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Gandalf: Thranduil, you are rather obsessed with something that holds less value than life itself. Do you wish this to be your legacy?

(O.S.) cont’d: I wish you would reconsider your position on this for your actions will change the course of the future.

Bard: Well, Thranduil? What are you going to do?

Thranduil: Fine. If it will shut you up, I won’t do it.

[Does it.]

Gandalf: I don’t know why I bother talking to you, Thranduil.

Deathlok by esadribic @eribic

I don’t think I can do this piece justice with words, nor can I truly express my awe or thanks. It means so much to me to have a painting of my first favourite character by such a master of art, especially considering he worked on the Uncanny X-Force run that saw Deathlok not only return to the comic page but with all my favourite mutants!

Esad, a sincere thank you for this and for coming to Fan Expo Canada!


Bueno, asi fue el primer beso con mi pololo (novio) despues de 10 meses, nos conocimos por internet xd yo soy del campo (no, no hablo como huasa) y él es de santiago, el 27 de mayo de 2014 me pidio pololeo, (que seamos novios) y yo acepte a pesar de la distancia luego de 10 largos meses de jamas verlo nos pudimos juntar y asi fue nuestro primer beso, en el metro, es que como no besarlo despues de que te digan eso? XD bueno, falta un mes para que cumplamos un año y solo nos hemos visto una vez, lol, asi que para que vean que el amor a distancia no es de pendejos y si es posible. Jaiiro te amo (aun que no tengas tumblr xd)

I Am Yours Pt. 3 | Steve Rogers

Prompt: In attempt to figure out what comes next, you find yourself getting answers. Will it be enough to bring you back to your Captain?

A/N: You all have no idea how much I am loving your feedbacks. I randomly began to write imagines and it just fired from there, a bunch of new followers and so much support. It’s so great to see that people enjoy my blog, I am grateful for you all. Working on your requests, SEND ME REQUEST!

p.s. Putting together a masterlist and learning all the quirks to make my blog better and more accessible for you guys. Thank you for the support. Also, who saw Batman Vs. Superman? I did last night, loved it!

part 2

After you left Steve at the safe house, you didn’t bother to make yourself noticeable. One for the obvious fact that people were still out to get you and to avoid being stuck with Natasha again. She would just bring you back to him, unwillingly this time.

The trek to your apartment was a bit long but you were determined. All you wanted to do is lay in your bed and wake up next to Steve, with everything being A-okay. Laying down for second could be fatal, you needed to get in and out.

After gathering a few things, extra set of clothes, your suit, extra cash and necessary toiletries, you head to the train station to head to your once home.

“What you do mean that you had to leave? Where the hell are you?” Nat’s voice blares from the cell phone. Pissing off Black Widow is dangerous move, thankfully you’re not in ten-mile radius.

“Nat, I just need some time away.” You say quietly as you sit in the back of the train.

And you really did, not just away from Steve but away from the Avengers for just a second.

“Honey, people like us don’t get time away especially times like now. That assassin could attack at any second and regardless of what is happening between you and Steve, he needs you here. We need you here.” Her malicious voices come through the speaker.

“I know and I will be back soon, give me a few hours tops. I need to figure out myself before I can help out with anything. You know that better than anyone else, what good are you if you don’t have yourself in check?”

She stays quiet, barely hearing the “ok” that leaves her lips. You two hang up and you sink into your sit a bit. Sending out a text to make your arrival known.

Need you, meet me at the top.”

As you neared the city, you begin to think of Steve. Though he rarely leaves your mind. You couldn’t understand that after seventy years that he still thinks of Peggy the way he does. What good does it do to think of one woman while being in love with another? Did he really understand the turmoil he set on you when the words, “You can’t ask me that” escaped his lips?

Who is effected more you or him?

After catching a taxi, you stand below the tall building that you spent so much time in. Moving here almost ten years ago, it carries hundreds of memories.

You peer up towards the sky and see the red cape that you knew all too well. A small smile forming on your lips.

The trek to the top could have been easy with a simple push of the ground but you took the stairs instead, wanting to take in all the warmth. Thinking of the simpler times you use to live in, the job you had as a barista down in the coffee shop around the corner, the life that you were so thankful for.

Finally, after hundreds of stairs, you make it to the rooftop.

