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Fall cuddles w/ Seventeen!

IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL OF THE YEAR~! Christmas time? Pfft no, i’m talking about fall! We have Halloween, puffy sweaters, the changing of the leaves, PUMPKIN SPICED EVERYTHING! How would it feel to cuddle this crazy group of boys on a cold fall day?


  •  This boy would love to cuddle his S/O any day, but adding a cold, brisk morning would be the cherry on top.
  • This would give him a chance to look at his handsome or beautiful S/O and truly take in all of your small features and love them. 
  • Not to mention he would probably trace small and slow circles on your back without even realizing it. 
  • Just imagine a cinnamon scented room, while you’re buried under soft blankets. Nothing, but warm and fuzzy feelings on a cold and windy morning.


  • This boy’s favorite season would probably be autumn.
  • He would be the type to cuddle and watch movies on the couch while wearing sweaters and fuzzy socks. 
  • A few short pecks might be exchanged, but overall he’d be too busy looking at you and not the movie!
  • A popcorn smell would float around while you two catch up on the latest drama or cute lil’ Halloween cartoons. 


  • Small bean would enjoy cuddling while in the studio. A cold fall day won’t stop him from working his butt off!
  • You would quietly sit on his lap while he softly rests his chin on your shoulder. You would listen to him record and create new rhythms in his own quirky way.
  • At some point you’d take a break and bring in coffee, causing the room to smell like pumpkin spiced tea and muffins.
  • But both of you don’t mind, it adds to the cool fall effect.


  • He would be the type to enjoy playing his guitar for you while huddled close. So close that you can feel the vibrations of the acoustic guitar. 
  • He would softly strum and hum along to his little tune, while you slowly fall asleep.
  • He would probably be screaming at how close you were, but you know he would love the contact.
  • Eventually you’d snore away and he’d smile while strumming away. All you could smell was his soft cologne.


  • It’d be a rainy fall day, and all he’d want is to just hold you under a warm blanket and never let go.
  • He’d play soft music while the rain rages on in the background.
  • You two would go back and forth with choosing songs, and each would have it’s own personal connection. The music would be mellow in order to fit the relaxed and cool atmosphere.
  • All you could smell was the cold rain while the music and him made you intoxicated with a drowsy happiness.


  • Days like this would be extremely relaxing for him. Nothing but the silent sounds of you two together keeping warm.
  • He’d be another one to want constant contact with you no matter what. He’d love to just face his beautiful or handsome S/O and enjoy a quiet moment with you.
  • There may even be a few moments of talking about anything and everything.
  • He’d fill you with the scent of fresh bed sheets and the warmth of his laughter and cuddle.


  • I can’t really see him as enjoying to cuddle frequently. He’d be the type to do something spontaneous…like baking to Halloween songs!
  • So you’d turn the stereo or whatever device all the way up and enjoy each other’s terrible or maybe even amazing baking skills.
  • You’d make a mess in the end, but hey that means you can listen to music even longer and joke around.
  • As soon as it’s time to let the pastries bake, you two would finally cuddle. It may be more of a ‘Wow, i’m tired from baking cuddle!’, but those are just as cute! You would enjoy a simple snuggle on the couch while being overwhelmed by the scent of cinnamon and sugar.


  • This is another energetic one! I’m sure there are days where all he wants to do is sleep in and just stay in each other’s warmth. 
  • This would be on an especially cold day. Most likely a day where he’ll get up to make you both hot cocoa or some tea and just relax with you.
  • All your cuddles would be you dozing off and waking up constantly. Where typically it’s Hoshi’s chance to stare at you with utter happiness. 
  • Your semi-frequent snores would fill the room as he watched and thought to himself. And the room was filled with nothing, but the smell hot cocoa and tea.


  • This shy boy would freak at the touch of you. Granted he would love the idea to cuddle you, but expect him to be flustered the entire time!
  • His favorite type would most likely be where he’s the big spoon. In this position he can latch onto you and intertwine your legs in a jumbled mess.
  •  He’d really enjoy the aspect of just holding you close and basking in each other’s warmth. 
  • There would be moments of sleep, conversation, and maybe a few exchanges of small affection.


  • This ray of sunshine would jump at the chance to cuddle you, no matter the situation!
  • His favorite way to hold you would be a tie between the ‘Koala Method’ and by being face to face so he could stare at his beautiful or handsome S/O!
  • By being face to face, he would be able to hold quiet little conversations and enjoy the warmth that you give to him. By doing the ‘Koala Method’ he’s able to hold you close and never want to let you go.
  • You two would face each other with bright smiles, despite the cold weather outside, because, quite frankly, you two are in your own little world.


  • He would love to just cuddle and do nothing,but talk and hold you close! 
  • The cold never bothered him anyway, so you could probably get away with being a blanket hog??
  • Not only would he enjoy talking to you, he would enjoy seeing your cute, half-asleep face. He’d enjoy hearing your groggy voice, but would cover it with utter shade.
  • “You honestly sound like an old man when you wake up. Where is my beautiful/handsome S/O?????”
  • Sassy pants would love to just have an early morning session, just so he can see your adorable face longer. It would just be the two of you and the smell fresh bed sheets.


  • We already know that this meme enjoys sleep, but he loves you even more. The slightest mention of a cuddle session would make him a little flustered, but he’d act as cool as possible.
  • Since he’d be a little flustered he’d look for a small distraction like a manga or watching an anime while snuggled up. 
  • You two would waste the day away watching nothing but anime and catching up with the latest manga. As nerdy as it is, you too would probably argue over which character would win in a fight against (insert character name here.)
  • And of course, with every anime marathon you gotta have snacks. With those snacks the air would be warm and filled with a salty smell from the potato chips and other junk food.


  • Awe this young bean would be so frazzled and happy that you wanted to cuddle while it’s cold outside!
  • His way of cuddling would be similar to Minghao’s, where he isn’t facing you but has you close to his chest. Every once in a while your legs would probably tangle together.
  • This boy would probably want to listen to music while with you. You already know it would just be Michael Jackson and maybe a few k-pop songs. 
  • You would share earbuds and just enjoy the close contact while the cold and miserable day passes.

Awe I really liked writing this one, the idea of autumn was a really great idea! Keep the requests coming! I finally opened my askbox, so go ahead and ask away~!

- Admin Ryn

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"Nicole Beharie forbids us from making eye contact with her (she's method like that but mostly because her beauty will burn off your face Raiders of the Lost Arkstyle)." you know who is specially trying eye contact with her all the time, right?!

… hmm, nope, sorry Non, nobody’s coming to mind. *shrug*