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Yo but honestly what is this weird loyalty people have to meat?

Like why do people get so annoyed about it? If this was any other food or activity, like playing golf or wearing a certain brand of clothing, and you showed people that it was harmful to animals, humans and the environment people would just be like ‘oh damn yeah I’d better stop’.

But with meat, it’s like you just threatened their family? People act like they get up every morning and pledge allegiance to animal products whenever there’s a vegan around.

Can you imagine if someone went around posting 'TENNIS FOR LIFE!!’?? You’d be like 'that’s kinda weird but you do you I guess?’ because it is a genuinely weird way to act about a non-essential activity?? but when someone says it about meat people are like 'YEAH FUCK VEGANS THEY CAN GO FUCK THEM SELVES’ and it’s like why??????

What are you actually supporting here????

Why are you supporting it?????????????

Did you ever stop to think that maybe you’re being played into reacting this way towards a group of peacefully non-compliant protesters??????????????

Did you ever think that maybe there’s money involved in you responding that way???????????????

Did you ever think about what else you may not have thought about because you were too busy trying to block out any coherent thought along these lines???

By being so opposed to those trying to learn more about the wrong in the world and act accordingly, you’re blindly holding up the machine in its current form, regardless of ways in which it could be improved.
And lastly remember that part, it’s not meat that you’re holding up, it’s not some war that you personally are waging against vegans, all you are doing is simply doing the deeds of an industry that doesn’t give half a shit about you and is banking on you perpetuating this culture, and spreading their influence as a method of free marketing.

Wake up friend, there’s a lot to learn.

Simon Cowell's 5 year plan...

Guys, it is important that you understand, this is all part of the bigger plan. Lauren, Dinah, Normani, and Ally did not write those statements. Management wrote those statements, signed the girls’ names to it, and sent them out over their SM accounts. Camila wrote some of the statement released on hers, but not all of it. She put in the personal touches, but I imagine Roger wrote the rest.

It’s also important that you realize, no matter what they put out there, Camila was not kicked out by the group, nor did she choose now to leave. The timing was chosen for her. She was always going to be the first to leave. That was part of Simon’s plan from the very start. They just had to wait for certain things to happen, before they could start fully implementing the plan.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m almost certain Simon built 5H around Lauren and Camila. They told Camila from the start they wanted her to concentrate on Pop Music. That’s why the basically made her the “stand-out” of a female Pop Group. When the group finally breaks big in the Pop scene, you break your pop star out of the group.

The other four girls, especially Lauren, can’t stand Pop, or the Genre as a whole. Once you break your pop star free, you can concentrate on making other types of music. The girls/LAND, and the fans, have been begging Epic to let the girls do R&B for a while, now. Their vocal styles all match R&B much better.

The Labels did not want Camila to be involved in much R&B, they want her to concentrate on Pop. Without Camila, they can now revamp 5H/4H, to a more soulful R&B group. That’s why Camila is no longer a member of 5H, and is now concentrating on her solo career. It was time for her to do so. It was all part of the plan.

The next step in the plan, is to make Lauren and her husky lower register, the focus of the next album. Why? Because Lauren was Simon Cowell’s chosen “it girl”, all along. They knew they were going to use Camila all along, as the “bad guy”, when the transition time came. They needed to preserve Lauren’s image to continue building her brand.

That’s also why they have gone above and beyond, to kill Camren. No one would believe the narrative they are trying to sell us now, if Camren were real. No one would believe that Camila would just betray Lauren like that, and no one would believe that Lauren would take part in a statement that was basically calling Camila a backstabbing bitch, if Camren was real. (The sun must take it’s leave, for the moon to shine it’s brightest)

No one seemed to notice, the two songs they spent the most money and time promoting, were the two most successful songs of 5H’s career. “Worth It” and “Work From Home”. Back to back releases I might add. “Worth It’ was the last single released from their Reflection album, and it was Camila centric. "Work From Home” was the first release of their 7/27 album, and it was Lauren centric.

When ‘Worth It" hit it big, like they knew it would, it was time to start distancing Camila from the group, and start building her solo brand. That’s why we got IKWYDLS, and later on, BT. To promote her potential as a successful solo artist away from the group.

