methods of drug use

Also!! Not all coping methods are healthy!!

Self harm is a coping method.

Alcohol abuse is a coping method.

Smoking is a coping method.

Using drugs is a coping method.


So I don’t wanna hear about how having abusive ships, practicing dangerous kinks, or drawing child pornography is healthy!

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do you think it's possible that mary isn't actually dead? she's lied her way through every episode she's been in and dies in exactly the way the show rejects as being "like in the movies"... potentially hinting that it's all a stage play - perhaps even a premeditated escape from a life of domesticity with john and rosie that she didn't want???

Hey Nonny!

Yeah, I’ve seen that theory come up before, and it is one of the sub-theories of “Unreliable Narrator”. I’m really 50 / 50 on whether or not she is dead; If she’s not, I think she’s controlling their actions / beliefs / thoughts with the TD-12 drug and uses the same methods of suggestion that Culverton possibly used in TLD. If she IS dead, I do believe it initially started out as an Alibi for John killing her in T6T, and both he Sherlock were exposed to the TD-12 drug afterwards, which then caused both John and Sherlock to hallucinate and wipe their memories of the true events of the season. Unfortunately, the drugs had terrible side effects, which caused violence and suggestability in John and caused Sherlock to regress back to drug use, possibly he’s also hallucinating.

There’s just something really suspicious about the entirety of S4, in my honest opinion.

Context: So we’re fighting this drug lord who’s main method of attack appears to be using hidden concoctions to buff himself and debuff the rest of the party with some interesting results. Our rouge just got hit with some nasty hallucinogen.

Dm: “Okay roll for will”

Rouge: “Shit” *rolls a two*

Dm: “Nice. You’re tripping hard. The world has stopped making sense, but at the same time everything is clearer.”

Rouge: “It’s like… we’re all figures on some table dancing to the wills of a corrupt god. Giants surround me. The sun is a ceiling lamp. The giant sitting across from me is ugly as fuck.”

Me, sitting across from rouge’s player: “He sees the truth.”

Dm: *can’t stop laughing*

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Oh my god please write a drabble for ssh Oikawa in a dress if you have time it would be amazing

Okay, just a quick drabble! because I can’t resist this prompt
Also used @artsytigersol12​’s Oikawa dress design as reference because it’s perfect and I’m obsessed with it - hope you don’t mind! (´ ♡ `)ノ

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Did Mads ever do drugs for the Pusher movies?

Other members of the cast of the first movie did. That was NWR’s most “authentic” of the three, especially as there were so few actors amongst them.
Mads personally? No idea. He loathes method though and was shady about Shia LaBeouf’s drug use on the set of Charlie Countryman so I imagine not. 

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Do you have headcanons about Charon?


-My biggest headcanon is that he’s a pre-war ghoul, and his contract is part of an experiment conducted by the military to program either soldiers that could never go AWOL or sleeper agents that could get inside enemy lines and then would be activated. They used a number of methods, everything from mind altering drugs to straight up torture and conditioning to achieve the effect. It’s all very much psychosomatic though, the contract is actually just the consent form he’s been lugging around for 200 years. It would take some time, but he could essentially unlearn his obedience if someone qualified tried to break him out of it. Most people just use him for combat, few people have ever even made an effort to dissolve his contract.

-On a more light hearted note. he really enjoys music. We all know about the happiness is a warm gun thing, but the taciturn ghoul likes any kind of song (although he’s partial to blues), and wants nothing more than to have an afternoon in a chair with the radio on. The only song he doesn’t like is Butcher Pete. That song can die in a fire as far as he’s concerned.

-K this one hurts my heart but, around the time of the 3rd game, he’s fighting feral tendencies, and it’s part of the reason he’s stern and clipped. I mean, he’s always been like that, but it’s especially apparent then. His conditioning and the contract has helped him kind of hold onto himself as long as he already has, but as the years go by, his grasp on whatever made him Charon is slipping, and he turns a year or two after Project Purity.

