Paradigm Prototype

My toddler loves yogurt at snack time. Of course I like that he wants to eat something healthy, but it only takes a few bites before yogurt ends up everywhere. I discovered this sweet citrus all-purpose cleaner from @methodhome, and I can’t get enough of the bright, fresh scent and the limited edition Rebecca Atwood design on the bottle. #methodlovesRA #stylebymethod #sp by lastingredient

“I love having such pretty and delectable-smelling soaps to clean up after a messy day in the studio! Thanks to @methodhome for sending me the latest from their @rebecca_atwood designed line! I’m obsessed with the smell of this limited edition sea spray. 💙 #methodlovesRA #stylebymethod” by @meandering_mari on Instagram

Some of my favorites today. | My delicious daily espresso, my newly rebranded #melodyjoyco photography website, and this sandalwood @methodhome soap designed by Brooklyn based designer, @rebecca_atwood. I seriously can’t get enough of these beautifully scented soaps from @target. It’s the little things today that are making it a lovely one. | Have a Beautiful Thursday, Friends! | #vsco #coffeeshots #methodloveRA #stylebymethod #sp #munnliving