In December of 2015, is when the wheels began falling off the bus for the group we all fell in love with. The success of IKWYDLS was all Simon needed to know, to put his plan into full go mode. Part of that plan was to create tension within the group and make it appear Camila was absolutely miserable. It worked. Everyone fell for it.

December 2015, is also when they hired Dina LaPolt. They knew then they were going to break Camila free of the group, and they hired a good Attorney to handle the legal side of things. Sometime between April and June of 2015, Roger Gold was hired to be Camila’s solo manager, and to handle the legal side of things for her.

Dina was hired to represent Fifth Harmony, the group, and the Brand. I don’t think the girls have enough money to hire someone like her, on their own, so I think she was probably hired by Simon Cowell. Like I said, I believe she was hired to handle the legal issues, and to lay the ground work for Camila’s exit from 5H. Her and Roger probably worked together on some of it.

Yesterday, I found out that the girls now own the brand Fifth Harmony, Fourth Harmony, and H4RMONY. Apparently Simon Cowell sold the Brand to Lauren, an actual partner of the Brand, for 10$, plus other considerations. Now, Simon Cowell is a business man, and I don’t think for one second he gave up all his rights to the Brand he created. I think that’s why he probably hired Dina to represent the Brand and the girls. The “other considerations” probably had to do with his side of the deal.

The trademark stuff should be opening everyone’s eyes to something much more important than it really is. It proves to me, and should prove to everyone else, this stupid fucked up narrative they are trying to sell us, is a huge load of CRAP. It tell me, that everyone knew, all the way back on April 11, 2016, that Camila wasn’t going to be a part of 5H anymore. EVERYONE KNEW BEFORE 7/27 WAS EVEN RELEASED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why would the girls try and convince Camila to remain part of a group, she was no longer a Trademarked partner of. The Trademark was sold to the partnership of Lauren, Dinah, Normani, and Ally. Camila was no longer a listed partner at that time. THAT WAS IN APRIL BEFORE 7/27 CAME OUT, AND BEFORE THE 7/27 TOUR.

That’s why we didn’t see Camila in the Ads 5H was associated with. That’s why we didn’t see Camila wearing any of the 5H merchandise. That’s why we didn’t see Camila promoting 5H on her social media. She did the whole damn tour with them, and she wasn’t even a partner of theirs. SHE DIDN’T GET TO PROFIT OFF OF THE 5H BRAND THE WHOLE 7/27 TOUR CYCLE, YET SHE’S CONSIDERED BY SO MANY AS A FUCKING SNAKE. REALLY!!!!!!!! Camila’s contract wasn’t up like they keep telling us. It was all part of the fucking plan.

So, what is this 5 year plan, and why does Simon Cowell keep manufacturing these groups of potential solo artists on his talent shows? It’s actually a brilliant business plan.

It can take anywhere from 4 to 6 years, sometimes more, to break a solo artist into the mainstream. It takes a lot of time and a shit load of money, to market and promote a single person into a successful solo artist. Simon created a method to promote and market 5 potential solo artists, and break them all into the mainstream, at the same damn time. I can’t stand the SOB, but he is brilliant.

It sucks for us fans, who fall in love with the group, but it’s a great business plan. He takes these young talents, locks them into long term contracts, through his talent shows, and when he feels the time is right, he begins breaking up the group. He doesn’t break them up completely, though. Hell, he still hasn’t dissolved 1D, yet.

When the time was right, they broke Camila loose of the group, and will hopefully have a successful solo career, and they still have a successful Girl Group. Epic/Syco will not only be making money off of 5H/4H, they will now be making money off of Camila Cabello, the solo artist. They locked her into a long term contract, and they did the same with Lauren. But, like I said, she is the original “it girl” and it wasn’t her time, yet. It will come, though. Now they get to build up her solo image and brand. We get to watch it all over again! 

say what you will about justin bieber but at least when he made his comeback it was with methodical press interviews and marketing, grueling performances, and most importantly GOOD FUCKING MUSIC.

taylor swifts new album being called a “comeback” is a little confusing since she is pulling the same shit she has for YEARS. demonizing kanye west and his wife, getting defensive over every fucking story published about her. and never owning up to her shit. i don’t hate her but y'all….. she spent 3 minutes singing about how she’s eDgY and doesn’t care about people’s opinions anymore, it’s trashy and embarrassing. also LWYMMD sounds like a ripoff of my humps so…..