With his back to you the Man of Steel sits at the edge of the roof top. Your cheeks begin to hurt due to the large smile that has spread across your face since the second you seen him. Dropping your bag, you charge for him. Running fast and hard, your shoulder comes in contact with his and you both fall over the edge.

It didn’t scare either of you though.

He pulls you to the front of him and ascends you two back towards the sky.

As you two still float in mid-air, you hold the sides of his sculpted face between your palms. His arms wrapped around you intently, as you both look at one another. It being years since the last time you actually saw each other.

“My love, it’s been too long.” Your words fall out as you embrace him tightly, he brings you both to the top of the building like you once were.

“Y/N… I didn’t think I would be seeing you again. Not here at least.” You both release each other and walk to sit on the edge.

That is something you and Clark did often. You both were superheroes, living life of the edge.

“I didn’t think I’d find myself back here so soon. But, I’m lost. And I need some guidance back.” Your voice falling still, he looks at you and pursues his lips into a thin line.

“And do you really want to come back from this void?” He asks you.

You take some time before answering him, already knowing so. “Yes. I want to but I’m stuck like something is pulling down no matter how hard I try to reach back up to the surface. Steve, My fiancé. We had a falling out. Since we’ve been together, I’ve feared that his past would keep him from giving his entire self to me. He basically told me that if he had a choice, he would choose her.”

Clark rest his hands on top of your, you immediately grasping it and leaning your head on his shoulder.

“Correct me if I am wrong, Steve Rogers who has been frozen for about seventy years has admitted to you that he would choose his past lover, Peggy Carter, who is well into her nineties?” He asks you and chuckles at the thought. You disapproving head shake cuts his chuckle short.

“If she were how she was in 1945, yes.” You ensure.

“But she isn’t how she was, so why does it hurt you so much?” Clark moves his shoulder to get you to look at him.

“Because it means that he still thinks of her the way he used to and that hurts me as his soon-to-be wife.” You say sternly, your face contorting to angry.

You both stay quiet for a moment, “He said those exact words to you?” Clark asks you.

“He said that I couldn’t ask him to choose, he can’t choose between me and, his words exactly, his best girl. So if me being upset doesn’t seem rational than maybe you two aren’t so different and leaving you was the right thing to do.” The words spill out so quickly. It hitting him harshly, his face looking away from yours.

“I-I, Clark I didn’t mean that. I-I’m sorry. Hey,” Your hand forces him to look at you. “You are one of the best things that has happened to me and I never regretted being you once. You made me the happiest girl in the world and you loved me so intensely, you helped be my best self and figure how to be Wonder Women and I will always hold on to it.”

His saddened demeanor leaves and a smile forms.

“I will always hold onto it…” You say under your breath, feelings coming at you at once.

Clark sees that you finally see it through, you find the thing that has been holding you from breaking to the surface: you.

“So tell me who is the one that needs to move on?”

Clark Kent is the Peggy Carter of your life. The person who you loved more than anything at one point, that has supported both the good and the bad. The one thing that you never thought you’d let go of. Clark’s point being that the entire time of being upset with Steve is because you cannot move on and accept that Peggy is a part of him.

“I pushed him though, what if… what if he decides that he can’t love a girl that can’t let go of his past?” You say, your mind suddenly turning to that idea. The thought of Steve leaving you frightens you.

Clarks laughs out loud causing you to look at him confusingly, not understand what could possibly be funny about this.

“If he intended to leave you, he wouldn’t have given you back the ring you gave back to him.” Sly guy noticing it sits on your right hand.

You try to hide your smile as he always sees things clearer than the Indian ocean.

“What makes you so sure? He said that he got this for me, no one else fit to wear it. That seems like being kind, it still means that he could leave me. Not wanting a reminder of me.” You tell him, waiting for a smart ass response.

“The same reason you wear this is how I know.” His fingers feel the necklace that hangs on your chest. The oval diamond rest at the bottom.

“You keep it with you for the same reason he keeps her close to him, more visibly than you’d like but, because It’s a part of you that you do not wish to let go.” Your hand places itself over your chest, feeling the diamond that once rested in a ring on your left hand for a brief moment given to you by the Man of Steel himself.

The cold, hardness that surrounded your heart relinquishes.

Clark fiddles with his fingers as you come to your senses.

You look at him and smile. How lucky you were to have such a man in your life at one point and even now. The memories of you two play out. How in love you both were, how well your love life and saving the city fit so well together.