-He’s an only child born to a lower class family, but he doesn’t have any mementos left over of them from before the war. Even the house he grew up in (which he’s not entirely even sure he lived in it was so long ago and the contractual experiments were so taxing on him mentally) was reduced to ash, being at the heart of the one of the atomic blasts. He doesn’t think about his life before the bombs much, he considers it pointless to dwell.

-The man who held his contract before  Azrukhal (a nerdy asf fellow who plundered libraries and needed an extra hand navigating the wastes) taught him about Greek mythology, and was the first to suggest the name Charon. They went through several, but “Cerberus” and “Hades” sounded too heavy handed, plus Charon didn’t want to name himself after a dog, even if it was a three headed hellhound. Azrukhal ended up killing him and taking Charon’s contract, which is part of the reason he hates him so much.

-And to end on another lighter note, he can eat an entire box of Sugar Bombs in one sitting.

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I was researching parties and I found one called 'Something New' which I didn't know about. I checked their manifesto and it includes things likes introducing a "none of the above" choice in ballot papers and legalising recreational drug use and sex work, which is more than a little controversial, so I was wondering what you think about those topics

Interesting, I haven’t heard of them.

I’d be for a none of the above as it would encourage people to take part in the democratic process regardless. It would also encourage people to actually look into different parties too.

Recreational drug use, I’d need further information of what is classed as a recreational drug. I’d be down for legalising weed (not that I do it much myself) but other recreational substances can seriously harm or kill people. I’d prefer decriminalising drug use and offering appropriate methods to assist people who are addicted.

Sex work is a highly contentious issue and one that I have absolutely no expertise on in the slightest. I think there would have to be a proper consultation done with sex workers. Some people cheerlead the Scandinavian model but as far as I’m aware that comes with its own issues. I’d need to read and hear far more about it before I came to a conclusive decision.

Cheers for your question, that was interesting to answer!

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ok so my dude I have been curious about your Jervis. What's his shtick ? How does he function?

My Jervis? Well, I’ve got one yes, I’m not entirely sure if if its a good interpretation but since you asked. Just be ready, I’ve been working on him for almost half a year now and Steve is the only person who knows its deeps ins and outs, so its gonna be long.

Jervis tops one of my favorite characters and Batman villains, he is absoubtly fun to write. I tried to brand him in ‘every Jervis should have’ traits, such as: smart, creeppy, childish (innocent like), etc. A couple more than I can’t explain and I just went with gut feeling.

And then on personal matters I just went batshit.

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Please dont do drugs anymore take care of yourself❤

Woooooaaaaaaaaahhh thank you for your concern but I can’t just ‘not do drugs anymore’. 

Lets start with this fun little write up to get you updated on some extremly basic facts on opiate addiction. 

TA DA! so now that you have some very basic ‘government approved’ type facts we can move onto some facts from a real life heroin addict. 

As an IV user (meaning that I use diabetic syringes to ‘shoot up’ heroin) shooting up in itself is an addiction. I literally dream at night of watching blood pull back into the syringe. If I have no dope, I poke myself with the needles just to get some sort of feeling because I crave that so much. And thats not even the drugs, just the method of administration. 

Moving onto the drug itself, I use every single day. So right there is a mental addiction, and considering I have diagnosed PTSD, manic depression, and extreme borderline personality disorder I have an extremely addictive personality because the mental disorders I live with tend to form habits or ‘rituals’ around anything that makes me feel safe or comfortable. Unfortunately for me, heroin is one of those things. 

Heres another fun little chart just to give you a slight idea on the connection between mental illness and drug abuse:

So that being said, now theres the withdrawals. 

Withdrawals in case you don’t know is what happens after the last dose of the drug you are dependent on physically begins to leave your body. I could get right into the rate of half lives and shit, but that’ll take waay too long. So skipping over the science of it and to keep me from blabbing on for 20 pages I will again present you with another couple graphs to help you get the idea of how much withdrawals suck so much that they can be unbearable. 