three years ago people hated justin so much for the things he had done, and i don’t think it was uncalled for because the boy was acting dumb, but at the end of the day he owned up. he made a grammy nominated album about his transformation as a person and how he is learning to be better. YALL HE LITERALLY HAS A SONG CALLED SORRY. people forgave and respected him because he improved every aspect of himself and the music spoke for itself. he didn’t need to make mugshot themed merch or music videos where he has 1829372927 innuendoes about what people don’t like about him. taylor swift could never.

I’m really liking this new marketing method where Disney puts lot of the songs from an upcoming film for free on Youtube.  Or is it just because most charts now also take into account streaming figures, idk, either way it means people like myself with little disposable income can enjoy the music before seeing the film and it’s all good.

The basic purpose of business is conducting a value exchange with the ability to achieve a financial benefit. Businesses exist when they can (profitably) create value for customers. This value comes in different flavors…Tangible value is relatively easy to demonstrate and quantify; It is objective. It appeals to a broad number of people who have a similar need and would all agree on how it should be met. This is a basic aspect of almost every product or service. Often, the scarcity of products delivering only tangible value, as well as the immediacy or importance of the need they fulfill, determine how much demand and what kind of pricing they can command. Most basic products and commodities fall into this category.

There is also intangible value, which can be harder to demonstrate, and is best described through qualities. Whether or not a person agrees there is value in it tends to be more subjective…Many products or services of intangible value. In some cases, the intangible value is based on aggregation of specialized tangible value, where the excess is not needed by all but is nice for some people to have for practical needs (professional-level tools). In this case where the buyer of this kind of value may never actually need to use it, the value is really measured in how possessing this excess of tangible value fulfills an emotional or psychological need of the buyer: security, excitement, habit and so forth. Because it is intangible and subjective, this kind of value is often only truly measurable by the individual. Many nonessential products and services or things that command a premium fall into this category.

Finally there is aspirational value which is related to intangible value but with a slight twist. Here, rather than merely satisfying an internally defined need, aspirational value is often tied to the status and desires of an individual– personal things we want to believe about ourselves, or things we want others to believe about us. In other words, it is about satisfying an internal need in an outward way. Aspirational value is often an attribute of luxury products and services and is commonly the underlying premise of brands (brand being a belief system originally developed to differentiate one’s products from those of competitors when relying on tangible value would be insufficient.)


“Experience Design A Framework for Integrating Brand, Experience, and Value” by Patrick Newbery and Kevin Farnham, p. 3

There’s been a lot of discussion of lateral whorephobia lately, and I want to use this excerpt to talk about that.  But I guess in order to do so it’s necessary to define what we’re providing for our clients when we do sex work in these terms. 

I would argue that pretty much nothing that any sex worker provides could meaningfully fall under the first category of tangible value. Even when our clients claim to be seeking out “just” a blow job or a “plain, no-frills spanking” the metric by which that is judged isn’t objective or concrete, and our relationship to the performance or non-performance of “authenticity” is too complicated to really allows us to claim tangible value in what we do.  There might be an exception there for workers who create actual commodities from their labor – such as people selling clips, or used panties and socks – but I’d argue that financial success in both of those areas is absolutely predicated on those commodities actually being a delivery method for “interaction with a work persona,” and therefore really providing primarily intangible value.  

We’re creating emotional, visceral experiences for clients (even when that experience is “physical sex acts without interpersonal engagement”), and so what we’re selling is either an intentionally private experience and therefore has intangible value, or is a public, identity-affirming performance of consumption on the part of the client and therefore has aspirational value.  Most sex workers (at all price points) create both kinds of value, whether in combination, or differing from client to client. 

No particular flavor of value is better, or necessarily more lucrative than any other flavor.  We’re successful in running our businesses when we hit upon a combination of value-provision that a) our particular skills lend themselves well to, b) we can provide sustainably without burnout/self-sabotage and c) hit on a regional market-need (and obviously what that service consists of can and probably needs to evolve over time, as our skills will change, and our market environment will also change). 