“Not Clark and Y/N anymore, but still Superman and Wonder Woman. Always.” He brings his lips onto the back of your hand.

You both talked about everything for hours, unaware that time had passed you by. You conversed about how life has been working with the Avengers, how he has met a new gal named Lois Lane, how happy you both are where you are now, how much you miss each other. You and Clark we’re great friends before you two dated, going strong for five years and it only strengthened your friendship.

“Surely you’ll stay for dinner?” He asks excited to have it like it used to be.

“I would love to, but he needs me there. A war is breaking out and I have no idea what has gone on since I left… Thank you, Clark. For helping me come to my senses. I love you.” You sweetly kiss his chiseled jaw and soon kisses your forehead.

“I love you too, Y/N. Go, your forever is waiting.” He stands and helps you to your feet, when an idea pops in your head.

You run to your bag and begin to pull of your suit, “I have an idea, think you could give me a lift?”

When you finally got back, chaos. Things had gotten worse the second you left apparently, but you were ready to help out as much as possible.

HYDRA needed to be taken down once and for all, Steve had made a huge announcement to all about the horrible plans. That Zola, that son of a bitch, created an algorithm to identify possible threats to HYDRA and take them out using hellicarriers. Alexander Pierce had even the council under his nose. But Nat had a plan and turns out you can’t kill Nick Fury that easily.

“Rogers and Sam are reporting to the hellicarriers, they need to extract the controller chips in order to stop the targets from being eliminated. Once they replace them, they get out Hill commences them to destroy each other.” Nat informs you while you two roam quietly throughout the Triskelion.

“Okay and have they removed all the chips?” You ask, feeling your heart harder in your chest.

She stays quiet for a second until you yell at her to answer you.

“Steve has got the last one covered but… the assassin, he’s up there with him and if he doesn’t get off soon— “She doesn’t finish her sentence, because you start to run from her beginning to worry for you Captain.

You needed to make sure that he is okay but most of all you needed to tell him that you love him.

Rushing quickly to get in contact with Steve through Hill.

Nothing but memories flood your vision as you make your way to the control room.

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A surge of electricity brings you down quickly and you convulse for a second, but you waste no more time and jump up on your feet. Men in suits threaten you with guns and Taser sticks.

The thrill of war bringing a smile to your lips. “Okay boys, the love of my life is up in the air with a guy who is out to kill him. I don’t have time for you.”

They all laugh and clock to guns, turn on the Tasers.

“Alright, you asked for it.”

You collide your cuffs and surge flies and knocks the men down. Not all get the wind knocked out of them though. You let out of annoyed huff but soon enough they all get knocked out when Clark comes swooping in.

“You go, I’ve got this. Call me if you need me. Go!” He yells as more men come around the corner.

Maria Hill comes in sight soon enough and rush to her. “I need to talk to Captain Rogers, now!” She kindly abides and moves aside.

You call him through the monitor, anxiously waiting for his response. After a few quiet moments, you hear him say your name. In disbelief that he is hearing you but he get caught in the crossfire of Bucky’s metal arm knocking him down.

Grunts could be heard through the monitor.

“Steve! What’s going on?” You ask frantically, he doesn’t reply to you. You hear him yelling, you hear gun fire and you get nervous.

“Hill, go ahead! Destroy them.” You finally hear Steve’s voice.

“But Rogers—“ She gets cut of when commands her to go through with it even though he still resides on it.

Maria reaches for the button but you can’t let her. You can’t allow he to send Steve in his death.  You reach for her gun and aim it at her head.

“Stand down, agent.” You threaten her.

“Hill! Now!” Steve yells louder, she hesitates. She knows what Steve means to you. She knows that you will stop at nothing when it comes to him.

Her hand hits a button signifying that the hellicarriers will now destroy themselves. And your heart drops. “I’m sorry, it needed to be done.”

You fall to your knees as the thought of Steve dying literally weakens you.

You’re one hell of a Women, Y/N.”

“I’m done waiting…Marry me.

All the memories push you off the ground and you run out to save the love of your life.

“Clark! Clark, I need you right now. Please, Steve is still on the hellicarrier. I need to get to him.”

In no time, he is flying towards you and you extend your arms, he lifts into the air with him. Literally, in a matter of seconds you are on the hellicarrier and you see the assassin completely destroying Steve.

