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As you lay on the ground you could hear all the voices of everyone you met in your entire life.

Your mom’s sweet loving lullabies, your dad’s stern voice turning soft as you gave that one pout that got you whatever you wanted.

Your best friend’s laugh that lit up your day no matter how bad it was, the paramedics who told you sweet things as they called every code for you, your teachers, strangers, everyone.

You looked up at the lights that filled your vision, everything was becoming one.

One big blurr.

“I can’t feel my body.” You barely could whisper out, turning your head to the side, “Please.”

Someone rushed over to you and held your head, supporting your neck, “Oh no! Please stay still, sweetie.” They rushed out.

You looked at them, “I can’t feel my body.” You whispered again.

They looked at you and said, “You got hit by a car, but I promise you’re going to be okay. You just gotta stay awake and fight okay?” 

You let a tear fall down your cheek as they softly set you back down, letting the stars or street lights, whatever they were fill your vision again as thought back on your life.

You thought about what you regretted, not telling the people you cared for that you loved them enough, not going out more, getting an F on that math test. Not hugging more, laughing more, smiling, talking. You regret slamming your door that night and cussing out your mom in your mind after that arguement. 

You started to get cold, those blues, reds, greens, and yellows started to form a moasic of colors in your eyes.

You thought about your mom and dad, your friends, how their life was going to be after tonight. 

You let a tear fall from the side of your eye as you accepted the fact that you were going to die here tonight. 

It all happened so soon.

Tell mom I love her. Don’t let my dad be alone, he may seem tough but he’s actually a big teddy bear, he can’t do it alone. Give my best friend that creme sweater, she always wanted that sweater. Keep my room clean, God knows I never could. Keep my pictures up and when they ask about me tell them that I’m the sunshine that fills up the room on a bright sunny day, or the wind that flows, or that I’m singing in the rain during a storm. Just don’t forget me okay? Tell the paramedic I’m sorry, I tried the best I could, honestly. I just can’t fight anymore. I’m getting the shakes now, last chance for something special to happen, maybe a shooting star or a metor shower, anything. I’m tired, I know I was supposed to stay awake but I’m so tired. 

You finished your thought with a smile and tears falling down your face.

You closed your eyes and let life slip from your possession.

“Hey, wake up.” A voice said.

You stirred and opened your eyes, you were still on the ground.

Everyone was gone, the world seemed to be so quiet, so still.

“I’m here to give you a choice.” 

You looked over at the man who was leaning against the car that hit you.

He was beautfiul.

“Are you an angel?” You asked, looking at him. 

He chuckled and smiled down at you, “You could say that.”

You felt a strong, strange connection to him. Had you met before?

“We have met before, you just don’t remember.” He said, “We were kids, few and far worlds from here.”

You looked at him in confusion.

“It doesn’t matter, I’m here to give you two choices, you can only choose one.”

He looked at you with heart felt eyes, “ You can either stay with me and I’ll take you to a place where theres no pain, no suffering. The place where we met. Where we fell in love, where our kids are and our life is, where you belong. Or..” 

You urged him to continue “Or you can go back to the day before this night and change things.” 

What do you do?

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I love your blog and your Mysmes threads! I'd actually like to do a request, I think it would be interesting. What about RFA finding out MC is deaf? Thank you!

I’m actually taking sign language right now so this is somewhat relevant.


  • very shocked of course
  • you never mentioned in the messenger before!
  • after your first smooch, he tried to talk to you
  • you kind of know how to read lips but you were never good at it
  • and you awkwardly just sign to him
  • and he didn’t even know what you said ;;;
  • thankfully Seven knew so he had to play translator 
    • yes even on your first date
  • even takes lessons from Seven in exchange for cleaning his house >
  • it becomes a useful skill when he has deaf clients come in with their pets 
  • very involved in deaf awareness events with you


  • you made mention of it somewhere
  • but Jaehee sort of forgot
  • she was so excited to see you!
    • >//
  • she’s just talking and talking
  • and you just nod along, trying to stop her for a second because you didn’t catch most of it
  • you ask her if she forgot you were deaf
  • and she just stands there…
  • flushed
  • how embarrassing
  • thankfully Seven stepped in and helped translate for you
  • she didn’t want Seven following you two around everywhere so she has you teach her
  • it becomes really useful when you two are at the cafe


  • you told him pretty early on that you were deaf since it’s a piece of important information
  • and it was awkward when you went over to his apartment
  • but you two made due
  • you were pretty good at reading lips so it was incredibly hard
  • this marshmallow was such a dork because he was so excited to learn
  • very determined to tell you how much he loves you with signing
  • his acting skills make it all the better
  • if anyone dares to insult your disability
  • he’s got a few words to say
  • lw likes most of the RFA has no idea what you two are saying
    • you two could be talking about something nasty and most of them wouldn’t know
  • Zen signs to you to complain about Jumin
  • and this fucking starts signing back
  • wtf
  • Zen is shook