Lets start with some of the symptoms, both short term and long term, as well 

as mental and physical symptoms, that occur during opiate withdrawals:

 Now that you can see not even all of the symptoms of opiate withdrawals you must now that, especially to an addict, the quickest way to get rid of all these really horrible feelings is to do more drugs. This, besides initial cravings or just the simple want to do the drug is the fastest way that the cycle continues and users keep using. This obviously eventually leads to addiction. 

The last thing I want to touch on is the length of the withdrawal symptoms. Once again, I found a chart. Of course. I would be a great kindergarten teacher (minus the whole drug addict thing).

Im going to wrap this up pretty quick here and point out that the last bit of your withdrawals depending on previous dose, type of usage, age, and length of time the person has been addicted can last up to 2 fucking months. 

Another fun thing I’d like to point out is that once you are mentally addicted to a drug, cravings can haunt someone even if they have been clean for over 20 years.  

So thank you for your concern, and trust me I would love to ‘just not do drugs anymore’ but it’s really going to take a little more work than just putting down the needle cold turkey. 

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Tell us your thoughts on HIV/AIDs in the media

there are a few types of HIV media representation i’ve seen that can be boiled down pretty easily into categories:

  • the innocent victim - understand the quote marks there, i’m referring to how the character would be typically interpreted by a viewer - contracts or nearly contracts HIV in a method other than consensual sex or drug use. because the individual contracted or nearly contracted the virus in an acceptable way, the viewer is permitted to sympathise.
    • examples: The Truth About Alex (1986), The Equalizer (1987), Go Toward the Light (1988), The Ryan White Story (1989), Everwood (2004, House MD 2x07 (2005), Law and Order: SVU 10x05 (2008)
  • a malicious, usually lgbt, person living w with HIV purposely infects others, perhaps even the “normal” cishet protagonist.
    • examples: Midnight Caller (1988), Law and Order 8x17 (1998), Law and Order: SVU 7x05 (2005)
  • the tragedy. this idea is pretty straightforward - people living with HIV can’t be happy, all stories must end in death, etc. etc. the characters living with HIV are often prevented by script writers from developing genuine relationships
    • examples: Philadelphia (1993), most period dramas

then there is queer as folk - an american television show from the early 2000s. it has issues upon issues - accepting sexual relationships between children and adults, ignoring the existence of poc in the lgbt community, and many more. i cannot offer ANY endorsement for the show but it did admittedly start the ball rolling for multidimensional portrayals of people living with HIV.

also you might be thinking of how to get away with murder since oliver was recently diagnosed with HIV. his boyfriend outs his status to a room full of people shortly after the diagnosis, with insufficient depiction of oliver’s response to such a huge betrayal. outing someone’s status is honestly one of the worst things you can do to a person living with HIV. i admire the show for putting the topic of HIV/AIDS back on the discussion table - and being the first to introduce PrEP, but characters living with HIV shouldn’t be reduced to dart boards for a protagonist’s angst. especially since oliver is a moc and his story was reflected instead onto connor, a white man.

i want to see tv shows featuring protagonists living with HIV - esp people of colour since we are overwhelmingly the most affected by the epidemic - and have their status not be the sole focus of their struggles. period dramas about the Reagan era have their place but that’s not all i want to see in terms of representation. i want to see characters living with HIV in love. with each other (bc that’s real)!!! having conflicts not related to their statuses. having heartbreak not related to their status. i want to see the language surrounding HIV management and treatment normalised. i want to see stories of people living with HIV.

Fight Song ~ Part 4 ~ Dum Dum Dugan

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Warnings: Vomiting, melancholy , Hallucinations, depression

Pairings: Steve X Reader X Bucky

Word Count: 2282


Part 1 ~ The Other Stark

Part 2 ~ Uncharted Territory

Part 3 ~ Horse Uno


Reader’s POV

I hated throwing up, especially since my body for some reason trained itself to not let me vomit no matter what.

