Fleshing out your Original Character(s)

Hello! This is just a little thing to help writers of all kinds help develop their characters. Not only will this have simple questions, but also scenarios that would make you have to think. Happy writing :)

Section 1: The basics

Date of birth:
Astrological and Zodiac signs:
Natural Gender:
-Gender they identify with:
Hair/fur color:
Hair/fur style:
Eye color:
Eye shape:
Skin tone:
Highest level of education:
dialect or accent:
typical clothes style for Winter:
Does your character need glasses/contacts?
Posture when feeling guilty
Physical and/or mental disability?
body style
facial features

Section 2: Favorites/favourites

-nonalcoholic beverage:
-alcoholic beverage (if legal age):
-TV series (non animated):
-Animated TV series:
-genera of music:
-animal (non mythical):
-animal (mythical):
-recreational activity:
-place to be when sad:
-thing to do on a cold winter night:
-thing to do during a sunny summer day:
-thing to do when with someone they like:
-Video game:
-Voice actor
-art style
-style of dance
-thing to learn about
-place to visit
-sweet treat
-vehicle (Make and Model)
-ice cream flavor
-Hair color
-eye color
-School subject
-way to pamper themself

Section 3: Personality Traits

introvert or extrovert?
outgoing or reserved?
Brave or timid?
finicky or sloppy?
studious or negligent?
adventurous or cautious?
stubborn or flexible?
Leader or follower?
shameful or shameless?
trustworthy or unreliable?
Capable or inept?
Cultured or uncivilized?
Creative or unimaginative?
Dynamic or predictable?
Gentle or surly?
Stressful or relaxed?
withdrawn or wild?
Pratical or Imaginative?
vague or straight to the point?
What kind of drunk, if they drink to the point of getting such, are they?
Optimistic or pessimistic?
suspicious or friendly?
secretive or honest?
tactful or tactless?
thoughtful or thoughtless?
strong willed or weak willed?
penny pincher or spendthrift?
quirky or plebeian?
what is their view on pain?
What is there view of ‘suffering’?
Would they help others, leave them be, or make them suffer?
What would they do if they found a wallet with no ID in it?
What would they do if they were witnessing a kidnapping? a rape attempt? a gang attack? a theft? a murder? an Assult? Bullying?
What would they do if someone was drowning? on fire? bleeding? Freezing? Or some other medical emergency?

Section 4: Family

(Step) Father:
(Step) Mother:
(Step/half) Sibling(s)?:
what is their relationship with each?
Were they adopted?
Were they neglected?
Were they abandoned?
Were they abused?
-who did the abusing
Did they run away?
What kind of home did they live in?
How was their childhood? Teenage years? Adulthood?
Did any family member die?
Did parents get a divorce?
was there infidelity or incest in the family?
are there any famous people in the family?
Family coat-of-arms?

Section 5: Negatives

Pet peeves
Bad habits
Criminal record (including DUI and public indecency)
When was the last time they lied? what did they lie about? Who did they lie to? why did they lie?
when was the last time they got into a fight?
have they ever (attempted to) killed anyone?
have they done anything in the black market
Are they racist? Sexist? ageist?
have they ever deliberately hurt someone?
do they bash anyone because of their religion? sexual orientation? gender identity? physical or mental disability?
dark secrets?
have they ever stereotyped someone?
Have they ever judged someone before getting to know them?
have they ever self-injured?
have they attempted suicide?
which of the seven deadly sins are stronger in them? (Pride, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Lust)
Have they ever failed a class?
-have they ever dropped out
Bad manners?

section 6: other

hopes for the future:
Dreams about:
longs for:
job history:
status in society:
medical history:
blood type:
-have they ever donated blood?
in their free time they:
style of writing:
their opinion on “the price of freedom”:
what is “freedom” to them?
have they ever lost faith in someone?
have they ever changed religions?
what is their greatest achievement?
what is their life goal?
what do they dread having to do?
who is their best friend?
who is their worst enemy?
what do they long to do?
what is their dream vacation?
do they have any survival skills?
-cooking skills?
-sewing skills?
-mechanical/electrical/plumbing skills?
-woodworking skills?
Dating history
credit score (if able to have a credit card)
mode of transportation
guilty pleasure
have they ever moved?
have they had their wisdom teeth pulled?
have they ever broken a bone?
If they identify with a gender opposite to what they were born with, have they gotten a sex change?
What was their schooling like?

