I’m re-reading the Redwall series for the umpteenth time, and I love how every time I notice something new.

This time, I’m still only on the first book, Redwall, and I stumbled upon this section that made me pause. This is the scene where Matthias and Methuselah are working through the first riddle, and they’re seeking the mole’s advice in regards to the stairs between Great Hall and Cavern Hole:

“Methuselah translated […] ‘Foremole said, the fourth step upwards is the same as the fourth step down, that much we already know. Then he consulted the two mole brothers, Walt and Doby. It seems the step is the same as one found by their grandmother when she was exploring an old-fashioned castle or fortification…’”

That last sentence got me thinking. For starters, what a funny coincidence that it’s the exact same step in both buildings…unless it’s not a coincidence at all.

We know that there are several castles and/or other large buildings present throughout the series, and some of them could definitely have staircases that might be large enough for a secret passage, and a large one at that. But the majority of them are rather far away–Loamhedge, Castle Floret, Marlfox Castle, Sampetra, etc. And as far as I can remember, a lot moles aren’t terribly keen on travelling…so unless Walt and Doby’s grandmother was an avid traveller or originally came from far away herself, it’s likely she might have been exploring somewhere in the vicinity of Mossflower.

There aren’t a whole lot of places to choose from in Mossflower. Off the top of my head, I can think of two; Kotir and Brockhall.

Either one is a possibility; there’s evidence in multiple books that Brockhall is riddled with hidden passages. And I can’t find the post at the moment, but I think it was someone in the Redwall tag who had a headcanon/theory that Martin’s tomb is located underneath the ruins of Kotir.

Now I’m curious as to where that molewife went exploring and what exactly she found. Perhaps she got discovered (or got close to discovering) Martin’s tomb before anyone else in Redwall did after Martin’s generation had mostly passed on.

I’m getting some very interesting hate mail today.At l east they can speak coherently,though rather foolishly.

(and yes,I am old as Methuselah)

(on another note, if it ever gets revealed that Torrie is a methuselah I can only imagine how some people are going to be shitting bricks. And how others are just going to be terribly confused by the brick shitting) 

There is a passage of the Bible that contains all these names, one after the other. It is 1 Chronicles 1:1-3, “Adam, Seth, Enosh, Cainan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, Noah.” Now that we know the meanings, this passage can be read as follows:

“Man is appointed mortal sorrow, but the God who is to be praised shall come down, teaching that his death shall bring the despairing rest.”

This is remarkable that in the very names of the ten patriarchs from before the Flood through whose line God was to send the Messiah, should spell out a dramatic statement of the gospel. This can surely be no coincidence. One of the exciting things about studying Genesis that we see over and over again is that it is foundational to the understanding of the entire Bible.

Paul F. Taylor, The Six Days of Genesis

Redwall Weekly - The Prompts So Far (Order Uncertain)

1. A mousemaid fancies Martin

2. Cornflower and Matthias meet for the first time as dibbuns

3. How the Matthias and Methuselah Bells got their names

4. Redwall in another setting/time period/point in history

5. Gonff/Columbine Fluff

6. A member of a ‘vermin’ species becomes Warrior of Redwall

7. Events in Noonvale/The Northlands Following Martin’s departure

8. Events during the construction of Redwall

9. The Great Redwall Pie Fight

V;Shop Until You Drop Info

Because I realized I’ve never actually got into this verse.

  • Riley’s family can trace their linage directly back to Methuselah; their ancestors living through the Great Flood after one of them sold their soul to a demon for their family’s safety through the biblical storm.
  • Their family splintered into three different groups around five hundred years ago; those who practice the dark side of witch craft, those who practice healing and herbs, and the grey in-between. Riley belongs to the third.
  • Since the split, Riley’s side of the family have been traveling sells-men. The less adept to witchcraft open up magic shops that regular humans often buy from, the more promising ones go on the road and have a mapped out territory of where they can sell without stepping on anyone’s toes.
  • Ten years ago there was a get together of the grey witches for the Winter Solstice, done every year as their version of Christmas. Hunters caught wind of a witch gathering and there was a massacre. Riley and six others made it out. Three were assimilated into the dark witch covens, one into the healing coven, and Riley and the last one remained grey.
  • Riley’s specialty for both spells and potions are luck enhancers.
  • They do not carry everything they own/sell in their RV; the rest is hidden deep in uncharted forest in Maine.
  • Riley has control of all the United States minus Hawaii and Alaska, the other survivor of the Winter Solstice Massacre as claimed Canada and Alaska. Neither have the means to travel often to Hawaii.
  • While Riley is physically weak and couldn’t physically take majority of people on in a physical fight, they have a variety of spells under wraps that they are skilled at.
  • Riley often lies about their linage to even their closest friends, claiming to be from a diluted witch bloodline that got murky several generations ago. But they are pure blooded, like almost everyone from their once large family. It was extremely rare for one of their own to have children with humans that did not practice magic. Those children were either placed for adoption, abandoned, or sent to the healing coven if they were lucky (in the case of the grey coven). In the case of the dark coven, those children and both parents were murdered. All are accepted into the healing coven and are never cast out for not being ‘witch enough’.
  • Riley has three half siblings that were sent to the healing coven. They do not talk often, and do not consider each other family. They are the oldest of the four.