“Hey!” You yell getting their attention.

Clark gets a hold of the assassin and flies him out of hellicarrier.

“Steve, look at me. Hey.” You get to him quickly.

“Y/N? You’re really here?” He asks you as you kneel besides him.

You stare at him and immediately clash your lips on his and climb onto him. Kissing him so deeply, not wanting to let go.

“Uh, Y/N hate to ruin this moment but this thing is going down!” Clark says to you as you keep kissing Steve.

“You came back?’ Steve says to you, feeling the things he felt the day he knew he wanted you forever. You nod your head and get up aware that if you didn’t, Clark would rip you away and the crash will kill you both.

“Peggy is your past, but I am your now. I love you and I’m never leaving you. Ever.” You kiss him again and like you predict, Clark pulls you off.

“Hey! Back off, who the hell do you think you are?” Steve steps in Clark’s face, him look puny next to the Man of Steel.

“Someone who is about to save you.” He takes you and Steve by your arms and zooms out of the hellicarrier right before it collides with the Triskelion.

You both land safely, thanks to Clark. Steve winces at the beating he had taken trying to exchange those chips. As soon as he gets familiar with the pain, he embraces you tightly.

A smile resting on your lips as you feel at home again.

“I love you, I love you so much.” He cries to you.

When Natasha has told him that you left, his heart broke. Did he really mess up that bad? Had the mention of Peggy ruin you two to the point of no return? He told himself that if it came to him, he’ll let himself die to save the people. Why would it matter if he did, he’d lost everything.

Now holding you in his arms again, he has his everything. His forever.

“I understand what you meant but her meaning a lot to you. She is apart of something that once made you feel glad to be alive. You don’t ever let go of something like that. I know that.” You say to him and as he asks you what made you realize, you look at Clark who is smiling happily at you two.

“My past caught up to me. This is Clark, he’s my Peggy if you will.” You open your hand for him to take and Clark abides.

“You’ve got a good one on your hands, never drive her away. Got it? Or I’ll have to kick your ass.” The three of you laugh.

“Wow, my fiancé once dated Superman, I guess I’m the one feeling like a cheap ass now.” With those words you three walk towards to city to see if all is okay.


“I’m telling you in a battle to Batman and Superman, the bat of Gotham would win!” Steve says to as you both settle on couch in your new suburban home.

“Now as ex of the son of Krypton I can’t support your idea.” You laugh pinching him as you stand to head to the kitchen.

Since rise and fall of both HYDRA and S.H.I.E.L.D, things have been quiet. Of course the few bad guys that the Avengers get called to sort out but other than that, nothing. You and Steve settled into a house and he even re-proposed with the help of Clark.

“Hey, babe? I could use a hand; think you could check the pot on the stove for me? See if it is boiling?” You call over for him and hear him approach. Your heart hammering, awaiting to feel the amount of happiness you have been for the past week with him.

You continue to cut the veggies as he approaches stove,” Y/N? Why are you boiling baby bottles?”

A grin forming hoping that this super soldier is getting the message.

“Sanitizing them, best method of killing of germs.” You say non-chalantly.

“That doesn’t make sense on wh- Holy mother of Jesus!” He jumps in excitement and immediately lifts you off your feet to twirl you.

You erupt in laughter as he cries with joy.

“Are you really pregnant?” He ask you in disbelief.

A nod and a kiss later.

“When you and I began working together and I seen how well you worked with others, how great you were with those in danger, helping them to safety and such, I just knew you’d be a great father.” He smiles at your words. “ I love you Steve, my captain. New soldier on board, and I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.”

He kisses you and kisses you over and over again.

“We’ve got 6 months to go!” You say to him.

He shakes his head in disagreement.

“We’ve got forever to go, baby.”

part 4?


“Good Kings Bing & Bowie Swing” 
Written by Jim Ousley
Illustrated & Lettered by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz
Colored by Brandon Daniels

What happens when David Bowie and Bing Crosby pop out of your television to help show you the meaning of Christmas? You have a Christmas Vacation with your Friends who feel Scrooged about being left Home Alone. A Holiday story for the mid-90s brought to you by Jim, Carlos, and Brandon. 

Coming in December in the METRO THEATRE comic JOYFUL NOIZE! Enjoy.