I sit there for a few minutes before I suddenly become aware of someone rubbing my back. I glance to the side to see them holding a towel out to me and taking it I say, “Thank you.”

“Do you see why I said it was a bad idea?” Steve says and I groan as I say, “Not exactly in the mood for an ‘I told you so’ lecture Cap.”

“Then I won’t give you one.”

“Thank you,” I say as I fight the urge to dry heave.

“Here Stark, have some water.” Bucky says as he walks into the bathroom with a glass of water.

“Thank you,” I say as I reach up and take the water from him. Taking a big swig I instantly feel my stomach relax causing me to let out a sigh of relief.

“You gonna make it?” Bucky asks and I nod slowly as I flush the toilet and try to push myself to my feet. BAD IDEA. My legs instantly buckle sending me into Steve’s open arms. “Why don’t you tell that to your legs?” Bucky says as Steve stares into your eyes a worried look on his face.

“You okay?” He asks and as I feel my face flush I reply, “Uh yeah, thank you.”

“Ahem, you two need a moment?” Bucky says and I quickly pull away from Steve.

“I think it’s time we all went to bed.” Steve says and I raise an eyebrow at him. “Our own separate beds.” I nod and once again I try to push myself to my feet. This time Steve wraps his arms around my waist to keep me from falling. I bite my bottom lip to keep my face from flushing as he starts to lead me toward the stairs. As we reach them I glare and say, “This is gonna suck.”

“I could give you a lift,” Steve says and I run a hand through my hair as I say, “Yeah, thank you.” Before I can prepare myself I am lifted up into his arms bridal style. “You okay?” He asks and I nod as I suddenly feel myself become extremely sleepy. Leaning my head against his shoulder I wrap my arms around his neck. I smile as the scent of shampoo and men’s deodorant fills my senses. His heartbeat was strong and the sound of his heartbeats again my ear made me relax. Before I completely fall asleep he says, “Um am I allowed to go into your room?”

I clench my jaw and letting out a heavy sigh say, “Just this once, and not a word about the decorations.” I hear the door open and brace myself for the remarks I knew were coming.

“Holy shit ____ didn’t know you were a fan girl.” Bucky says and I pull away from Steve’s shoulder and say, “Don’t make me kick your ass Barnes.”

“Where did you get all this stuff?” Steve asks as he gently sets me down on my bed and moves around to look at all the Captain America and Bucky memorabilia.

“Auctions mostly, oh and from Coulson; he’s the one that found that limited edition Howling Commandos poster.” I say as I lean back against my pillows and pull the covers out from under me. I look up to see them marveling at all the memorabilia. I smile as I see Steve run his fingers over some old war photo’s.

“How did you get some of these? I didn’t know these pictures were taken.” Steve asks causing Bucky to move over to his side.

“My mother’s father was Sergeant Timothy 'Dum Dum’ Dugan. Before he passed away he used to tell me stories of you two. He was the first person I let myself care about. But he soon passed away; SHIELD and the government wouldn’t tell me how so I don’t exactly know. After he died my mother lost her way. I guess she didn’t know how to deal with the loss of both parents. She started dabbling in drugs and when the money ran out she sold all his belongings so she could have money for her drugs; and when the money ran out.” I pause as the tears start to fill my eyes. I reach over and clutching tightly to the cap and Bucky bears say, “When the money ran out, she used another method to get drugs.”

“And that was,” Steve says as he and Bucky finally turn from the pictures to me and their eyes widen.

I quickly change the subject and pulling away from the bears say, “It’s not important, any who; after I met Tony and he started helping me out I decided to use the money he gave me to locate and get all my grandpa’s things back.” Wiping my eyes I point to the corner of my room and say, “In there I have his original Army Uniform and the last piece which I played hell in getting was his Bowler. The man that bought it was a real dick.”

“Your granddad was a good man _____, both of them.” Steve says as he picks up a pick of Dum Dum and Howard in New York.

“You know grandpa Dum was convinced that Grandpa Howard invented the Bikini. No matter how many times Howard told him it was the French he didn’t buy it.”