Logically, then (ha), there should be no lateral whorephobia.  The kind of value we create professionally does not say anything about our private identities.  We’re all just trying to find the most auspicious ratio of effort to income.  It’s as ridiculous opera singers maintaining a vendetta against ballet dancers – completely pointless and meaningless.

So where does it come from? (Other than the obvious classism, racism, transmisogyny and victim-blaming, that is…) In part, anyway, lateral whorephobia is horrendously bad business sense – it’s a chef eating the steaks out of their own restaurant kitchen, it’s a therapist spending the whole work day writing in their own diary, it’s a bookshop owner who loves their stock so much that they refuse to sell any of their books.  

Because the key here is that, when you create and sell this value, you’re supposed to be selling it to your customers.  Lateral whorephobia is what happens when a sex worker takes the professional persona that is supposed to deliver value to clients, and consumes it as part of her personal identity.  Her business becomes primarily a means of creating aspirational value for herself rather than creating income by providing that value to others.  Whether it’s sugar babies swearing blue that they Just Aren’t Sex Workers, dancers deriding their colleagues who do offsite extras, escorts ‘splaining about why you should never trust a provider who charges less than whatever per hour, or fetish workers spouting whatever embarrassing shit we’re spouting this week about Twoo Domination Being A Spiritual Experience, it’s all the same and it’s all anti-profit and off-target. If you’re spending energy making your work about you, the real you, then you aren’t spending it on the people who are actually paying you. It’s an atrociously poor idea. 

And let’s not forget, it benefits clients, the worst of our clients, too.  Because when you make yourself a (shitty, underpaying) client, you also make yourself more vulnerable to manipulation – clients can create an aspirational experience for you, that conveniently winds up with you crossing your own boundaries or charging less than you want, because that’s what The Kind of Girl You Are does. 

Tl;dr: Lateral Whorephobia is not just harmful to your colleagues and a noxious character flaw, it is also bad for business. Don’t do it. 

(esp particularly interested in the opinions of professionalephemeral, evolvingmatter, marginalutilite, ithotyouknew and clarawebbwillcutoffyourhead here if you folks feel like chiming in. To start with. I keep thinking of more people who I want to add. Everyone chime in please.)

Let me be very clear.

Ok, for the last time. This tumblr page as it is states in my bio is for proof and verification purposes ONLY. Meaning for my new clients to give them some type comfort that I AM WHO I SAY I AM. Not for me to be naked and revealing what I FEEL IS entirely too much for FREE. That’s not how it works atleast for me those aren’t MY marketing methods. This is not a peep show or a porn Tumblr because I’m not a porn star. If I choose to disclose any nudes it will be between me and a potential client not posted here. I’m getting very tired of these rude messages and the next person who is disrespectful or demanding to see what you aren’t willing to pay for will be BLOCKED.. I’m a very nice person for the people who don’t know me but I don’t tolerate disrespect. Period. So if this doesn’t apply to you disregard this post. I appreciate all of your love guys ❤️ love Yasmin 😘

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I'm really surprised that harry did not get better results, many louis fans are not supporting him and to be honest they are the ones who have made past projects a success, and well most liam blogs are not interested in harry, they are anxious to hear the music of liam, blogs of zayn most hate harry, and there are few blogs from niall that support harry, did not expect that harry had such a negative reaction by some fans

I am sure Harry’s team is surprised by the numbers as well. Their method of marketing him has been very divisive and this fandom has turned ugly. Case in point, last week when popular blogs decided it was acceptable to call someone a c*nt if you were not planning on buying Harry’s album. With regards to the Liam, Niall, Louis and Z stans turning away from Harry, I’m sure it is because they chose to market Harry as better than his bandmates and the reason One Direction was as big and successful as it was. That obviously devalues the others and is insulting.

Louis has an incredibly dedicated fan base. I saw a post yesterday that was talking about the ratio of his followers to likes on IG. Comparing his to Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian, Louis ratio blows them away and is almost unprecedented. We are his army of bees 🐝🌼

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I know things could be better but there are people who are really whining about every single thing! I'd understand it if things where like during JHO but they are much better now. Sure, the shit is always there but when isn't? Shit was there for Harry, too. We got an article which brought Louis so much respect and new fans, a beautiful shoot, he's promoting his music on socials, he got a newsletter and good things are coming (the cd). This fandom tires me more than the actual bullshit.