  • you thought it would be awkward when the two of you first met
  • or just in general, it was going to be awkward
  • but when you told him that you were deaf, he started to sign to you
    • uh like what
    • boy where did you learn that???
  • he took up signing as sort of an advantage when there were clients who were deaf
    • very smart
  • it made you so comfortable
  • this donut knew how to sign and that made you all warm and fuzzy inside
  • is very insistent EVERYONE learns how to sign
  • has the RFA learn and all his bodyguards learn
    • so they can communicate with you without any problems
  • overall he’s extremely supportive and just a sweet donut


  • found out during your background check yo
  • thankfully he’s found someone else he can sign to
    • not only do you know morse code and binary, you can SIGN
  • you didn’t even mention it, he just claimed that he can sign to
  • so you were signing to the camera in the apartment
  • and he told you exactly what you said to him
  • wowie!
  • he was even better than you were
    • and you knew the language your entire life!
  • becomes your translator for events and conversations in the RFA
  • is very proud of you though because you don’t let your disabilities hinder your ambition
  • which adds onto the very long list of things that he loves about you  (❤ω❤)

ok so! @silverhawk was talking about rainwhisker and snowstep(snowtalon for me) being mates an i LOVE it. so i gave them kits!!! (snowtalon is trans in my au and a genetic tortie under the white)

however, i forgot to save the right version of this file so it actually isnt exactly what i came up with,,,

the cat on the left is a molly named Sleetkit (whitekit here. also rain+snow=sleet lol) the boy next to her is Sparrowkit (he should actually be solid not tabby, oops) the the next boy is Brightkit (named after Loststar) and the final lil girl is Mistlekit!

theyre born sometime during the second arc! im thinking since Loststar was so close to Snowtalon, she’ll want to mentor one of his kits, so she metors Mistlekit! and that gives her some time between that and mentoring Jaypaw later in PO3

From Enemies To Family (Chato Santana)

a/n: this is 3,033 words so…there’s that. this is also for my mom friend, @marvelavengings who was kind enough to write me the digger harkness fic. thanks babe. hope this is what you wanted! 

“I’m cool! I’m cool!” You exclaimed, raising your hands midair to show the guards you weren’t going to try anything. They slowly let go of you and backed away. “Fucking assholes.” You muttered under your breath. “Why’re you late?” Rick asked you and you noticed everyone else was out of their prison uniforms. “I was sleeping.” You stated, looking through the big, ugly, brown bag. “Doesn’t cut it,” Rick said and you pulled out the perfect outfit. “Doesn’t cut it.” You repeated with a different tone, causing Harley to laugh.

“If you disrespect me one mo-”

“You’ll blow my head off?” You interrupted him as you unbuttoned the prison uniform. “Not gonna work, I disabled the stupid little bomb the second that one, injected it in my head.” You said and put on the piece of clothing, which was designed specifically for your powers. “Then why are you here?” He asked. “Because, despite what you and everyone else might think, I do have a heart.” You said, zipping up the suit and looking around. “Are we going or not?” You asked Rick. He squinted his eyes, eyeing you up and down.

“If you get out of line, I won’t hesitate to shoot you.” He told you and you smiled. “That’s a nice team motivating speech.” You said sarcastically. “He’s shit, isn’t he?” Floyd asked and you smiled. “Let’s go!” He shouted and everyone headed towards the jet.

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same a Gordon was like “how’d you get through the metors?” and i was like “the what now?”

There was a section where, not to get spoilery, you have to do a long battle event at the top of a really snowy freezing area. I had no idea that was going to happen. I did not have a single anti-cold edible. I was just stubbornly hiking up this freezing ass mountain shoveling food in my mouth to stave off hypothermia looking for a shrine. 

Instead I found this big event so I was like “well fuck, I can’t go back down the mountain now. there’s still no fast travel point.”

So that’s how I did a major battle while literally freezing to death. I pulled it off. But it was unnecessarily stressful.

Let Me Mend You

Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad x Reader

Words: 1026


1) Anon : How about a metor!  Altaïr x sick reader. If it isn’t a bother that is

2) aph-sheet-music : Hey! I’m kinda sick right now so can I have an  Altaïr x sick reader?

“(Y/N),” your name echoed off the walls, startling you out of your half-conscious state. You’d been like that all day, wavering between sleep and awareness. If it wasn’t for the distinct frown in his tone, you would’ve ignored Altaïr entirely. Alas, he seemed upset about something.

“Yeah?” You croaked, a knife grating across your throat at the action. You kicked the blankets off your feet, hoping to catch up to Altaïr.