“Did Dugan know that Stark was your father?” Bucky asks as he lifts up the little Cap action figure.

“Nope, my mother wouldn’t tell anyone. She never even told me.”

“Then how did you two find each other?” Steve asks as he walks over and sits down at the end of my bed.

“SHIELD, believe it or not. I guess somehow somewhere there was evidence that I was Stark’s kid. Maybe it had something to do with the fact I could take apart a motor and rebuild it at the age of seven; or perhaps the scholarship to MIT at the age of 14. I don’t know, all I do know is one day this guy showed up and after taking one look at me said 'So you’re Stark’s daughter? I can see the resemblance.’ I can only assume you know who I’m talking about?”

“Fury?” Steve asks and I nod.

“They wanted me to bypass MIT and go straight into the SHIELD academy but I declined. If I had joined SHIELD then I would have had to stay on the eastern seaboard and that sure as hell wasn’t happening.”

“What’d Stark say when he found out?” Steve asks and I let out a sigh as I say, “At first he didn’t believe it, so we kept our distance from each other. I went to college and created the schematics for the Helicarriers, and well we know what Tony did. Half the eastern seaboard.” At that remark Bucky chuckles and I smirk at him.

“When did the two of you actually meet, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Um 2008, I was 17 at the time hadn’t yet turned 18; I heard about the incident with Obadiah Stane. I freaked out and had Barton take me to New York where Instead of finding him I found his then secretary and now girlfriend Pepper Pots. One look at me and she knew I was his daughter. She sat me down and we had a nice long conversation. She told me he was okay but he had that reactor in his chest. She took me to his house and when we showed up I found him working in his shop on his next suit.” I pause at the memory.

“And what happened then?” Bucky asks as he sits next to me on my bed.

“He looked at me and then turned to Pepper and asked who I was. I was so excited to meet my dad and he didn’t even know me. It’s kind of hard not to realize the obvious resemblance between the two of us.”

“And that hurt you.” Steve says and I nod.

“I had waited my whole life to meet him but he just looked at me like I was a little lost puppy. After that no matter how much he reached out to me I decided I didn’t want anything to do with him. He went to the government and fixed my Birth certificate and my Social Security card so he could open me a bank account. I didn’t want his money. I hate money. It makes good people do stupid things.”

“But you took it right?” Bucky asks and I chuckle.

“Of course I took it, I’m not stupid. I used it to buy this place and start my shop, and to find my grandpas stuff; other than that it just sets there accumulating. So I was surprised when he gave me these.” I pull the bears form my chest and set them down in front of me. “I only mentioned it once that I was a fan of you guys.”

“I think Tony’s trying to make up for all you had to go through without him.” Steve says as he takes the Cap bear in his hands.

“I know he is, I’m just stubborn. I get it from my grandpa.”

“Good thing the only thing you inherited from Howard was his brain.” Steve says he pokes the bear in the nose.

“I wouldn’t say that,”


“I also inherited the Stark playboy gene.”

“Seriously,” Steve says as he raises an eyebrow at me.

“Yup, I have to say I like random companionship. A long term relationship just becomes difficult after a while.” I say as I reach to take my Cap Bear back from him.

“But then you miss out on all the great things that being in love comes with.”

“I don’t need love, it only causes heartache. Besides that I don’t know how to love. I’d only hurt the person who fell in love with me.”

“What about kids? Don’t you want a family one day?”

“Nope, I have all I need right here.”

“You’re still young; you’ll change your mind.”

“Whatever you say Cap.” I say as I pull the bear back to my chest.

“Well we’ll let you get some sleep,” Steve says and the two of them stand up and start to walk to the door. All the sudden I glance out of the corner of my eye to see Devlin, my mom’s dealer once again sitting in the window seal and panic fills my body. “Wait!” I cry out causing them to freeze in their footsteps. I glance toward the window before turning back to them and saying, “Please don’t go.”