LOL this is me.  Like  I get it.  It’s NOT perfect.  Not even CLOSE.  And it SHOULD be better.  I’m not IGNORING these things.  I do acknowledge them.  But focusing on the doom and gloom is just so exhausting for me personally.  It’s not all terrible 100% of the time.  There are little windows of good.  A friend said to me last night “sometimes i feel like people have more doubt in Louis than he does himself.”  

I’ve been saying over and over and over for a while now that this is how a typical marketing campaign goes.  This week and next week will up the ante. Yes, there’s still a possibility that they’ll fuck things up.  This is why I don’t fully trust them.  but they’ve actually been doing their jobs up to this point.  It might not be what you WANT them to do, but this is legitimately a tried and true marketing method.  

Personally I choose to focus on the good.  

Is Email Marketing Dead?

This article was written by Ahmed El Dabaja

In the past few years, more and more people have started to rely on the new methods of marketing, seemingly leaving the older ones behind. That’s why email marketing and content marketing are not as popular as they were before, however stating that these marketing methods are dying is not true at all. In fact, plenty of businesses are already using them and integrate them via a CRM solution or any other method in order to generate incredible results for their company. But, are there any benefits that come from using email marketing or content marketing in this day and age?

Better one on one relationship with customers

Email marketing helps companies acquire a direct meeting with the customer in the virtual world. Sending messages to the customer and keeping him informed is necessary if you want to create and nurture a relationship with him. There’s nothing better than that feeling of opening up a mail and receiving the latest information from the company you follow, and that’s why all businesses should harness the power of email and content marketing immediately.

Better exposure

There are many types of marketing nowadays that can offer great exposure, but email marketing isn’t dead for a reason. That would be the fact that it can deliver a massive reach without requiring a lot of investment in the first place. Instead, it helps you create a mailing list and connect with new people that might be interested in your offerings. According to a survey from, 46% of all companies in the US use email marketing, CRM solutions and many other tools to get closer to their customers.

Easy to get into

Creating an email marketing list is easy and you can easily grow that list to thousands of mails. The idea is to offer a great piece of content for free and ask for the mail address in return. Make sure that you create a list of mails for whom people volunteered to deliver that piece of information. The last thing you want is to have emails listed as spam.

More sales

When you create a content marketing and email marketing campaign you let potential leads know about your offering. This helps you generate a lot more sales than ever before, and the results you can get here are huge. You can obtain anywhere from 20% to a 400% increase in sales, it all comes down to your copywriting skill, your offering and many other features.

You have hundreds of software tools to use

One of the things which show that email marketing is far from dead is that according to Capterra, there are more than 250 email marketing software solutions on the market. They can help you grow your list and maintain it as well as share your content to your audience without a problem.

Mobile marketing is booming right now

More than 75% of Gmail users are accessing their mails on mobile devices and there are countless millions of users that you can reach on mobile via their mail. That’s why you have to focus on creating content marketing and email marketing campaigns focused on mobile users because not only is marketing via email not dead, in fact it’s the best way to reach customers even while they are on the go.

As you can see, email marketing and content marketing are far from dead. With a good CRM solution and quality content you can really get incredible results and a very good user experience. All you have to do is to go ahead and create such a marketing campaign, focus on e-marketing  because even if it might seem old, connecting with customers via mail is still the future and it’s well worth the time investment!


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Do you have a favorite historical document?

Yes. I carry it with me. It’s this:

This is a model of the U.S economy as a complicated figure-8 inextricably linking the public sector and private sector into a whole. Designed in 1934 by Lewis Baxter of Economic Security Analysts for Harry Hopkins’ brain trust at the Federal Emergency Relief Administration, this was an early powerpoint - the black boxes are holes that allowed you to move a spreadsheet of numbers up and down simulating changes in Federal spending, showing you different values for various economic variables as you went.

Baxter’s conclusion was that the Federal government could essentially decide what unemployment rate the U.S would have, and could hit 0% if it committed to “universal useful employment based on assured jobs in public service to all potential producers otherwise unemployed,” because “government activities constitute, in effect, an auxiliary industry, might might always utilize advantageously the entire current labor surplus; and that such “industry” differs from the others only with reference to the nature of its “products” and the method of marketing them.”

