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—Te quiero más o menos. —¿Más o menos? —Sí, más conmigo y menos sin mi.

De verdad yo entiendo perfectamente que su mujer este preocupada, porque su hija esta con un tipo que va en moto a 200 por hora porque no quiero darme cuenta de lo que pasa alrededor, pero de repente aparece alguien que te dice que tranquilo que aflojes y cuando aflojas te das cuenta que hay un trofeo entre las botellas de tequila, que esta sonando mi canción favorita y que hoy es martes 13 y que Roxana se fugaría contigo ahora mismo a cualquier parte del mundo, tu hija me enseño a ir despacio y eso me sienta bien
—  3 Metros Sobre El Cielo.
The signs as bands who were at their prime in the early 2000s
  • Aries: Cute is What We Aim For
  • Taurus: My Chemical Romance
  • Gemini: The Academy Is...
  • Cancer: The All American Rejects
  • Leo: Taking Back Sunday
  • Virgo: Fall Out Boy
  • Libra: AFI
  • Scorpio: Panic! At The Disco
  • Sagittarius: Green Day
  • Capricorn: 30 Seconds to Mars
  • Aquarius: 3oh!3
  • Pisces: Metro Station
Gleda mi se ponovo film "Tri metra iznad neba" da se podsetim kako zaista ne možeš da predvidiš momenat u kome i prijateljstvo i ljubav odlaze u kurac, i ti sa takve visine padneš u realnost. Realnost, u kojoj je svaki dan sasvim dobar i sasvim lep, ali i sasvim... "nikada više nećeš imati osećaj kao da si tri metra iznad neba" dan.


anoche durante el stream de mamá me hice muchas preguntas de Estella ,de pronto para muchos esto es nuevo… pero la verdad , Estella es de lejos mi starcokid favorito en todos los tiempos , soy fanática de Estella , me encanta todo de ella , y pues ayer le hice la pregunta a mamá de si a Estella le gustaban lo animales ; ella me dijo que si , pero animales como perros, gatos y caballos … y de ahí salio esta idea de hacer Estella y a Amanda interactuando entre si con el enorme Galaxy XD , desde mi cabeza solo puedo imaginar a la pobre Estella tratando de acariciar a un ser mitad demonio de casi 3 metros de alto.

luego de unos 5 minutos Estella amo a Galaxy por el resto de su vida XD … comet no sabe como reaccionar :T

dato importante: Amanda siempre quiso una hermanita , pero tal parece sus padres nunca la escucharon :´V (o tal vez si lo hicieron pero ninguno de los dos se sentía preparado para otro bebé) , esa el la razón por la cual le toma cariño tan rápido a Estella  :3

por otro lado yo quería hacer esto para @atomicmangos , debido a que fuera de ser una gran artista , es una gran persona , me ha dado mucho apoyo aquí y ha sido alguien  increíble conmigo … es algo pequeño, pero con mucho cariño para alguien tan especial como lo es mangos para mi ;muchas gracias mangos! tu fuiste una de mis primeras inspiraciones cuando inicie aquí , ¡debido a ti conozco a la persona más genial del universo! MUCHAS GRACIAS POR TODO

pd: dice @diaangmindbender que te ama :D 


Get to know me meme: Spanish movies

3 metros sobre el cielo (2010) - Fernando González Molina

And suddenly it happens. Something clicks. And you know that things are going to change. They’ve changed already”

If you’re in Paris right now

- Emergency special number (if you need information) (please, use it carefully, too many calls will make the line crash): 0800 40 60 05 

- Schools and universities are closed tomorrow. (in the whole country btw)

- In Paris and IDF, it’s advised NOT TO MOVE. Don’t leave your home or the place you’re staying in unless you really have to.

- It seems taxis are free tonight if you need a ride home.


- 5 metro lines are closed: 3, 5,8 9 and 11

- Maps of the attacks (source: Libération). Streets are probabky closed around these areas.

Всеки в живота си има такъв човек, след който се променя. И без значение дали е било безгранично щастие или болка. Ти просто осъзнаваш, че такъв, какъвто си бил преди, повече няма да бъдеш…

Unofficial Map: Mexico City Metro by Richard Archambault

Following on from my previous post, here’s an unofficial map for the Mexico City Metro that makes full use of the Lance Wyman icons. It’s designed by Richard Archambault, who also works on the essential Jetpack for Wordpress.

As can be seen from the archival photo above, the Wyman design team explored a purely iconic treatment of the Metro map, apparently eschewing station names altogether. Admittedly, the system was much simpler back then, with only lines 1, 2 and 3 present in the mockup as shown on the wall.

As we know, the official map has since moved away from this approach and no longer features the icons at all. So what would a modern Mexico City Metro map that used icons look like? That’s what Richard’s map sets out to show, and it’s a surprising contrast to the disappointing official map. 

Richard has painstakingly vectorised all the icons (around 200 or so!) from the bitmap versions available on the STC’s website to use in the map, and I really appreciate the way that he’s made them big and bold – it’s certainly very evocative of Wyman’s original concept.

The “big and bold” approach almost forces the map into being more evenly spaced and less cramped in the centre of the map when compared to the official map – the icons always take up a certain amount of space, which in turn creates space around them. Richard also keeps his route lines as straight as possible, which suits the minimalist aesthetic of the map nicely. Yes, there’s some odd angles here and there, but I don’t really find them distracting in the context of the whole map. Richard also includes the Tren Ligero line in its entirety – nicely differentiated by placing its icons in circles – something the official map relegates to a vague arrow and caption.

The labelling of stations is perhaps a little pedestrian (a version with no labels at all like the Wyman concept would be interesting), and the line numbers at the end of each line could perhaps do with a little bit of differentiation from the station icons next to them. They’re the same size, shape and colour, and can be read as an extra station at first glance. Reducing them in size, or perhaps having them as white shapes with the text and a border stroke in the line colour could do the trick.

Best of all, Richard’s map has been featured in the new edition of Mark Ovenden’s Transit Maps of the World. Having gotten no response from the STC regarding inclusion of their official map, Mark reached out to Richard and basically commissioned him to update his map for use in the book. Awesome!

Our rating: Shows that an iconic approach to the Mexico City Metro is perfectly valid, and certainly produces a more attractive and usable map than the official one. Three stars!

Side note: I’ve only just noticed that the icon for the “Oceania” station is a kangaroo, while that of “Deportiva Oceania” is a koala with a soccer ball. Australia represent!