Me dicen que no tengo corazón, que no se querer, que soy una puta, que me meto con cualquiera, que no me importa hacerle daño a los demás. Ellos no me conocen, no saben por lo que pase y estoy pasando, no saben las veces que me rompieron el corazón. Ya no tengo sentimientos, ya no quiero. Perdón por ser así, es que estoy hecha mierda.

Moodboard: Zain + Pakistani artistsShahzia Sikander

“Born in Lahore, Pakistan, Sikander’s Pakistani background and Islamic religion plays an important role in the majority of her artwork, which results in her masterful, most refined and specialized work, Indian and Persian miniature painting. Her artwork may be ambiguous to some; however her artwork emphasizes on contexts that reveal themes from her: history, culture, religion, gender, oppression, struggle, search for identity, and prejudice that arises because of her ethnic background.”

Works: I am also not my own enemy, Parallax, Singing Sphere I, Walled States, Prey, Mirror Plane.