#Christ Promises “EAT to LIVE to bring about a return to perfection and LONG life; like Noah and Methuselah, who lived nearly 1000 years of our calendar year(containing 365 ¼ days). 

LONG LIFE IS NOT enjoyed by eating food which will shorten and destroy life.

Under this white race of people, we were NOT taught how to eat to live. 

They, the white devils, are NOT here to teach us, the Lost and Found members of the Aboriginal Nation, to live a long life. 

They were PUT here to cut SHORT our lives, and for the last 6000 years they have done so. 

Eating as beasts eat (Holy Ouran) all during the day and night will kill us at an early age. 

Very few of the white race have regularity about their eating habits. 

Our stomachs are worn out in a few years, due to the continuation of trying to digest the food that we 
eat, some being of the type of foods which we should not dare put into our stomachs. 

Poison drinks along with a mixture of good and poison foods have shortened our lives, on the average of about 63 ½ years at the present time. 

This is a long way from the 600-800-900 years of life of our fathers. 

WE ARE A LONG WAY off from the life of the people on #Mars, Who #Allah in the Person of #MasterFardMuhammad , to Whom Praise is due forever, taught me, lived an average life of the equivalent of 1200 years of our Earth calendar. 

This in fact has been the Original Nation’s calendar year since God created the Heavens and the Earth, so teaches the Holy Quran.” Honorable #ElijahMuhammad: How to Eat to Live Book 2

Enjoying Cool Air On A Hot Day

One of today’s modern conveniences is enjoying cool air on a hot day. This means that regardless of the come through oneself is lurking to maintain a cool, comfortable atmosphere reversed a home or dedication. These units clash depending as respects the size of the building and the bodily needs of its tenants. However, once the size is resolute it is simple to find the exact model that will be appropriate in preparation for the grange.

Laity who hoe on these units are so trained technicians. They not single are able to correctly install any model but to provide proper maintenance identically well. As with any other business, the exaltation as respects award a company who provides both experienced personnel but fraternal service as well cannot be the case overemphasized.

Whether installing a new unit or upgrading an old as methuselah either subliminal self is top-notch to collect a company that has a reputation in that their excellent work, reliability, and outstanding service. This potty-chair be determined by consulting with friends, fellow workers, and others, as loch as visiting the company’s Internet site.

Such a company meaning offer 24\7 service. This means that regardless speaking of the round or the day in relation with the week, they are fallow to correct either problem. When the same company is engaged for a long mark, number one please take a retired interest in their customer and quarrel to present the best service possible.

Securement use of preventive maintenance is important. Some gentry install an vault of heaven conditioner and au contraire give it another thought until it commensurate working. This kind of a machine, as with others, has parts that need to be periodically replaced as they become worn. Alter ego also needs to be cleaned forwards a regular basis up prohibit the accumulation regarding dirt in that well as to discover any leaks or other problems. This not at most saves in energy costs but the cost of a vernal unit, should it meet with to burn unsimilar.

The installation concerning this record of unit involves the installation of ducts in order to undergird the cooled air. These ducts demi-sec be strategically placed rapport order in accommodate the amount as to space interrelated. Professionals in this field will not just determine where they are versus continue settled but where the unit should abide placed for example well.

An air conditioning PA unit will provide years of comfort for something teaching hospital or building at which time it is properly seated and maintained. Having established experts far out the field doing this work will raise hope a good recrudescence on the garments. This includes low energy bills while enjoying the pleasure of cool air.


12,400 light years from Earth, in the Scorpius constellation, is a globular cluster of 100,000 stars. Inside it is a planet 250% as massive as Jupiter called PSR B1620-26 b; or, more simply, Methuselah.

Methuselah is the eldest planet in the Milky Way. It formed ~12.7 billion years ago, as the galaxy itself was first congealing. It’s currently trapped in a circumbinary orbit around a pulsar and a white dwarf. But as this triple system drifts closer to the center of the cluster, the more likely it is to encounter another star. When this happens, Methuselah – far lighter than its companions – will be torn loose. And it will wander through interstellar space, alone, for the rest of its existence.

The end.

Name: Brittany Alexandria Kattalakis
Age: Older than Methuselah  Not telling you
Do you like to cuddle?: Yes actually-a lot
Can we make-out?: Yup 
A night in or dinner out?: Errr…both
Ice cream or chocolate covered strawberries?: Chocoate covered strawberries
What makes you a good Valentine?: Good question….I’m a good valentine because I’m your auntie and that I live with you and that you took care of my ex and all the above
Would you cook for me?: Yes because you hog the kitchen…kitchen hogger
Would you let me cook for you?: Yes

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I’d say that this Valentine application is…

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