“Where have you been?” Ah, you’d missed practice… again. He’d been generous enough to take you in and train you and this was how you were repaying him? You grimaced, upset that you’d let him down. He was your mentor and you shouldn’t be forgetting that over some silly little illness. 

A groan left your parted lips as you stood, the room spinning in a myriad of colors. Each attempt at a step only had you swaying, your eyes squeezing shut at the assaulting lights. Distantly you could hear Altair’s steps echo along the corridors, warning you of his arrival. You honestly did try to look semi-presentable in front of your mentor, but it was to no avail. By the time he entered the room, you were on the ground in a fit of coughs, lungs burning painfully as they searched for oxygen. 

Altaïr was by your side in an instant, rubbing your back soothingly and whispering soft nothings. When your coughing seized, his lips pulled up in the barest of smiles. 

“This is where you’ve been.” He answered his earlier question, waving it off when you attempted to explain. Ever so gently, he lifted you back onto the bed, tucking the sheets tightly around your form. “Wait here, I’ll retrieve water.” You nodded, hating that you felt so weak. You were quite sure it was an eternity before Altaïr returned, although it could’ve been only a few moments as well. It didn’t help that each breath felt like you were swallowing a bucket of nails, the pressure in your head feeling like a blade searing through it.

“You don’t have to-”

“I do,” he hushed gently, pressing a cup of water gently between your parched lips. It felt like a godsend as the cool liquid dripped down your throat, the sweet taste temporarily relieving the pain. “Let me mend you.”

“You’re going to get yourself sick.” You argued when he pulled away the drink, an oddly gentle hand brushing back a few strands of your hair. There was a sheen of sweat covering your skin, his warm hands doing nothing to cool you down.

“I am not leaving you here alone.” He stated, his tone having hints of finality. A heavy sigh left your lips, your head falling down to your shoulder. “Rest.” His voice wasn’t above a whisper, a hand gliding effortlessly through your hair. “I will be here when you wake.” That was all the confirmation you needed, eyelids slipping shut at his soothing voice. The darkness was welcomed, taking the pain with it.

A groan left your throat before you’d opened your eyes, head resting comfortably on the firm pillow beneath. Your blankets felt oddly bunched, only heating certain areas. In fact, your pillow felt like it was… moving? You blinked, head slowly moving to look up. Dread pooled low in your belly, a heated blush spreading up your neck. Altaïr was resting quietly, chest bared and breathing even, looking for all the world like he belonged there. 

His legs were wrapped around your own, two strong arms holding your chest against his side. You tried to slowly disentangle yourself from his limbs, nearly screaming when he pulled you back down. It had been unexpected and painful, the force of impact making the ache in your lungs double.

“Stop moving.” He mumbled, guiding you back down to his chest.

“Altaïr,” you choked. Each breath you gulped in brought the pain of battle with it, the close proximity to Altaïr doing absolutely nothing to help regulate your breathing.

“Relax,” he whispered, eyes still closed but somehow able to know exactly where you were. One hand was low on your back, his spread palm heating you to the core. His other hand was rubbing gently in between your shoulder blades, sending little bolts of electricity down your spine with each touch. You hated to admit it, but it was actually working. Your erratic breathing had all but calmed, Altaïr’s scent of mint, metal, and the faintest hint of fresh rain washed over you like a breath of fresh air, breaking through your previously stuffed nose. 

Hesitantly, you melted into his embrace, focusing in on the pounding of his heart instead of your head. You felt much more at ease, the skin of your cheek rubbing against his muscled chest cooling you down some. Whatever trick he was using was doing wonders for your illness, the taste of whatever concoction he’d administered to you the day before still heavy on your tongue. Strangely enough, it tasted of a sweeter alcohol.

“What did you give to me?” Despite his eyes still being closed, a smirk formed on his scarred lips.

“You asked for wine.” He chuckled, his golden orbs seeking you out the moment they were bared to the world.

“You’re going to get sick.” You stated dryly after a moment of silence, interested to no end when he shivered under the attention of your hand.

“I will not.” He denied, grasping your wrist so you’d stop tracing the scars littering his chest.

“Sorry, I forgot you were above illnesses O’ Great One.” You mocked, holding back a laugh when he looked offended. Had the scratchiness of your throat been gone, you would’ve had no problem in laughing at the moment. But sadly it wasn’t, the fear of your sore throat coming back full force keeping you from chuckling.

“I won’t get sick.” He argued. You only rolled your eyes, laying back down on his chest. A comfortable silence hung over the two of you for several minutes, only being interrupted by a curt, but painful sounding cough from Altaïr. You couldn’t help but smirk. Maybe then he’d let you take care of him.


tori + jade | timebomb
you made your way in as i was leaving
you cut in line just as i was getting my stuff
and i couldn’t decide if you were the most
annoying human being i’d ever met
or just the best thing that ever happened