“You okay?” Steve asks as he looks toward the window.

“I just don’t want to be left alone.” What the hell are you saying? You’ve never hated being alone before.

“What about the rules?” Bucky asks a playful smirk on his face.

“Fuck the rules, at least for tonight. My bed’s big enough for all three of us to sleep on anyways. That is if you guys don’t mind.” I say as I motion down to my California king size bed.

“You don’t know us,” Steve says and I gulp down a breath of air as I try to ignore Devlin’s presence in the corner of the room.

“I know, but even if this sounds a little corny; I trust you, both of you. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because my grandpa did. Well I should say grandpas. ”

“How about it Steve? Sleepover in ______’s room?” Bucky says as he walks back inside.

“If you’re sure it’s okay,” Steve says and I nod. “Then I guess we’re sleeping in here.”

“Thanks Steve, I really appreciate it.” I say as start to get comfortable.

“What about me I’m sleeping here too?” Bucky smirks and I smile as I say, “Thanks Bucky.”

“That’s what I thought.” He says as he walks in and pulling his shirt off sits down on the corner of the bed to take his shoes off. Oh dear lord what is this shit?! I stare at him for a moment. I could clearly see where HYDRA had attached the metal arm to his body. I feel my heart clench as I think about what kind of hell he had to endure to have it attached.

“Do you have any extra blankets?” Steve asks drawing your attention from Bucky’s half naked form.

“Huh oh yeah, hallway closet top shelf. The doors right next to your room.”

“Thanks, you want one Buck?”

“Nope I can share with ______.” He says as he lifts the blankets up and pulling his legs under them leans back with his hands placed behind his head smiling up at me. Oh to wipe that smirk off your face.

“That okay with you _____?” Steve asks and I nod.

“Yeah, as long as he keeps his hands to himself; I’m good.”

“No promises sweetheart.”

“Buck!” Steve hollers and I smile.

“Yeah, yeah.” He says as he relaxes.

“I’ll be right back _____.” Steve says and I nod. I clutch tightly to my bears as I chance a glance back to the window seat. He was still there. Why won’t you leave? I gulp down a breath of air and clutch tightly to my bears when suddenly the Bucky one is pulled away from me.

“HEY!” I yell out as Bucky holds his bear up in front of his face. “Give my Bear back now Barnes.”

“Why do you need the bear when you’ve got the real thing right here?”

“Well for starters he smells like cotton candy, whereas you do not.” I say as I reach for the bear only to have him pull it away from my reach. “Come on Bucky give him back.”

“I’m telling you I am cuddlier than this bear,”

“I doubt that Barnes.” I say as I sit back and fold my arms over my chest.

“You can always check for yourself.” He says smirking at me. Oh god I want too, but I can’t. Why? Why did I have to suggest them sleeping in here with me? I hear someone clear their voice and I turn to see Devlin wiggling his fingers at me. Oh yeah, that’s why. Before I am able to reply Steve walks through the door carrying an old quilt and I smirk. “Steve, Bucky won’t give Bucky back!”

“Buck give Bucky back to _____.” Steve says as he unfolds the blanket and places it on the left side of the bed. I turn back to Bucky and stick my tongue out at him. I go to take the bear back when he rolls over onto his side facing away and says, “Nope he’s gonna sleep with me tonight.” I glare at him before saying, “Fine I just cuddle with Captain Ameri-bear.”

“Ameri-bear?” Both men say as they slowly turn to look at me with raised eyebrows.

“Yeah, this is captain Ameri-bear and the other is Bucky Bear.” I say poking the bear in my arms in the nose.

“Well Bucky Bear and I are gonna call it a night. Night you two.” Bucky says as he rolls back over and cuddles the bear his back facing me. I scowl at him before lying back and staring up at the ceiling.

“You better not snore Barnes or I will suffocate you in your sleep.”

