doing
  • And he plays for the campus football team
  • And all of his siblings go to support each game
  • (he also has a lot of bruises from this)
  • (Pete is not pleased)
  • His fave coffee shop is in the corner of the city
  • It’s so cute and small and its g8 for studying in
  • The four of them have study sessions and test each other in there
  • They all love it
  • He listens to a lot of video game soundtracks because they help him to focus
  • He also LOVEs metro station (he secretly lives in 2009)
  • He also listens to a lot of arctic monkeys
  • He’s the one havin deep convos w everyone in the corner of every party
  • You never know whether he’s drunk or not when he does this
  • (but usually you know he’s smashed when he starts yelling Sherlock quotes across the dance floor)


  • Lucy actually studies animal studies
  • She loves being able to heal animals like she did in Narnia
  • It makes her feel like she’s doing some good
  • Listens to meditation tracks to help her sleep
  • Only drinks tea
  • Rarely attends parties, and when she does she’s the sober one dancing her heart out
  • Her notes are a highlighted mess of drawings in the margins and footnotes, but she studies hard and her dissertations are graded well
  • Always looks forward to Ed’s football games and meeting up with her siblings each week
  • Goes to each of Susan’s and Edmund’s mock court cases
  • “Accidentally” falls over so Pete can treat her when he gets a placement at the hospital
  • Smuggles animals into her dorm room and looks after them
  • Edmund helps look after them and helps her get them out
  • She starts volunteering at a shelter as well
  • Listens to a lot of Ed Sheeran, the beetles, and lorde