Section 7: Scenarios

1) They are stuck in a zombie apocalypse. They are only able to bring 5 things with them. What do they take? (Pets do not count)
2) They are trapped on a deserted island; what is the first thing they do?
3) They come across a man unconscious on the ground. he does not respond when called. What do they do?
4) They hear a rumor about their best friend- a rather nasty rumor too- what do they do?
5) Zombie apocalypse time again; Does your character work together with Their worst enemy to survive or do they do something else?
6) Your character’s significant other is sick, what do they do to help them feel better?
7) Your character gets some terrible news- the worst news they could every receive. How do they react?
8) Your character meets their idol and gets to spend the day with them; what do they do and how do they act? v9) They are celebrating their favorite/favourite holiday but they had to invite their enemy to the party
10) Your character became a parent! What is their knee-jerk reaction?

Section 8: Opinions on

1) Gay Marriage
2) Abortion
3) Divorce
4) Religion
5) Stereotypes
6) Vaccinations
7) War
8) Eating out/Dining in
9) Guns or weapons in general
10) Rape
11) School/Education
12) Technology
13) Drugs (Illegal)
14) Drugs (Legal)
15) The legalization of Drugs
16) Animals in Captivity
17) Improper Grammar
18) Working
19) Betrayal
20) Swearing
21) Abuse
22) Illegal activities (such as snag fishing)
23) Moving
24) Government
25) Monopolizing
26) Businesses
27) Immigration
28) Animal Testing
29) Standerdize Testing
30) Death Penalty
31) Climate Change
32) Piracy (taking of other people’s work)
33) Obesity
34) Prostitution
35) Meat eating
36) Sex

[Lyrics] VIXX - 도원경 (Shangri-la)

Splendidly blooming flowers
Even the wind is sweet this place is a dream
Anywhere as long as I’m with you
My heart flutters pulling me into the painting

I’m drunk on you
I lean into the faraway scent
Forget about time and gaze at you
When the white moon appears, I look at you reflected in the moon

Day and night are all you
Filled without a gap
Every breath I hear seems like you

Paint it darker
This night is getting deeper
So I can’t escape
I close my eyes and again find the you inside of me
I’m drunk, a little more intoxicated
I want to fall deep into this dream
You come closer
And spread through only me

Tidings of the night
I’m jealous of the scarlet camellia that looks like you
Your sweet lips are shining brightly
And call the waves that sleep in my heart

Even the unripe peaches are sweet
Under the petals flying about
Your velvety hem
I follow that end and abruptly hug you
I know the sound of your breath well
You breeze into my dreamlike imagination
That I went into

Day and night are all you
My swaying heart
Seems like it will be bewitched by that heavy scent

Paint it darker
This night is getting deeper
So I can’t escape
I close my eyes and again find the you inside of me
I’m drunk, a little more intoxicated
I want to fall deep into this dream
You come closer
And spread through only me

The space inside me that was empty fills up
The color of you
is faint and brightly shines
Beautiful and warm

I fly, I fly with you
Deeper into the fantasy of my dream
You are getting closer
You are blossoming in my heart again
I only know you
The place I searched and wandered for was you
If I open my eyes again
spread through only me

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Quando venne al mondo Afrodite gli dèi si radunarono a banchetto e fra gli altri vi era anche Poro, figlio di Metide. Dopo che ebbero banchettato, siccome c'era stato un grande pranzo, venne Penia a mendicare e se ne stava sulla porta. Poro, ebbro di nettare - il vino non c'era ancora - se ne andò nel giardino di Zeus, e appesantito dal cibo, si addormentò. Penia dunque, tramando per la sua indigenza di concepire un figlio da Poro, si stese accanto a lui e rimase incinta di Amore. Anche per questo è seguace e servitore di Afrodite essendo stato concepito nel genetliaco di essa e poiché per natura è amante del bello, e Afrodite è bella, Amore dunque perché è figlio di Poro e di Penia è stato posto in tale sorte. Per prima cosa è sempre povero, e manca molto che sia delicato e bello, quale molti lo reputano: è duro, sudicio, scalzo, senza casa, sempre nudo per terra, e dorme sotto il cielo presso le porte o per le strade, e poiché ha la natura della madre si trova a convivere sempre con l'indigenza. Secondo l'indole del padre invece sempre insidia chi è bello e chi è buono; è coraggioso, protervo, caparbio, cacciatore terribile, sempre dietro a macchinare qualche insidia, desideroso di capire, scaltro, inteso a speculare tutta la vita, imbroglione terribile, maliardo e sofista. Per natura non è immortale né mortale e talora nello stesso giorno fiorisce e vive, quando prospera, ma talvolta muore e resuscita ancora, proprio per la natura del padre; e quel che accumula sempre si dilegua, tanto che Amore non si trova mai né in povertà né in ricchezza, e si trova sempre in mezzo a sapienza e ignoranza.
—  Simposio, Platone