“Yeah yeah, go to bed Stark.” He says not moving from his spot. I smirk as I rollover onto my side and smile as Steve looks like he’s worried about accidentally touching me. Lifting my head I gently lay it on his shoulder as I say, “Night Steve,”

“Night _____,” Steve says and instantly relaxes. I look over Steve’s chest to see Devlin still sitting in the window seal and I clench my jaw. I quickly close my eyes and hug tightly to my bear hoping that when I woke up he wouldn’t be there. Usually I toss and turn but not tonight. I didn’t know why I felt so safe but I figured it had something to do with the two super soldiers sleeping with me.

Will Continue in ~ Because Of You ~

While playing a badboy character may seem daunting or difficult, it’s not any more complicated than any other character out there.  There are a few things that you need to keep in mind that we will outline in this guide, though.  This is our own personal opinion on how to play a badboy character, and is to be used to help you form your own ideas.  This is in no way law, and people may play characters differently!  If you find this guide useful, please like/reblog!

Disclaimer: This guide is written for a badboy character, and therefore we use he/him a lot throughout it.  This could easily be used for any gender or character in general, just change the pronouns appropriately.  There is also talk of drug use, drinking, sexually explicit material, and other things that are not always warned beforehand, but there are warnings within the guide for sexual material and darker plotlines.

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Experimental Drug That May Repair Nerve Damage in MS Moves Forward

A new study suggests that an investigational drug for multiple sclerosis (MS) may repair myelin, the fatty material that protects nerves and is damaged in MS, according to a study released today that will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s 67th Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, April 18 to 25, 2015.

“This study, for the first time, provides biological evidence of repair of damaged myelin in the human brain, and advances the field of neuro-reparative therapies,” said study lead author Diego Cadavid, MD, with Biogen in Cambridge, Mass., and a fellow with the American Academy of Neurology.

The Phase 2 study involved 82 people who had their first incident of acute optic neuritis, a disease that typically affects one eye and is characterized by inflammation, damage to the nerve fibers and loss of myelin within the optic nerve. It is estimated that about half of people with optic neuritis will later develop multiple sclerosis.

All participants were treated with high dose steroids and then randomly selected with equal probability to receive either the experimental antibody, called anti-LINGO-1, or a placebo once every four weeks, for a total of six doses. Participants were then assessed every four weeks for six months and a final visit at eight months. The drug’s effectiveness in repairing myelin was evaluated by comparing the recovery of the optic nerve latency in the damaged eye at six and eight months to the normal unaffected eye at the start of the study.  

The main finding of the study focused on the latency of the visual evoked potential (VEP), a test that measures the visual system’s ability to conduct electrical signals between the retina and the brain. The results showed that people treated with the experimental drug and who did not miss more than one dose (per protocol population) had significantly improved conduction as measured by latency recovery compared to people who received the placebo. At six months, those who received the drug improved on average by 7.55 milliseconds, or 34 percent, compared to placebo. The effect continued to eight months with an average improvement of 9.13 milliseconds or 41 percent over placebo.

In addition, the percentage of subjects whose VEP latency in the affected eye recovered to normal or nearly normal (within 10 percent of the normal eye) more than doubled, from 26 percent on placebo to 53 percent on the drug.

A substudy using an exploratory method of measuring latency called multifocal VEP revealed similar treatment effects.  

“More studies are needed to evaluate whether these changes lead to clinical improvement,” said Cadavid.

A second study of anti-LINGO-1 in people with multiple sclerosis is ongoing.

I will never get over how Breaking Bad is a story which can only happen because of capitalism.  I’m surprised more people don’t take it as a searing indictment of American capitalism, really.  Walter spends his last days trying to raise absurd amounts of money at the cost of his own family and morality and in the end it proves futile.  Here’s a few basic things that many developed countries have in place which would make the story of Breaking Bad unfeasible:

- Universal Healthcare.  Right from the start of the story, money over medical costs is a concern.  Even before Walter is diagnosed with cancer and has to raise funds in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for individual surgeries, he has a disabled son who is passingly mentioned to be on the mend from a worse state.  This is no doubt part of the reason why he has a second job at a car wash despite already having a full time senior position as a teacher.  Walter even initially refuses treatment or even telling the others he has cancer because he’s afraid of spending all that money and dying anyway, leaving his family in debt.