As long as you did that, the only difference between the Federal government spending $4 billion ($70 billion in 2014) and spending $34 billion ($593 billion in 2014) was that “the average producer is buyieng less individually and more co-operatively.” 

This is the most sweepingly radical document the U.S government has ever produced, and it was written in 1934 at a time when the Federal government was tiny, ludicrously weak in its capacity to change the lives of the ordinary citizen. And yet this document is so ambitious, so confident and optimistic of the ability of a democracy to master economic forces, that it makes everything that’s come since seem conservative by comparison. 

This is how Americans used to dream. 

Can losing or gaining a lot of weight affect the birth control implant?

Someone asked us:

Can losing a lot of weight (or gaining) affect your birth control hormones? Sorry if its a silly question. I have an implant but I recently lost 30lbs (in a healthy way I might add!!) and I’m just afraid my implant might’ve moved.

First off: No question is a silly question. That’s what we’re here for!

The implant works for people of all shapes and sizes. So rest easy: you’ve got one of the most effective birth control methods on the market.

When correctly inserted, the implant sits just under the skin. The tissue there keeps it from moving. It’s really unlikely that an implant will move, and if it does it’s usually a small amount and happens shortly after it’s inserted.  

While it’s doubtful that your implant has moved, if you can’t feel it and you’re really worried you can always talk to your doctor. They’ll be able to confirm it’s still in place and doing its thing. And even if it did shift a bit, the hormones should still protect you from unintended pregnancy.

-Kellie at Planned Parenthood


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I find sad that someone like Cameron Dallas (because of his social media following) was used in a campaign with Taylor Hill. To me it means that the modeling industry is becoming desperate and lazy.

I completely understand how you feel. The social media/celebrity craze has been active for a while now however I do believe it will be replaced by a new trend in the future. Social media is currently the cheapest method of marketing that is able to reach an extremely large audience (millions), hence why the industry is taking advantage of it. Nevertheless I do think it is unfair for all of the talented models who are unknown/regular people. A social media personality like Cameron Dallas shouldn’t be replacing the jobs of legitimate male models, plus it’s insulting to Taylor Hill in the sense that she is a professional, hardworking model. Overall, there are always people who win and lose when decisions are made. In this case, designers and magazines win whilst models unfortunately lose. 


I think from now on i’ll write some tidbits of what is like to live in Venezuela, how everything is affected by a 21st century dictatorship and in doing so, show that “dystopian young adult novel’s plots” happen in real life, in the present. 

To begin, i’ll write about what my mother told me today.

She was grocery shopping at our nearest market, where lately there’s been a bit of a problem with the neighborhood because of the long queues of people that come from across all the city to buy what little food is left. Simple small markets like this one abide by government’s ‘implied rule’ that to regulate what you eat, you have to buy on the day assigned to the final number on your ID (monday 0-1, tuesday 2-3, thursday 4-5, tuesday 6-7 , friday 8-9). These queues have gotten so long, people almost get in the residential area, and almost every day, some people from these queues rob with guns at hand; because of this, the neighborhood representatives have been asking the market to do something about it. 

How did they solve it? They began to use the big Super markets’ method, fingerprint machines. You get what you can, go pay to the cashier, and before giving your cash or card, you press your fingers on it and it shows who you are and if you’ve already bought certain items for the month. If you already bought X item, you cannot do it again, even if at home you have to feed 5 people, or 3 dogs and 4 cats, whatever, it doesn’t matter, it’s not your turn. 

This doesn’t do shit to the queue, but back to what my mom saw today. She saw the fingerprint machines, and before her was a foreigner woman trying to pay showing her passport, assuming the system was the simple one. She got to the cashier and got rejected, period. She doesn’t have a national ID, so she can’t buy her shit. She had to leave her groceries there, and left. Everyone else that saw her whispered how that was unfair, ‘so she doesn’t eat? how is she going to buy food if it’s the same everywhere else?’. They all talked about it, in silence, while they put their thumbs to be scanned as their turn to buy certain basic items was done for the month.