A second look into a nite of out & about with SCI

Presenting the Los Angeles Industrial scene

Music by Toneshifterz, “How We Do It”
shot & edited by Polaris Castillo ♥

Maundz ‘Whats Happenin' b/w Pohetikut ‘Pohetiks’ 7"

Double Beef goodness straight from the crates of Mark563! All the limited edition Double Beef wax sold out days after it dropped so best to snap these up.

Here we’ve got dope from Crate Cartel’s Maundz and Pagen Elypsis’ Po!

Maundz ‘Whats Happenin’ (Methodz Remix) b/w Pohetikut ‘Pohetiks’ (Awbs Remix)

Double Beef Records (WOG-011)

Thanks to Mark563 for this one!

eBay auction HERE


SCI Dancer Methodz shows you the way of the American Industrial Dancer. Let him teach you.


SCI presents Methodz’ debut video, one of our newest members!

Music by And One, “Military Fashion Show”
shot & edited by Polaris Castillo