- Increased Wages for Teachers.  America pays its teachers jack shit.  The dude’s the head of the science department as I said.  But he fell into a lull in his life that he couldn’t break out of because when you’re on crappy wages and supporting a family you don’t have much upward mobility.  He described two grand as all the money he has in the world when buying an RV to use as a lab, that’s the full extent of his emergency funds he has at the age of 50.  If you follow the model of some European countries (not necessarily Britain, sadly) you’d appreciate teachers as a fundamental aspect of our society and pay them like doctors.  In this case, he wouldn’t be working a second job at a car wash which lead to his further humiliation and toxic masculinity deepening (see below).

- Undoing Drug War Culture.  The most effective method for dealing with drug addiction is to decriminalise drug use and treat addiction as a public health issue rather than a criminal one.  I know Americans are all about using the criminal justice system because violence is a lot easier than healing, but for fucks sake is it ineffective.  Walter’s only able to make his money off the back of a broken culture, and only runs the risk he does because the criminalisation of thatenterprise drives him underground to deal with murderers and mobsters.  And Mexicans, oh my! (other moral of breaking bad: all mexicans are evil and die.  I’m not saying that, one of my girlfriends is mexican, the show is saying that, passively, by having all its mexican characters be evil and die, except for that one girl who was nice and died anyway to provide more man-angst (mangst?) for a male lead)

Of course all of this will never undo the personal personal probem Walter has in that his toxic masculinity is incredibly overpowering.  It first seems to give him the power to take strides to do what needs to be done, that daring, but by the end it completely ruins his ability to make intelligent decisions.  Every other character just side-eyes him and knows he’s a ticking time bomb, and by the final episode he finally admits he didn’t do it for his family, he did it for himself because he was good at it and it made him feel good. He got to be the big badas drug dealer rather than a vulnerable old man, but he takes the shtick way too far.

I watched Breaking Bad a year ago and I’m still not over this point, but basically all the tragedy of Breaking Bad would be infeasible under feminist queer communism.

The tv was left on cnn and theyre talking about this ohio killer who got the death penalty… saying that the method they may have used, a drug cocktail, was actually inhumane…



America… you’re so fucked up

Metal Colloids.

One method of delivering drugs is with the use of metal colloids. Often done by using silver and gold ions, this method is favored because of its long history and relative stability. Note here that when I talk about stability in nanoparticles, it doesn’t always mean a positive characteristic, because more stability can mean more toxicity without the body breaking down the particle. 

These colloidal gold particles are made by first separating the ions and then supersaturating it, allowing for precipitation to form. Finally it is broken down to uniform particle size for delivery. Of course the steps are not as simple as I described, but it is the general schematic. 

One thing that makes using metal ions like this stand out is the simple characteristics of metal. First it allows for conduction of electricity, which many other nanoparticles can’t do… and also it allows for scattering of light, allowing us to take beautiful pictures like the one above without having to use fluorescent tags.

Left: Summer 2013, drinking every night, abusing prescription drugs, eating shit food, used unhealthy weight loss methods that ended with me gaining everything back + more

Right: Winter 2015, just picked up my 90 days clean keychain, eating a strict vegetarian diet - primarily raw fruits/veggies/etc, walking every day, losing a steady 1-3lbs a week

I hated everything about myself. I was suicidal and using food and substances to destroy my body. At my lowest point, I was arrested for drunk driving on a night where I was planning on ending it all.

Honestly, going to jail was the best thing that ever happened to me. Within months I moved to a different city & found a new group of friends who have supported me through this transition period in my life. They introduced me to Narcotics Anonymous meetings and I never looked back.

I gave myself a second chance to be happy. I don’t know what they future holds, but I know that I have the power to do whatever I want. I just have to work for it.